My big Why

Author: taliaamour
August 25, 2019

my big why
There is often a hierarchy in sex work. Strippers, escorts, low end, high end, legal, tantra… on my journey I have gotten to experience many sides of the spectrum. What I have learned is that there is a time and a place for all experiences. A person’s rate does not equal their worth it expresses the demand for their time and business model. 

I learned that entertainment and play is just as valuable as teaching and coaching. I thoroughly enjoy both. We are healed through play as well as coaching and tantra. They are just different avenues to reach people. 

Over the last 10 years of coaching and entertaining, I have worked with mostly men and couples. I started out with tantra and sacred sexuality focusing on premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. I have helped men connect to get out of their heads(quiet thoughts) and into their bodies(feel sensations), harness and control their sexual energy and orgasm. I have helped them get to know women’s bodies and women’s sexual response. They have gained confidence and knowledge that helped them have more sex and importantly more satisfying sex. 

I have also allowed men to experience their sexual selves without judgment and shame. We have had a lot of fun and shared much pleasure! 

 Along the way many men have opened up to me about their concerns and fear around dealing with masculinity and understanding women in and out of the bedroom. 

In the wake of this me too movement there has been a rise in fear around masculine energy. It has been framed as toxic and detrimental. This has harmed men as well as women. 

We have a lack of sex education and communication about sexuality as a culture. The time has come to bring the conscious divine masculine to clarity and shatter the toxic masculine image! 

Women and men have been taught opposite messages around sexuality. It is time to unlearn these harmful ideas, attitudes and beliefs. 

Both men and women are ready to step into their divine right to experience connection, pleasure and fulfillment. I am here to help you on this journey. 

The feminine and masculine are intertwined. We can not have one without the other. When one is harmed, the other is harmed; when one is healed the other is healed. 

I offer a variety of ways to connect. I know that I am being of service no matter how I show up in your world. As a lover, friend or a teacher sometimes those lines are blurred and we get more from an experience that we expected. That is part of what I love about working with sexuality. It is such a deep multifaceted subject that has value in all expressions. I enjoy connecting with people, sharing energy in many ways.

So if you want to have a great escape and play email me to plan a date! If you want to learn advanced sex skills I can teach you that too! If you want to learn more about yourself and how to express yourself let me know! 

I am going on a 2 part retreat in Costa Rica. The first one focuses on advanced sex skills and the second one is about building my coaching business. I have been focusing on this lately to expand my reach to help more people. 

I am here for the journey not just a destination. When quality counts it’s Talia time! When you want an experience beyond the usual it’s Talia time! 

Find me in the Tampa Bay area, online or on tour. 

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Crash course women’s arousal and pleasure

Author: taliaamour
May 30, 2019

women’s #arousal and #pleasure 
One of the greatest challenges in #relationships is

unskilled/uneducated/unaware lovers and #communication breakdown.

It is no surprise these can be major issues. Many of us had a lack of accurate sexual health information available growing up and even as adults. There is little to no research done on women’s sexual pleasure and pain. (please donate to No one ever teaches us communication skills, let alone communication skills about sexual needs and desires. 

Many women often say no sex is better than bad sex! Especially if they are having trouble experiencing orgasm with a partner, if they have asked for what they want and are not getting it or simply don’t know what to ask for or how to ask.

Here are a few tips and recommendations for creating a more satisfying experience for yourself and your partner.

Have a consent or exploration conversation before you dive into any sexual experience. (especially with a new partner)

Make sure that she feels comfortable to communicate with you- *hot tip: Frame the conversation- Say out loud- there are no judgment or expectations and nothing will be taken personally, this is all just information…and mean it!

Many women are willing to try different things as long as they feel safe and not ashamed or judged by/with their partner, trust is of utmost importance! 

Guys: Don’t act out the porn you just saw unless you have had a discussion about it first. Porn is not real life. Porn is not sex education, porn is entertainment – you don’t see the before, in between and after care – it is only the hi lites for your entertainment. Porn can be used in a healthy way. However be conscious: when it has become your main source of turn on, only way you learned about sex and or viewed compulsively it can greatly disturb arousal, strength of erection/erection consistency, sexual response and relationships with other people.

Idea- Perhaps you could watch porn together then talk about the way it makes you feel and discuss whether or not it’s something that you would like to try together.

Remember- in the heat of the moment yes’ can become no’s but no’s can not become yes’. 

  (Side note: Even with an escort it is best to find out what they are comfortable with when you start the date (not via email, many companions will don’t discuss specifics via email for safety reasons) Just because you are making a donation for their TIME doesn’t give you permission to treat them in a way that they feel is disrespectful or unpleasurable to them.)

*hot tip: how to start a conversation ? You could say 

I’m really into XYZ are you comfortable with that?’ 

‘I recently saw this type of play and I am interested in experimenting. 

How do you feel/what do you think about that? 

 Would you like to try it with me?’ 

Tell me if I am using too much or too little pressure…

Does xyz feel good to you? 

Would you like more pressure than this or less?

What are your boundaries as far as kink?

What do you find pleasurable? 

What is not pleasurable to you? 

A little bit of communication even if it feels awkward, can guarantee a more satisfying experience for you both. Keep in mind the more you have these conversations the more comfortable they will become.

Please do not be offended if your partner has not had an orgasm with you or their whole life.

Most women take orgasm to make the man feel better about himself/not to hurt his feelings. (Some men’s self esteem and ego is greatly intertwined in their sexual prowess. This is a harmful message men receive growing up that I believe needs to be dispelled as it is harmful to men and women alike) 

If a woman has never orgasmed remind them they deserve sexual pleasure and you are honored to help them experience that- at their own pace. 

*possibility: There may be a misconception of what an orgasm is. Keep in mind: what you see in porn is not always how a woman expresses orgasm. (I know I have had silent orgasms, laughing orgasms, intense loud orgasms, shaking orgasms). There is a full spectrum of orgasmic energy and it comes out in many different ways. Don’t limit her. Just because it doesn’t look like you think it should, does not mean that she did not experience orgasm. Porn is exaggerated and dramatic for your entertainment, it’s just like any movie where emotions and actions are dramatize in order to get the point across. 

*recommendation: video-becoming orgasmic. 

It can be helpful to see how other women look during an orgasm that is not staged. Some women feel like they look ugly or weird when they have that big O. 

Give her more time to become aroused before direct genital contact. 

Encourage self pleasure and to go longer with self pleasure.

Did you know: most women take anywhere from 20-40 min to become fully aroused. 

Challenges experiencing orgasm may result from having a conservative family upbringing. There may be shame and guilt around sexuality. Maybe there was no privacy to even explore themselves. They may even have old patterns of orgasm and masrurbation that are challenging to integrate into partner sex….have no judgments and do not shame them. 

Did you know: 80 to 90 %of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. 3 out of 4 women do not reach orgasm from penetrative sex alone. 

New techniques may need to be learned. 

*book recommendation: She Comes First

Sexalogical body work is an option depending on where you live and the laws. 

Betty Dodson is a great resource for women to become comfortable with/get to know their bodies and orgasm.

Trusting their partner is a large part of experiencing orgasm as well. Trust is built by little things through the day and overtime. Doing what you say you will (having integrity with your words and actions) about little things helps to build trust. Call when you say you will, ask her about something she thought was important she shared with you. Being on time. I know it sounds silly but if you have integrity with little things it shows you will have integrity with big things. That creates trust.

It takes courage to be vulnerable and release control. Learning to/allow yourself to let go and relax and experience is a huge deal! Again this comes from discussing boundaries and respecting/sticking to them. 

One mee hot tip for you- 

remove the pressure/expectations around having an orgasm or an ejaculation! Come into the moment and enjoy the connection. Fall in love with the journey along the way unattached to an end result. That is when magic happens. 

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Sept 4 is my birthday I will be going to Costa Rica for a Coaching Workshop. I would be very grateful for any gifts/donations to contribute towards this training. The dates are sept 5-13 so I leave on my birthday and get home on sept 14. 

Donations to my education can be sent to via P.P send money to a friend. I also have venmo you can message me for that info. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support on my mission to dispel the false belief that masculine energy is toxic. It is time to bring the Divine back to masculine! When we bring the Conscious Divine masculine we also bring Conscious Divine feminine. When we heal one we heal the other two halves make us whole.

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Authentic Giving

Author: taliaamour
September 10, 2018

authentically giving 
I think it’s time we had a deeper conversation giving authentically. I often speak of this but realize I have not really dove in into the depths of what this means. 

I will use money as an example since most people understand the concept as it applies to money. I’ve been taught that there are three levels of giving:




Most of our world is based on compensatory giving. it’s the exchange that is clear cut and finite. I give you $5 for a sandwich, I pay $30 for a month of gym access….you get the idea.

Donation is about I will give you x amount of money to use for…feeding the homeless or the children’s medical center… it is the understanding that the money will go towards a certain cause but it does not have to say exactly what that money paid for…it’s a little more open ended.

Tithing is about giving usually to a spiritual source without the expectation of anything in return. There is no guarantee on what the money that you are giving is going to be used for, you are simply giving to show gratitude. 

When we think of this spiritual principle in relation to money it makes sense so now consider what happens when we apply this spiritual principle to our sex lives (and the rest of our lives for that matter) 

Applying this principle requires us to really examine our motives and our intentions for doing what we do. This can be a challenging process if you act on impulse and unconsciously based on past experiences and patterns of the past. (It’s recommended to work with a coach or talk with someone that has experience in this arena if you do not understand the concepts self examination.)

Resentments are formed when we give more than we are capable of, when we have expectations around what we are giving. Time, energy, gifts…. Usually the situation is that you are giving with the expectation of getting something in return or getting a certain response and your expectation is not met. 

Are you often disappointed? Then it’s time to examine your motives and intentions. 

You should never give anything that you cannot afford to give and I’m not just talking about money- I’m talking about energetically emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself and other people can be a tool used to prevent resentments and disappointment. Evaluate the situation are you comfortable saying yes even if you don’t get anything in return? or is this a situation with clear expectations there for a compensatory interaction is required?

 There are people who tend to be natural givers and this is okay however and that situation they often find themselves giving more than they can bear and attracting people that will just take take take and bulldoze them leaving them feeling like a victim. 

The reality is is you still played a part in that situation, yes the person may have been wrong for taking too much, however you must examine your part in the situation that you allow this to happen. People will treat you the way that you allow them to.

It’s like the saying never let anyone borrow more money than you can give away without getting it back; then if they pay you back good times but if they don’t pay you back you’re not going to be in a financial crisis yourself. 

Apply that principle to your emotional and energetic and spiritual lives as well as physical.

Apply this principle of authentic giving to the bedroom. We often do things with the expectation that we are pleasing our partners, the fact remains that you probably have not even ask your partner what they like or what pleases is them. Eventually you will sooner or later find out that these things you’ve been doing may not be having the effect that you want them to have- fake orgasms, avoiding sex all together, treating sex as a chore…

When you do finally have the conversation about why they don’t want to have sex with you ( side note most women would rather have no sex instead of having bad sex/sex when their needs are not met) at that point there will be a resentment for that person not telling you and you will be upset and disappointed….usually the reason why your partner didn’t tell you they didn’t like what you do or don’t do is because they didn’t want to hurt your feelings. 

When we acknowledge things simply as information not as a personal attack it opens the door for communication that is positive and beneficial. It is never too late to have conversations about what is pleasurable and for filling to you especially because this can change overtime.

There’s a time and a place for each level of giving just to make sure that you are aware of which level is appropriate and that you are aware of your motives and intentions in each situation. 

If you are not sure what type of situation you are entering into you need to find a way to have that conversation. It is important that everyone involved in the situation has a clear understanding of expectations and boundaries. You want to have consent and be in a mutually beneficial energetic exchange. Having these conversations allows you to decrease possibility miscommunications and invites pleasure and joy in! 

Now the flip side of authentic giving is authentic receiving. Can you allow yourself to experience pleasure without having the need to discount yourself, make it all about the other person?? You cannot authentically give if you cannot authentically receive for example can you simply take a compliment and just say thank you? When you discount someone’s authentic giving you are ultimately blocking the flow of abundance into your life and theirs. This actually sounds like a deep Topic in may require another blog post so it’s food for thought right now….
If you get a benefit from reading my blog or some other source consider making a tithing to them. This shows that you are grateful for the information that you are receiving. it’s also a form of authentically giving because there is no expectation of getting anything in return you are simply giving authentically to say thank you.  

If this Blog has benefited you in anyway and you would like to tithe you may send me a gift certificate gift card or simply send money to a friend on PayPal.

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What do you really desire??

Author: taliaamour
May 30, 2018

What do you really desire??

As many of you know I’ve had the privilege to work with thousands of people across the United States helping them to explore their own sexuality and reconnect with their authentic sexual selves. This is an interesting time to be alive in. There seems to be an awakening in regards to sexuality. At the same time because of this Awakening, we are getting a push back from old attitudes ideals and beliefs around sexuality.

Through my educational Journey and my hands on experience I have learned so much. Many of you that follow me know that I have completed a certification and sex coaching. Sex coaching is great because I got a full sexology background, in addition to updating the coaching skills I had already learned and previous certifications. I see the need for sex coaching is so great in this day. 

Working with men and women I have discovered that our cycles of sexual pleasure are more consistent than previously told. I’ve also discovered that men and women both want the same thing and relationships and sexual experiences. Unfortunately there’s still a huge disconnect between men and women and sexuality.

Growing up we’re taught consciously and unconsciously, different attitudes and values and beliefs around sexuality. Usually as we get older and get to know ourselves better we realize that the truth we have been told- it’s not really the truth at all. Herein lies the challenge. When what we have come to believe does not sit well with us and we start to desire something more something greater than what we had previously understood.

 It’s part of my calling to help people understand their own sexuality and experience themselves authentically, releasing any guilt shame or judgment on themselves as well as other people.

The more we get to know ourselves and have acceptance of ourselves the easier it is for us to accept and understand other people. 

I’ve been interviewing men between the ages of 28 and 45. It’s interesting that the older generation of men are battling ideas and beliefs around masculinity that the younger generation has not experienced. There are still common threads… masculinity has continued to be redefined over time. What it means to be a man depends on who you’re talking to. I think it’s time to move away from the idea of toxic masculinity and start to heal the Divine masculine. 

Men have feelings just like women do, it’s just that they have not been allowed to express and experience them as openly as women. Men and women both want the same thing from relationships and from sex. We all just want to be loved accepted for Who We Are without judgements. Man especially wants to be seen as confident and competent. 

Oftentimes our past experiences shape our ideas and beliefs around ourselves and we try so hard to adhere to standards. Over time we see that they are unrealistic for who we are and where we are in our lives.

Once we start letting go of some of these expectations of ourselves that are no longer consistent with who we are as a person, we start to come into acceptance of who we are and what we have to offer. The more authentic you can be with yourself the more authentic you can be with your partner. 

People grow and change over time. It’s so important to learn the communication skills to share what you’re going through with your partner. We need to get used to having relationship negotiations and conversations about sexuality. We need to dispel the false belief that how we are in our twenties is how we should be in our 40s or 50s. 

We all have something special to offer- our selves. 

Most of the time when people reach out for sex they’re not just trying to go through the motions. What they’re really searching for is a connection it’s an energetic exchange that occurs and those deeply intimate and erotic experiences. It’s a connection to someone else a connection to a feeling that is greater than us an energy that moves through us that is the be-all-end-all, some type of higher power or higher Consciousness that we experience through orgasmic energy Exchange. 

Take away the performance aspect of sexuality take the expectations out of your sexual experience. Focus on being in the moment with your partner feeling every touch, every movement, every body sensation. Allow that energy to build take it slow… stop rushing through.

 Often times we need to release control in order to gain it. What I mean by that is stop trying to plan out every single moment of your interaction, focusing only on an end result. stop going through the motions.Have fun, explore the energy of the moment and see where that takes you. 

Oftentimes you’ll end up with something better than you could have ever planned. It takes each person being themselves coming together to create something magical. 

Give yourself a break experience the pleasure of the moment look into your partner’s eyes and take a deep breath let go of your expectations and just be together.

Women’s sexuality crash course part one

Author: taliaamour
April 3, 2017

here is the post you all have been waiting for!a crash course in women’s sexual challenges! I have divided it into two posts her is the first part

men and women have Many overlapping sexual concerns with low or no desire being the number one reported issue. In general you often find more information about women’s sexual challenges written about than men, usually because women are more likely to report sexual challenges to doctors and therapist. for women, inability to reach orgasm at all or with a partner sex is a close second challenge.

there is an interest in the pharmaceutical industry to try to find the new female Viagra- but there are really not as many options for women as there for men. women’s sexuality is very complex and often stems from memory and emotions…things that can not be addressed or measured with a pill. most of the time the messages our culture and society send women deeply affect their sexuality. they are never really given permission to enjoy and experience their sexual selves.

when you start to understand the cycle of energy involved in our sexual experience it all starts to make sense! one of the best analogies I’ve heard is from the book the multi orgasmic man- women’s sexuality is like boiling water: it take a little time to heat up and start to boil but once it does it takes a while to cool off! this means guys start slow! start soft! watch for her body’s response! ask what feels good! as a woman I’ve noticed what worked yesterday may not be the same today! l I think it has to do with hormones ) I tend to like different things at different times variety is key. what stays the same is the cycle. take time to build desire create the sexual tension. let her warm up before you dive in so to speak. women are stimulated verbally tell us what you think is sexy about us, tell us what turns you on, ask us what turns on! the imagination is the most powerful tool for arousal and the skin is the largest organ in the body. learn different types of touch, learn to feel our skin not just grab and jab us.

low or no desire: number one concern among women today.

-social conditioning is a major issue- messages include but not limited to: good girls don’t like sex, stay a virgin until marriage, sex is shameful and bad…the mother or whore message: that you can’t be both; men want a virginal wife but are obsessed with sex so sometimes men have issues experiencing their most erotic fantasies with their partner. these mixed messages can lead to shutting down of a womans sexual desire, not exploring their sexual desire at all, feeling shame and guilt for even acknowledging it.

other causes can be

-aging: perimenopause (the period before menopause one year or years before the last menstrual period) can greatly affect a woman’s sex drive. decline in estrogen can create hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats,weight gain,bloating, painful sex and being ignored by men make them feel less desirable. hormone replacement therapy may be an option to help alleviate symptoms. anti-depressants and other medications may add to challenges in addition to hysterectomy and other medical issues. always check out medications and hormones when addressing low sex drive they are often the culprit!

-relationship conflicts and power struggle issues: unresolved issues/long term unresolved conflicts in the relationship, some that may have nothing to do with sex even, may be affecting the libido as well. moving past an affair can also be an unresolved emotional issue.

women’s sexual desire is linked to the emotional and verbal part of the brain so make sure to resolve whatever issues and challenges you can by new learning communication skills. go The a councillor or therapist if you can’t seem to move beyond a past issue. you may also want to agree to set the issues aside and just connect with each other in a sacred space or by pure erotic desire. this takes communication and a conscious effort from both people. some issue take time and there is no reason you can’t come together intimately in the between time- as long as you’re both committed to resolving the issue.

women may also use sex as a way of gaining power or control in a situation they feel powerless in. they may be denying themselves pleasure and/or their partner pleasure because they feel powerless in another aspect of the relationship. again communication skills!! learn to authentically listen to each other.

-body image issues: feeling ashamed of their body or part of body, they may no longer feel sexy and shut down their sexual and or social self. they feel no self pleasure. encourage autonomy- the two of you separately were attracted to each other to come together as one- you both need time to cultivate a sense of self so you can again come together- maintaining a sense of self separate from your partner or child creates eroticism! don’t just become so and so’s husband/wife/mother/father- you are still a person apart from these roles we play.

masturbation is a great way to start to ‘prime the pump’- women may need permission to experience their sexual self. it’s important for her to acknowledge what is great and sexy about herself, give her permission to awaken her capacity to experience orgasmic energy again. tell her she is sexy! tell her what you love about her- not just physical attributes too. tell her and show her every day.

encourage self pleasure- it is a great way to start feeling orgasmic- masturbation is the foundation for partner sex!

-fatigue,low energy: is often an a major issue that affects sex drive! working mothers, high achievers,type a personality and even codependency can drain energy. when women are so busy caring for others, they Often have little time to care for themselves.

taking the time to relax in a way they define is important…you must serve from your saucer not your cup!

finding a ritual or routine to decompress like dance, exercise, take a bath, light candles, is a essential oils, massage are helpful in creating a transition from stress to sex! focus on building self esteem and self worth: you are responsible for your own orgasm, and so is she responsible for hers…she has to find what works for her. give her time to herself if needed, send her to the spa or out with her girlfriends to have some time away from household responsibility.

she needs time and space to be autonomous just like you.

-trauma,abuse , coercive relationship: before a woman can give herself permission to enjoy sex she must first heal old wounds. often times a therapist is best for working through past trauma and abuse. focus on surviving and thriving. women often shut down as a result of a bad experience. healing bodywork is a special modality that can be helpful. you may need to have sex in a certain way she is comfortable with touch her the way she wants to be touched.

This is a lot to take in! Stay connected for part two it’s a big one! Guys get ready for some more solid advice! 

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Masculine/feminine labels 

Author: taliaamour
March 13, 2016

We often label things, people, emotions, actions…as masculine or feminine.It is understandable because our human mind need to put words to things we experience and see. I think the labeling has gotten a bit to literal for us to experience ourselves, each other and the world holistically. 

As humans, we embody both ‘masculine’and ‘feminine’ energies. Most people sway a bit to one direction but we all contain both: it’s what makes us whole.

 IMG 3774 Masculine/feminine labels