More than a GFE

Author: taliaamour
September 8, 2011

Talia Amour…More than a GFE!!

When one realizes, sexuality does  encompass  so much more than a physical act it opens our minds to a new and great experience.

In our exterior lives we have complex relationships. More than a GFE is about simplicity. It is about allowing yourself to just be,

setting aside the time and space(tangible)

to create an experience that

defies time and space(non-tangible).

When we release expectation of ourselves and others,

quiet our minds enough to feel our spirit,

all of the things that are not true about us diminish.

Our authentic selves shine through.

We experience ourselves and others from a place of non judgement and acceptance.

These experiences are non tangible and priceless.

Gifts from the divine Feminine and divine Masculine to be enjoyed by all.