Update letter, travel dates 2018 

Author: taliaamour
April 18, 2018

I recently sent this letter out to some contacts

If you are a current friend and we have met make sure to send me a email to my new proton mail with your previous email and name so I can add you to my contacts in my new email account 

Dear friends 

I want to personally take the time to thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours. If you are receiving this we have connected within the last few years. I value the time and energy that we shared together.

As you know there is much turmoil and confusion around some of the laws that have been working their way through our government

FOSTA and SESTA. I encourage you to Google these bills call your congressman as well as sign petitions to try to stop this legislation from going into effect in January. The languaging of these bills does not discern between consensual sex work and traffic victims: it sees all sex workers as being trafficked. These bills are an attack on our free speech, agencies over our own bodies and personal lives. I believe that this is part of the government trying to take away our personal freedoms and human rights. Our community is an easy target to get people to rally against. Most people supporting these bills have no education or information on the subject at hand.

It’s my personal opinion that decriminalization is the best way to combat trafficking and create safety.

Many websites and verification services have begun to shutdown. We all must be conscious and aware of our responsibilities to take care of ourselves and each other. Some sites are accessible through a VPN or virtual private Network. I recommend you installing a VPN on all of your mobile devices, computers and tablets. There are free services but I recommend using one that cost a nominal fee per year as they are more likely to respect your privacy and not store data. It’s also time to start using encryption email services such as protonmail.

Some social media sites and websites may begin shutting accounts down. I have decided to change some of the words on my social media and website. I usually use words to describe myself and what I do in relation to coaching, education, writing and now personality and modeling.

The verbiage has changed but I remain the same. 

Another alternative has popped up in lieu of the new laws going into effect in January. I have joined http://switter.at please follow me on this new platform.

There are also concerns about domain names being targeted and shutdown. Any changes that I will be making I will be posting to my switter feed.

I’m in the process of changing my email to


It is fully encrypted. I recommend that you also get a protonmail account for your privacy and safety moving forward. Simply send me an email with your former email address and name so I may save you in my contacts. 

I have travel plans posted for this year

Atlanta may 30- June 3 

New Jersey June 26- 30

NYC June 30 -july 5

Pittsburgh july 18-24

I am still based in tampa at my private location when not traveling.

I am available to travel to you for exclusive engagements

We all must stick together have faith that things will work out for the greater good of all parties involved. 

I think you again for your support and positive energy. I look forward to connecting with you again hopefully sooner than later.

 it’s a great day


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2016 pool time fun Orlando Florida

Author: taliaamour
May 20, 2016

2016 pool time fun Orlando Florida 

It’s finally feeling like summer here in Florida! 

Recently, I got to dress up in something I never have worn: kaki pants and a polo….and jump in the pool! 

Sometimes dress up is: dressing different than you normally would…how is this for different ?!

 IMG 4058 2016 pool time fun Orlando Florida  
  IMG 4063 2016 pool time fun Orlando Florida  
Stepping out of our box can be fun and stimulating!  I love my hair and make up but I also have a Florida fun side too!

I had just eaten and finished getting ready…

He arrived right on time! ( I get flustered when people are early or over 15 min late)

We had a revealing conversation over a glass of wine to catch up and discover what the day had in store.

I usually have some kind of ‘food’ to share with what has been brought (I like to share ‘food’ weather it’s crackers, nuts, cheese and fruit, flat bread pizza or my barely seasoned meals and baked goods!)

This time I made muffins: banana, walnut dark chocolate chip and banana raspberry white chocolate…He wanted them for later….

We outback to the pool for a few hours….

We got to jump in and swim around together…..taking off the wet clothes slowly. The sun was warm and there as a slight breeze…after another glass of wine I felt called to change outfits and jump in again! We had such a blast!

After the pool we rinsed off and ate the muffins I made. speechless…that’s how good! Beyond amazing!  Sent one to go with him. 

Now we were filed up for taking turns on the massage table! 

I was sore from working out and we were both in need of some touch therapy

The coconut oil felt great on our skin after the sun…

You can only imagine the rest of the story I didn’t write…

 IMG 4029 0 2016 pool time fun Orlando Florida 
What journey will we share together???

Based in Tampa Florida

Visiting New York City June 26-July 1 2016