Real talk, trips to Greece…the forest vs the trees

Author: taliaamour
March 26, 2019

Real talk, trips to Greece…the forest vs the trees

Have you ever noticed that whatever mood you are in will determine the way you place meaning on an email or text message? If you are feeling inferior or superior it will affect your interpretation of what the other person has written. Text messaging and emails always set the stage for miscommunication of energy.

 Especially when I tell person something they don’t want to hear. All of a sudden they assume that I am offended, angry, upset and they assume that they are the one that has caused it. The fact of the matter is that these days it is extremely rare for me to allow someone to disrupt my peace by something that they have said. It has become obvious to me that when someone says ‘oh I didn’t mean to offend you’ or ‘make you upset or angry’ that subconsciously (or consciously), they knew that what they were saying was offencive, out of line or they intended it to be offencive and or they are experiencing guilt and shame for what they have asked or written.

Often times women and providers are expected to always be agreeable, play the submissive role, be scared that we’re going to hurt someone’s feelings or offend someone, apologize for everything, not have opinions, not tell you the truth….well guess what?

 I speak my truth and I say it with the intention of love and compassion. No judgments.

When someone misinterprets what I’m saying and tries to tell me that I am offended and upset and angry it really says more about them and their state of mind then it does mine.

For example I get emails asking about trips to Greece. Usually I just don’t answer those emails. However if someone has already made an appointment with me then starts asking I usually respond so there is no misunderstanding. That usually goes something like this “ I read on one of your ads that you do trips to Greece….”

I then have to explain that the site that says that- has stolen my information, written things about me that may or may not be true and refuses to take it down. Some sites that do this have the intention of putting information out there so girls feel expected to do whatever that site says they do so they don’t get a ‘bad rating’…. I do not “advertise on that site”

I explain that nowhere on my website, Blog, Twitter or ads ( that I have actually posted) do I advertise any kind of’ services.’ I always focus on creating an experience with someone.

 Communication during that experience is important so that both parties get the most out of their time together. Some guys are scared to communicate during a date. They don’t want to say what they like or don’t like they just expect us to be mind readers, maybe they have guilt or shame that prevents them from speaking their needs and desires??? There is no reason to be scared- guilt, shame, about yourself, especially with me I am very non-judgmental and open and honest.

My most important point is that:

what I do with one person I may not do with someone else. I never promise anything upfront especially when I have never met the person before.  

I do not do “services”. I am a companion that is paid for her time only- not a “service” ie- prostitution is sexual services for sale- that is not what I do. (I have done this when I worked in the brothel and it was great and a nice time but it is not my passion to hussle guys for services.) I enjoy spending time with people, building relationships…it is very individual, what we do with our time is up to us. The better connection we have the more there is to explore! 

In my opinion if you see something on a site that is inconsistent with every other site that you have seen about this person, maybe approach the subject as ‘do you advertise on this site? It says xyz and none of your other adds or websites say the same thing so I was wondering what is true?’ 

Many ladies openly advertise pse, trips to Greece and so forth…so if that is the only thing you are interested in see one of those ladies. 

I do think it is sad that guys fall for these sites that steal girls information and post things about them that aren’t true and refuse to take it down. It totally sucks that they’re being mislead- this is not a personal attack on the guys,( it is simply how I feel about that); it’s not a fault, it just is- until someone tells them otherwise they don’t know any different. 

Once I explain my position on the subject then they come back with the ‘ oh I’m sorry to upset you I don’t mean to offend you, don’t get angry’ 

Again- it’s their interpretation that is coloring my response. I simply state a fact and it is not what they want to hear, so all of a sudden they assume that I’m angry upset and offended- it is very interesting to me to see someone’s reaction when they are told something they don’t want to hear. Their reaction usually says a lot about their state of mind and where they’re at. 

So the real talk is consider your own State of Mind when reading emails and text messages. If you are unsure of the energy of someone’s email simply ask them- don’t always assume that you know what they’re feeling, especially when they have not given you that information themselves. Focus on building a relationship with a person so you can journey wherever you imagine! Don’t get so stuck in the trees that you miss the beauty of the forest.

img 5269 Real talk, trips to Greece...the forest vs the trees


One comment on “Real talk, trips to Greece…the forest vs the trees

  1. I just wanted to say, that’s a really astute observation about mood interpretation read into texts and emails. I have often thought that myself but never actually mentioned it to anyone. I live in Tampa also. Anyway hope you’re having a great day. Jack.

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