Sex toys for all, enhancing your pleasure!

Author: taliaamour
January 1, 2018

Sex Toys for all!!! Enhancing your pleasure! 

By Talia

​ Here is a little crash course in sex toys, I share some experience and recommendations 

Some people have preconceived negative ideas around using sex toys and/or lubricants. As sex coach’s, we can educate our client and hopefully reframe or transform some of those negative associations they have with sex toys and lubricant usage.

Lubricants are either silicone based or water based. Silicone lubricant are great for any kind of anal play. Water-based lubricants can be used for vaginal moisture. It’s good to stay away from glycerin products as they could cause yeast infection. Always remember oil is not compatible with condom usage it’s best to go with a water-based or silicone lube when using condoms. I like the pjur brand of lubs they have water based and silicone for a variety of specialty uses. Be careful with desensitizing lubricant you still want to be able to feel what’s going on so you don’t hurt yourself another option is to use a lubricant with herbs/ingredients that have relaxing or stimulating property is not necessarily a numbing.

Sex toys for solo use can be a great way to experiment privately with your own sexual pleasure and orgasmic cycle.

Couples can also enjoy sex ways to spice up their love life and to help build on their already established trust and connection. Nuru gel is a water/seaweed base gel you can use to massage and slid around in, it’s great for couples play!

I’ve had the pleasure and the blessing to connect with someone that I’ve been able to explore a variety of experiences with over the last five years. I think we’ve purchased and broken almost every single sex toy presented in the video and that I found online.

For guys interested and prostate play: they have everything from prostate massager that are classified as medical devices to vibrating prostate massagers that are more marketed towards pleasure/entertainment. I still like the ability to use my fingers covered with a glove or condoms because I can actually feel the prostate. when I use a strap-on dildos I feel like I have less control.

For guys wanting to maintain an erection longer cock rings are great if you want to take it to the next level you can even put one around his balls too. Just make sure to get the right size (I’ve seen one get stuck on guy before and his cock turned all blue and purple, we had to wait to get it off and it was a bit concerning.)

They have a variety of male masturbation sleeves that are pretty cool too. Everything from the fleshlight to the Tanga eggs.

for women: I personally always enjoy the clitoral stimulators specifically the oscillating ones. G Spot toys are great too, they can help with squirting. The smoother longer dildos are great for a deep internal vaginal orgasm.

I tend to like the toys that are operated by batteries because it gives you a variety of sensation as the batteries are new and then they start to die so your body doesn’t get used to the only settings on there.

We went through a phase and experimented with different suction toys. Again be careful, I have bruised my nipple/boob from getting a bit carried away… then we went through a phase with all different size dildos…again don’t overestimate yourself! you can actually hurt yourself choose shapes and sizes that are realistic and compatible for your body! And if you really want to fit that huge monster cock anywhere inside of you go slow loosen it up and use a lot of lubricant, don’t stretch yourself too much at one time…you may need to go a little bit at a time over a period of days, weeks. the latest news we have a sex swing that’s added a whole new element of fun and adventure,and talk about a work out.

Remember to beware of unsafe plastics in sex toys! Go for quality products by reputable companies. Always uses condoms with toys and wash them before and after use. read the instructions on care and sanitation. Store according to directions, I’ve had stuff ‘melt’ in a box due to temperature and humidity (welcome to Florida)
*Playing with toys can create an opportunity to build on established trust, communication skills and connection. *

The major take away from all of this sexual Adventure in playing with toys is that *you have to have a sense of trust with your partner and open communication without judgement in order to explore.* See toys as an addition and enhancement to your play….most of all HAVE FUN!!!! 

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