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Whoretastic Mentorship with Talia…Join the next generation of SXworkers

Learn the business and the personal of SW. How to keep yourself safe. How to advertise, write website content. Create amazing photo shoot experiences. Navigate client relations. Learn consent, communication and hot tips to read any client, even the quiet ones! Becoming Whore-tastic: the hands on skills, mindset and developing your persona. How to take care of yourself while being Whore-tastic!

Slut School

Slut School is whoretastic without the business stuff. It is standing in your power, owning your sexuality and often living an alternative lifestyle because of it. Develop your persona, learn hands on skills, ways of being and communication skills that take your eroticism to new heights! Stand in your power and pleasure and allow others to do the same.

Personalized 1yr Mentorship with Talia

Expanding into what is erotically possible.

Coaching for individuals and couples interested in expanding their pleasure

Based in Saint Petersburg, FL

On location and online

Coaching how to successfully navigate alternative lifestyles

Relationships while being a SW (or simply living an alternative lifestyle) can be challenging for all parties involved. I am here to help you create more peace, ease and fulfillment along the way.

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