Reflections on naps and quiet time

Author: taliaamour
March 23, 2018

Reflections on Naps and Quiet time 

By Talia Amour

I was recently asked about taking naps. When i was a child my Mother (God Rest her soul) always used to tell me ‘it doesn’t matter if you actually sleep you just have to lay down and be quiet’ Today, from a mother’s standpoint, I understand the need for quiet time. As an adult, I understand a need for quiet time. 

When we were younger we had parents to tell us what to do. Growing and maturing into adulthood we need to learn how to parent ourselves. Anyone that has lost a parent truly understands this, for those of you that do not yet understand, I have empathy and compassion for the day that you do.

If we are lucky enough to grow into an older age and out live our parents, we start to understand and hopefully embody the wisdom we have gained from those relationships. Weather we had more positive or more negative experiences they have all shaped Who We Are. We have the opportunity as adults to determine how those experiences will define us. We are not our past, we are not our past actions, we simply are. Living in today- because today is all that we truly have- this moment in this time in the space- we have the opportunity to choose who we are and what we want to become. 

In the grand scheme of things it is up to our higher power on how are dreams, hopes and wishes manifest or don’t, in this lifetime. 

I believe we are all here for a greater purpose. I find it hard to believe there are reasons for everything happens but I do believe in a greater purpose. at times the greater purpose is beyond what our human minds are able comprehend at the time. Sometimes the people that cause us the most pain in this life are the ones that teaches the greatest lessons. 

Rejoice in gratitude, all of the positive things as well as the challenges we are blessed with. Ask your higher self for acceptance, Grace, strength and courage 

We must build faith to get through those challenging times, have faith that a greater purpose will reveal itself ultimately the greater good for all parties involved.

So when you’re laying there and can’t sleep whether it’s a nap or you wake up in the middle of the night take the opportunity to meditate pray and count your blessings. Breathe deeply feel the oxygen flowing through every ounce of your body. Feel the Divine coming through the air into you and as you exhale release everything that is no longer beneficial for your greater good and well being. Ask your higher power to guide, direct you and give you the courage and Grace to carry out your ultimate purpose.

Even if you are not sleeping at least you got to experience a moment of peace and reflection on your life- something many people never take the time to do.

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