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Energetic exchange 

Author: taliaamour
March 10, 2021

There Is an energetic exchange that occurs in every interaction. As human beings we all want to be accepted for who we are loved and valued. We want someone to be fully present with us.

 Sexuality is a space where we are vulnerable with all of us not just our physical body but our mind, emotions and our spirituality. 

 As a sex worker I am fully present with my clients I see them as whole and perfectly imperfect divine beings just as they are. Everyone is in a different place on the journey to remembering who we are on the deepest level, to embracing the wholeness of ourselves. I meet people where they are at.

Without judgment and total acceptance. 

 It really takes compassion and knowing that I am and we all are at our core unconditional love. 

 It said that we are made in God’s image. If we are truly made in God’s image then why do we pick ourselves apart and dissect our sexuality from the wholeness of our being, judge and shame ourselves and each other? If we are truly made in God’s image and sexuality is part of the wholeness of our being it is also divine. 

img 5411 Energetic exchange 

Latest updates 

Author: taliaamour
August 20, 2020

img 5402 1 Latest updates 
 I wanted to touch base with all of you and Let you know I am thinking of you and wishing you Are all healthy and safe

 Due to the situation at hand I started and only fans. It’s only 9.99 a month and I post we clean pictures and videos I also answer private messages and take video requests

Only fans

 I have even been doing face time and online sessions at 100 per 10min 
 I have been doing home work outs and taking lots of classes and certifications over zoom. I have not seen very many people in person however I am looking forward to seeing more people in person If you are safe and healthy.
I am able to host dates at my location and Apollo Beach right off of I 75 and big Bend road ( it takes me about 20 minutes to get to downtown tampa and 25 minutes to get to South Tampa.)
 I have not traveled much and I finally nail down the dates for a trip to Atlanta 

I am accepting reservations for the following dates in Atlanta 

Sept 21-24 
Please let me know if you would like me to visit your city! I am available for exclusive engagements where you can fly me to you, as well as extended dates.
Experience offering updates 

I will continue to see repeat requests for gfe

Starting jan 2021 I am raising the donation for new requests, but will continue to see repeat requests at my current donation 
I have also added sensual bdsm/dom sessions to my offerings. I do have a location in st pete available for bdsm as well as my place in apollo beach depending on your requests 
I also have a male partner that is a tantra bdsm practitioner I have been working with if you are interested in male/female duos. 
Of course I have expanded my coaching practice as well offering online coaching and immersion experiences.

Twitter @talia_amour

New content available 

Author: taliaamour
April 1, 2020

Since we are all on lock down I decided to find a way to connect with you on a personal level.

I created a only fans account!

It’s only 9.99 a month and I have been posting daily to keep you entertained 

If you ever wanted more explicit content from me this is the place to find it!

You will get

Personal messages answered

An intimate glimps into my pleasure practices

Tip on how to make my pussy thick and juicy

Up close and personal pic and videos

Behind the scenes at photo shoots 

I am very grateful for your continued support 

If you like pic and videos please let me know by sending a tip and a message 

I am also offering virtual sessions and taking special requests 

Connect with me

New news important announcements!

Author: taliaamour
February 9, 2020

Feb 2020

Important announcement!!

The last 6 months have been extremely interesting. As most of you know I have been participating in a mastermind group with one of the coaching certifications I have. This has been an up leveling, life changing process I was in so much need of! Going through all of this growth expansion the past year I have decided to make a shift in my business.

1.I will be offering dominatrix, sensual dom, bdsm experiences now! 

I have felt more called into the Dominatrix Archetype. I have done lots of playing in the dom space over the last 10 yrs…cross dressing, bondage, pegging, cbt, NT, foot and shoe fetish, Goddess worship, golden showers, degradation, humiliation, sensation items, flogging, spanking, cropping, role play, very fem dom, sensual dom stuff…just to name a few…facilitating those experiences was an honor, healing and super hot!

I have found I really feel fulfilled holding that sacred space for someone to let go and be held, experience fantasy and surrender. 

I have even attended a pro dom training and have been taking rope tying classes the last few months!

2. I am officially announcing as of January 2021 I will only be seeing repeat gfe clients at my current donation, new clients will be at a higher rate.

I will be taking new and repeat fem dom, bdsm clients. 

I believe I will go with my new Dom name…

Divine Goddess Kali 

3. I also have another opportunity for you to stay connected to me….Erotic event/private parties. I have been creating high end erotic events and play parties with a girlfriend this past year and we are creating a membership club for our exclusive clients to explore the innermost desires and fantasy! This is not a swingers a party or a brothel style event….think Sntctm style! I will be Mistress of ceremonies! We will have high end dinner parties, erotic entertainment in a private luxury setting! 
There is an application and interview process. This will be open to men, women, single and couples. 

If you want to know more about this exclusive membership club send me an email

and I will get an application to you and set up an interview. 

Events have been put on hold due to covid but I am still creating a list of invitees 

I am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had, relationships I have built and connections I have made with all of you!

If you have been waiting to see me or delaying a reconnection NOW is the time to do it!

I will be updating my travel on tryst, private delights, Twitter, p411 and my website. Stay connected and continue this journey with me!

11 New news important announcements!

Yes I am here for your fun, enjoyment and pleasure! Let’s plan a great escape!! If you are interested in re creating our great escape in your real life I am also here to help you with that! Entertainment and education is the best! Have fun and take what you experience back with you into your life!

What else do I do beside just entertain? I help men
-have better orgasms and more sex

-have better relationships

-solve premature ejeculation and erectile dysfunction 

-sexually express themselves, get your needs met

-feel accepted for who they are

-understand their partner and meet their partners needs
My big why:
Send me an email introducing yourself and telling me how I can help:
I have coaching certifications in energy leadership business and life coaching and 2 Sex coaching certifications. Over the past 10 years I have trained/mentored with sexalogical body workers and taken numerous workshops and classes in sexuality, spirituality and sacred sexuality/tantra, and sex coaching. I offer coaching to individuals, couples, small groups and to other sex workers. 
What is sex coaching?
Coaching is a non medical, natural process that helps to create healthier, more fulfilling lives. Coaches help you create and sustain authenticity. You will actually understand how to creat an epic sex life for yourself, in real life!
Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or zoom. Sex coaching focuses on all things sexual: thoughts, feelings, energy, behavior patterns, arousal, expression of energy, orgasmic energy, communication, connection, education, health, relationships. I am compassionate, objective and fully present without judgments or agendas.
Special interests and topics include but are not limited to: ED, EE, DE, dating, arousal, tantra, multiple orgasm techniques, sober sex and dating, masturbation coaching, communicating your needs and desires, open relationships/swinging lifestyle, gender identity questions, sexual self expression, sex education, sexual skills/technique, spirituality. 
I also offer coaching and mentoring to sex workers. Email me for information. Blog post escort advice for sex workers
How does it work? 

Coaches uses assessments to help you clarify your goals and create actions plans to achieve your goals. Multiple sessions are encouraged, coaching is a process ask me about what package is best for you.

first send me an email to introducing yourself and briefly telling me how I can help.
Next we set up a complementary phone call to see How coaching can help you and if we would be a good fit to work together. 

If you no show or cancel your complementary call with in 24hr you will be asked to make a $100 donation to reschedule. I plan my day around your complementary call, if you need to reschedule please do so 48hr in advance.

Special packages are available depending on your needs.

Email me today at about a complimentary phone session to see how sex coaching will help you.

coaching payments:

venmo or Zelle also available ask me for contact info for those options

 Check out my Twitter live videos @talia_amour

subscribe to my blog:
a crash course in men’s sexual concerns

Women’s sexual concerns part one:

img 5121 Sex Coaching, entertaining education, expand your pleasure! img 5214 Sex Coaching, entertaining education, expand your pleasure! 

My big Why

Author: taliaamour
August 25, 2019

my big why
There is often a hierarchy in sex work. Strippers, escorts, low end, high end, legal, tantra… on my journey I have gotten to experience many sides of the spectrum. What I have learned is that there is a time and a place for all experiences. A person’s rate does not equal their worth it expresses the demand for their time and business model. 

I learned that entertainment and play is just as valuable as teaching and coaching. I thoroughly enjoy both. We are healed through play as well as coaching and tantra. They are just different avenues to reach people. 

Over the last 10 years of coaching and entertaining, I have worked with mostly men and couples. I started out with tantra and sacred sexuality focusing on premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. I have helped men connect to get out of their heads(quiet thoughts) and into their bodies(feel sensations), harness and control their sexual energy and orgasm. I have helped them get to know women’s bodies and women’s sexual response. They have gained confidence and knowledge that helped them have more sex and importantly more satisfying sex. 

I have also allowed men to experience their sexual selves without judgment and shame. We have had a lot of fun and shared much pleasure! 

 Along the way many men have opened up to me about their concerns and fear around dealing with masculinity and understanding women in and out of the bedroom. 

In the wake of this me too movement there has been a rise in fear around masculine energy. It has been framed as toxic and detrimental. This has harmed men as well as women. 

We have a lack of sex education and communication about sexuality as a culture. The time has come to bring the conscious divine masculine to clarity and shatter the toxic masculine image! 

Women and men have been taught opposite messages around sexuality. It is time to unlearn these harmful ideas, attitudes and beliefs. 

Both men and women are ready to step into their divine right to experience connection, pleasure and fulfillment. I am here to help you on this journey. 

The feminine and masculine are intertwined. We can not have one without the other. When one is harmed, the other is harmed; when one is healed the other is healed. 

I offer a variety of ways to connect. I know that I am being of service no matter how I show up in your world. As a lover, friend or a teacher sometimes those lines are blurred and we get more from an experience that we expected. That is part of what I love about working with sexuality. It is such a deep multifaceted subject that has value in all expressions. I enjoy connecting with people, sharing energy in many ways.

So if you want to have a great escape and play email me to plan a date! If you want to learn advanced sex skills I can teach you that too! If you want to learn more about yourself and how to express yourself let me know! 

I am going on a 2 part retreat in Costa Rica. The first one focuses on advanced sex skills and the second one is about building my coaching business. I have been focusing on this lately to expand my reach to help more people. 

I am here for the journey not just a destination. When quality counts it’s Talia time! When you want an experience beyond the usual it’s Talia time! 

Find me in the Tampa Bay area, online or on tour. 

Tour schedule

Twitter @talia_amour

img 5351 My big Whyimg 5365 My big Why

Crash course women’s arousal and pleasure

Author: taliaamour
May 30, 2019

women’s #arousal and #pleasure 
One of the greatest challenges in #relationships is

unskilled/uneducated/unaware lovers and #communication breakdown.

It is no surprise these can be major issues. Many of us had a lack of accurate sexual health information available growing up and even as adults. There is little to no research done on women’s sexual pleasure and pain. (please donate to No one ever teaches us communication skills, let alone communication skills about sexual needs and desires. 

Many women often say no sex is better than bad sex! Especially if they are having trouble experiencing orgasm with a partner, if they have asked for what they want and are not getting it or simply don’t know what to ask for or how to ask.

Here are a few tips and recommendations for creating a more satisfying experience for yourself and your partner.

Have a consent or exploration conversation before you dive into any sexual experience. (especially with a new partner)

Make sure that she feels comfortable to communicate with you- *hot tip: Frame the conversation- Say out loud- there are no judgment or expectations and nothing will be taken personally, this is all just information…and mean it!

Many women are willing to try different things as long as they feel safe and not ashamed or judged by/with their partner, trust is of utmost importance! 

Guys: Don’t act out the porn you just saw unless you have had a discussion about it first. Porn is not real life. Porn is not sex education, porn is entertainment – you don’t see the before, in between and after care – it is only the hi lites for your entertainment. Porn can be used in a healthy way. However be conscious: when it has become your main source of turn on, only way you learned about sex and or viewed compulsively it can greatly disturb arousal, strength of erection/erection consistency, sexual response and relationships with other people.

Idea- Perhaps you could watch porn together then talk about the way it makes you feel and discuss whether or not it’s something that you would like to try together.

Remember- in the heat of the moment yes’ can become no’s but no’s can not become yes’. 

  (Side note: Even with an escort it is best to find out what they are comfortable with when you start the date (not via email, many companions will don’t discuss specifics via email for safety reasons) Just because you are making a donation for their TIME doesn’t give you permission to treat them in a way that they feel is disrespectful or unpleasurable to them.)

*hot tip: how to start a conversation ? You could say 

I’m really into XYZ are you comfortable with that?’ 

‘I recently saw this type of play and I am interested in experimenting. 

How do you feel/what do you think about that? 

 Would you like to try it with me?’ 

Tell me if I am using too much or too little pressure…

Does xyz feel good to you? 

Would you like more pressure than this or less?

What are your boundaries as far as kink?

What do you find pleasurable? 

What is not pleasurable to you? 

A little bit of communication even if it feels awkward, can guarantee a more satisfying experience for you both. Keep in mind the more you have these conversations the more comfortable they will become.

Please do not be offended if your partner has not had an orgasm with you or their whole life.

Most women take orgasm to make the man feel better about himself/not to hurt his feelings. (Some men’s self esteem and ego is greatly intertwined in their sexual prowess. This is a harmful message men receive growing up that I believe needs to be dispelled as it is harmful to men and women alike) 

If a woman has never orgasmed remind them they deserve sexual pleasure and you are honored to help them experience that- at their own pace. 

*possibility: There may be a misconception of what an orgasm is. Keep in mind: what you see in porn is not always how a woman expresses orgasm. (I know I have had silent orgasms, laughing orgasms, intense loud orgasms, shaking orgasms). There is a full spectrum of orgasmic energy and it comes out in many different ways. Don’t limit her. Just because it doesn’t look like you think it should, does not mean that she did not experience orgasm. Porn is exaggerated and dramatic for your entertainment, it’s just like any movie where emotions and actions are dramatize in order to get the point across. 

*recommendation: video-becoming orgasmic. 

It can be helpful to see how other women look during an orgasm that is not staged. Some women feel like they look ugly or weird when they have that big O. 

Give her more time to become aroused before direct genital contact. 

Encourage self pleasure and to go longer with self pleasure.

Did you know: most women take anywhere from 20-40 min to become fully aroused. 

Challenges experiencing orgasm may result from having a conservative family upbringing. There may be shame and guilt around sexuality. Maybe there was no privacy to even explore themselves. They may even have old patterns of orgasm and masrurbation that are challenging to integrate into partner sex….have no judgments and do not shame them. 

Did you know: 80 to 90 %of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. 3 out of 4 women do not reach orgasm from penetrative sex alone. 

New techniques may need to be learned. 

*book recommendation: She Comes First

Sexalogical body work is an option depending on where you live and the laws. 

Betty Dodson is a great resource for women to become comfortable with/get to know their bodies and orgasm.

Trusting their partner is a large part of experiencing orgasm as well. Trust is built by little things through the day and overtime. Doing what you say you will (having integrity with your words and actions) about little things helps to build trust. Call when you say you will, ask her about something she thought was important she shared with you. Being on time. I know it sounds silly but if you have integrity with little things it shows you will have integrity with big things. That creates trust.

It takes courage to be vulnerable and release control. Learning to/allow yourself to let go and relax and experience is a huge deal! Again this comes from discussing boundaries and respecting/sticking to them. 

One mee hot tip for you- 

remove the pressure/expectations around having an orgasm or an ejaculation! Come into the moment and enjoy the connection. Fall in love with the journey along the way unattached to an end result. That is when magic happens. 

Travel dates 

Pittsburgh may 25-June 1

Tampa June 2-9

Atlanta June 10-14

Tampa June 14- sept 3

Sept 4 is my birthday I will be going to Costa Rica for a Coaching Workshop. I would be very grateful for any gifts/donations to contribute towards this training. The dates are sept 5-13 so I leave on my birthday and get home on sept 14. 

Donations to my education can be sent to via P.P send money to a friend. I also have venmo you can message me for that info. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support on my mission to dispel the false belief that masculine energy is toxic. It is time to bring the Divine back to masculine! When we bring the Conscious Divine masculine we also bring Conscious Divine feminine. When we heal one we heal the other two halves make us whole.

Website link
Twitter @talia_amour


img 5334 Crash course womens arousal and pleasure img 5307 Crash course womens arousal and pleasureimg 5335 Crash course womens arousal and pleasure

What’s new ??

Author: taliaamour
May 24, 2019

img 5324 Whats new ??img 5321 Whats new ??

hello lovers!

thank you for staying connected and checking out my blog. I have not been writing as much lately as I have been doing live Twitter updates lately. (check them out @talia_amour) You can stay connect via Twitter or check out my what’s new page on my website

The live videos are mostly random stream of consciousness stuff…what I am thinking about that day or something I experienced. I have enjoyed interacting with followers and being vulnerable with you. My intention is to let you get to know me as a person more before we meet and to stay connected to those of you I know. It is easy to post pretty pics and clever thoughts but I felt there would be value in letting you see me in different aspects of day to day living. We are more than the role we play or mask we wear. When I am authentic with you it allows you to be authentic with me…and trust me authenticity and vulnerability takes courage!

Most new people are unsure about making the investment in a date with someone new and I respect that. I have found when people take the time to do their research they are seldom disappointed in their choice. I have been at this about 10 years now and I have compassion for new providers and new clients. Starting out you simply don’t know what you don’t know. I also have found that each day I learn something new- the more I know the more I don’t know. 

I have simplified my website but know I still offer coaching to providers and clients. I started this journey focusing on sacred sexuality and tantra. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with many people along the way. I began to see the value and need for not only knowledge of spiritual sexuality but also for the companionship and entertainment aspects of sexuality as well. I have found most people just want to be valued and accepted as they are and it is a blessing to be able to meet people where they are at on their journey. 

I have continued my education in sexuality and expression and have come to a whole new level of experience. My ego has become smaller, I have no judgments of myself or others. I have also learned my boundaries and to value myself. I have learned to play more, be less serious and take nothing personal. I am reminded I am human, perfectly imperfect. I forgive myself and others. I am love. 

People often don’t see the spiritual aspects of sexuality however every experience is sacred, even when it is for fun and enjoyment. To feel whole and fulfilled in life we need to express all aspects of ourselves. There is a time for work, play and to be alone with ourselves. When we are missing a piece we experience frustration, emptiness and lack of purpose. 

We all have gifts, talents and purpose in this life. It is always a blessing and a pleasure to be part of your journey and allow you to be part of mine. 

I look forward to connecting with you in divine time. Goddess Blessings!

2019 dates to plan for:

Taking reservations and deposits for the following: 

Pittsburgh May 25- June 2 

Tampa June 2-9

Atlanta June 10-13

Tampa bay area June 14- Sept 1

my birthday Sept 4

NYC Oct 10-15

you may send gift cards to my email 

for other deposits and payment options email me 


twitter: @talia_amour

Real talk, trips to Greece…the forest vs the trees

Author: taliaamour
March 26, 2019

Real talk, trips to Greece…the forest vs the trees

Have you ever noticed that whatever mood you are in will determine the way you place meaning on an email or text message? If you are feeling inferior or superior it will affect your interpretation of what the other person has written. Text messaging and emails always set the stage for miscommunication of energy.

 Especially when I tell person something they don’t want to hear. All of a sudden they assume that I am offended, angry, upset and they assume that they are the one that has caused it. The fact of the matter is that these days it is extremely rare for me to allow someone to disrupt my peace by something that they have said. It has become obvious to me that when someone says ‘oh I didn’t mean to offend you’ or ‘make you upset or angry’ that subconsciously (or consciously), they knew that what they were saying was offencive, out of line or they intended it to be offencive and or they are experiencing guilt and shame for what they have asked or written.

Often times women and providers are expected to always be agreeable, play the submissive role, be scared that we’re going to hurt someone’s feelings or offend someone, apologize for everything, not have opinions, not tell you the truth….well guess what?

 I speak my truth and I say it with the intention of love and compassion. No judgments.

When someone misinterprets what I’m saying and tries to tell me that I am offended and upset and angry it really says more about them and their state of mind then it does mine.

For example I get emails asking about trips to Greece. Usually I just don’t answer those emails. However if someone has already made an appointment with me then starts asking I usually respond so there is no misunderstanding. That usually goes something like this “ I read on one of your ads that you do trips to Greece….”

I then have to explain that the site that says that- has stolen my information, written things about me that may or may not be true and refuses to take it down. Some sites that do this have the intention of putting information out there so girls feel expected to do whatever that site says they do so they don’t get a ‘bad rating’…. I do not “advertise on that site”

I explain that nowhere on my website, Blog, Twitter or ads ( that I have actually posted) do I advertise any kind of’ services.’ I always focus on creating an experience with someone.

 Communication during that experience is important so that both parties get the most out of their time together. Some guys are scared to communicate during a date. They don’t want to say what they like or don’t like they just expect us to be mind readers, maybe they have guilt or shame that prevents them from speaking their needs and desires??? There is no reason to be scared- guilt, shame, about yourself, especially with me I am very non-judgmental and open and honest.

My most important point is that:

what I do with one person I may not do with someone else. I never promise anything upfront especially when I have never met the person before.  

I do not do “services”. I am a companion that is paid for her time only- not a “service” ie- prostitution is sexual services for sale- that is not what I do. (I have done this when I worked in the brothel and it was great and a nice time but it is not my passion to hussle guys for services.) I enjoy spending time with people, building relationships…it is very individual, what we do with our time is up to us. The better connection we have the more there is to explore! 

In my opinion if you see something on a site that is inconsistent with every other site that you have seen about this person, maybe approach the subject as ‘do you advertise on this site? It says xyz and none of your other adds or websites say the same thing so I was wondering what is true?’ 

Many ladies openly advertise pse, trips to Greece and so forth…so if that is the only thing you are interested in see one of those ladies. 

I do think it is sad that guys fall for these sites that steal girls information and post things about them that aren’t true and refuse to take it down. It totally sucks that they’re being mislead- this is not a personal attack on the guys,( it is simply how I feel about that); it’s not a fault, it just is- until someone tells them otherwise they don’t know any different. 

Once I explain my position on the subject then they come back with the ‘ oh I’m sorry to upset you I don’t mean to offend you, don’t get angry’ 

Again- it’s their interpretation that is coloring my response. I simply state a fact and it is not what they want to hear, so all of a sudden they assume that I’m angry upset and offended- it is very interesting to me to see someone’s reaction when they are told something they don’t want to hear. Their reaction usually says a lot about their state of mind and where they’re at. 

So the real talk is consider your own State of Mind when reading emails and text messages. If you are unsure of the energy of someone’s email simply ask them- don’t always assume that you know what they’re feeling, especially when they have not given you that information themselves. Focus on building a relationship with a person so you can journey wherever you imagine! Don’t get so stuck in the trees that you miss the beauty of the forest.

img 5269 Real talk, trips to Greece...the forest vs the trees

Are you living to work or working to live?

Author: taliaamour
February 17, 2019

Are you living to work or working to live?
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe we all have a path, life theme lessons we are here to learn, experiences we are here to have. Our choices determine how those manifest. 

Most of our lives we are taught to follow the crowd. Go to school, get a job makes lots of money and have a family. All that is well and good but we are not often taught to live our lives in peace and happiness. Our society tells us we need more stuff, have to out do our neibors, look a certain way, act a certain way; with no reguard to an individual’s authenticity. 

Going through life acquiring things we don’t need, doing things we don’t even feel connected to. We get older and start to ask what was it all for? Why? 

When are you going to start actually living not just going through the motions? 

What makes you happy? What gives you peace? There is often an area of our lives we have neglected, a space we feel a disconnection from. We start seeking things outside of ourselves to fill the void. Eventually we realize we are the ones we have been neglecting. If we don’t take the time to connect with ourselves and find out what is really going on, we will still be discontent. 

Stress is about thinking we are the only ones who can do for others and feeling a lack of connection to our spiritual selves. Worry is about not having acceptance for the way things are. There is a higher power that is here to guide and direct us on our path if we take the time to be present. You can call it by many names: God, Goddess, energy, universe, higher self, higher power….what ever you choose to call it is your decision. I believe we can all connect with this divine energy with in our selves, if we take the time to stop and be present, listen and watch for signs. 

I am a huge believer in the power of meditation. Quieting the mind and connecting with the body. It can be an active meditation or a still meditation…

The world teaches us to be in the mind constantly- it tells you you are what you do, you are your thoughts….I don’t believe that. We simply are. We do things and have thoughts but we are not those things. They are just part of the human experience. Our bodies are the vessel our spirit is inhabiting on this earth plane. Our bodies can communicate things our minds can not comprehend at the moment. The world programs the mind, it does not program the heart. 

Get out of your head and into your body! Breath circulates energy and pleasure through our body. Breath can influence the heart beat and quiet the mind. The more we practice being present and breathing the more our mind gets to take a break. It becomes easier over time with continued practice. Just start observing thoughts you don’t have to act on them or judge them simply see them as they are and let them go. Focus on breathing and connecting with body sensations with out labeling them. 

Consider what you have to be grateful for. What we focus on expands. What we are grateful for multiplies. 

img 5230 Are you living to work or working to live?img 5233 Are you living to work or working to live?