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Newsletter 9/23/19 travel dates Costa recap 

Author: taliaamour
September 24, 2019

Recap Costa
img 5370 Newsletter 9/23/19 travel dates Costa recap 
I am back from my retreat in Costa Rica! It was definitely a transforming experience. The first 5 days was an advanced s€x skills workshop. It was an interesting place to be in considering all of my past training and experience! I did go into it being open to receiving and learning something new. All five days was very experiential with not much talking. We worked in small groups and on each other most of the people were couples but there were also some single people partner with. I learned more about speaking my needs in and out of the bedroom. I also learned more about how to teach others to speak their needs and first of all figure out what those needs are! 

I dove deeper into my kinky side with a professional bdsm session! It was with a renowned professional Dom who is also a Zen Buddhist! I got to fully surrender in the session! We Did fire, ropes, knives, floggers and it was actually more healing and transformational for me rather than being arousing! 

I had the privilege of working with one of the best photographers I have ever had a photoshoot with. I’m looking forward to getting those photos back and sharing them with you! So stay tuned for those!

The last few days were part of the mastermind program I signed up for in May. I want to personally thank everyone who helped contribute to this experience! I decided a few things…one is that I will be putting on some Advanced skills Retreat of my own and two it reconfirmed my passion and love of what I do and who I serve- You! I realize the gifts I have to offer through companionship as well as coaching. I also came to a new place I have not been before.

I am now open to having ongoing arrangements with people wishing to build a deeper connection…I guess you can call it ‘sugar baby ‘ type relationships. But clearly I am not the average young girl looking to be supported. I have much to offer and am seeking the right person or persons to explore this with. Send me an email if this interests you. 

I am now on a road trip with a few cities listed below. It took me a while to decide where I was going and how long I would be gone but the dates are confirmed and as follows

Travel Dates 

I will be driving to these cities 

Inquire about exact dates and times 

I have in and outcall availability since I am driving I may be able to be flexible with requests

Indianapolis Sept 25-28
Chicago Sept 29-Oct 3

Nashville Oct 4-6

Atlanta Oct 6-8

Tampa bay area Oct 8-22 

Denver Oct 23-29

Austin November 20-25

I will be back in the Tampa Bay area when not touring and I am always open to fly me to you. 

I can even work out a tour for dates with deposits so send me an email if you city is not listed and we can find a time to connect. 

I am so excited to share my renewed passion with you! All of this time off makes me especially eager to play!!

I am wrapping up my birthday month and want to say thank you for the gift cards and birthday wishes! I am grateful for your continued support and connection along this path.

I look forward to seeing you sooner than later!



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img 5372 Newsletter 9/23/19 travel dates Costa recap