respecting your and others privacy and safety; no gossiping


permission or agreement to do something, share something


accept something as truth; keeping connected to the place in you that has faith (believing the yet seen) and hope


state of being able to see or being seen; Standing in/speaking your truth even if you are the minority


ability to make decisions that are ideal for your greater good and others greater good; you are willing to accept the results of decision made


ability to do something that is frightening; acting or not, even when fear is present; having difficult conversations, admitting when we have caused harm and making amends, be-ing our full selves


strong desire to learn or know something; practicing non-judgment, everything is information


firmness of purpose; always remember your WHY and keep evolving, progress not perfection

Ability to give ZERO fucks when necessary:

Owning your fuck YES and your fuck NO;

often other people’s opinions of you are not your business, Stand by your words and actions……with


giving presence, concern and understanding to others


staying connected to your pleasure and happiness


consent to receive, acknowledging and allowing, “what is” and the present


practice of equal access to opportunities regardless of race/sexual/gender identity and expression , weight, ageing,

different ability: physical, mental

Take Care of Yourself:

your health: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional; food, sleep, play, family, love/relationships…and sometimes taking care of yourself is allowing others to care for you, know when to accept help

We are all Love:

to us, from us, for us…unconditionally.