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10 Tips for New Clients

Author: taliaamour
June 25, 2019

10 Tip for New Clients 

If you are new (or even if you are not)
Welcome to A Beautiful World where you are accepted and appreciated just for being you! Pleasure, connection and fantasy fulfillment await you!

Congratulations on finding your way to my blog! You are already a step ahead! 

Why you ask? 

Because you are officially doing research! 

Doing research is the best way to ensure that you are going to have a (mutually) safe and enjoyable experience.

So, you stumbled across some ads online and you were intrigued, curious and possibly aroused! 

You are not sure if any of this is real or some kind of setup. A lot of this just seems too good to be true! Often times, if it seems too good to be true it usually is- like most things in life…. However you may have stumbled upon something that is truly worth your efforts.

That means, it’s time to do some research to make sure that you’re not getting scammed, set up or put in an unsafe situation…and that you are going to have fun and leave satisfied! 

How do you do research on something that is not opening or honestly talked about?? and when there is so much misinformation out there?! 

here are some hot tips:

Read the add completely.

Go to the website 

Read website thoroughly 

Ask yourself: 

*Does this sound like the same person? 

*Do the pictures look like the same person?

      4. What other ads are out there for this person? Are they all consistent with each other and writing styles text pictures??? Providers often will have the names of the different sites they advertise on somewhere on their website.

NOTE: Keep in mind that there are some sites that are nothing but a waste of time and trash. They often copy and paste old advertisements on to their site and will even charge you to be able to read the information on their site. There is no way to tell if the information you are getting from these sites is true or not because the provider did not have any say or control over what is being said or written about them. So take what someone else posts about them with a grain of salt. 

If you are not sure whether or not the ad is actually theirs or if it is just a copy paste, consider asking the person whether or not they advertise on that site.

5. What social media do they offer? Blogs, twitter, fan sites? Make sure that all of that is consistent with their website and their ads. Chances are if you’re finding multiple platforms that are all consistent in the text and the pictures this person is going to be so they say they are. 

6. Contact the person the way they request- email? DM? phone? Form?
I personally use email only until verification is complete. Every person has different protocall- it will say on their site and added you have thoroughly read.

7. if their website and add does not say they are a licensed massage therapist do not email them asking for massage

** It has always been a felony to:

1 say that you’re a massage therapist 

2 you offer massage 

if you are not a licensed massage therapist! 

So for me anyone who even uses that word is an automatic NO since I am not a licensed massage therapist and I do not do massage.

You may use alternative words like: sensual touch, tantric touch, relaxation touch; asking if there is an option for a ‘massage-like environment’ or if they offer sessions where you can be on a massage table 

8. Be prepared to give verification information. Each person has different requirements for verification it will clearly state on their website and often in an auto-reply generated after your first email. I do have other blog posts about verification so in this post i will leave it at that.

9. Try to put all information into one email such as how you found that person what drew you to them, you can mention if you are new; but still provide all of the verification information requested. Remember to put in dates and times you are hoping to see that person as well as the location preferred and duration of date/session. You will usually get an auto reply read it thoroughly and if you have left out any information to auto reply request go ahead and send a follow-up email. Always remember that emails are emails not text messages- treat them as such.

10. Keep in mind that we are people just like you and we are running a business so we treat it as such. We plan our lives around our appointments so many require deposits to set the date. Most of all we I want you to enjoy your experience and be satisfied and fulfilled so you will return. 

I hope this post helps you in making a decision about who you would like to see and provides some comfort about taking this journey. 
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