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Fitness Questions

Author: taliaamour
November 26, 2018

fitness questions 

I am often asked about my body ‘transformation’ The only transformation that has really occurred is that I built quite a bit of muscle over the last 5 years. So at this point it’s not like my body goes through ‘transformations’.

 I have always been very petite and lean. If I don’t lift heavy 5 days a week and eat 6 meals a day I lose weight.  

The only thing that gets ‘different’ is when I have a show coming up I get abnormally lean- I stayed under 10% body fat for 6 months this year! (I was down to 7% at leanest)

It’s an unnatural, unhealthy state for women to be even at 10% body fat- the average woman needs about 15% body fat for their hormones to function properly and not incur heart damage hair loss, bone density loss and many other health problems. Having 10% body fat and under makes me very vascular and defined- my muscle pops! It also makes me have less energy and I am constantly hungry! I have to really plan my days- and I do! I love to have my full energy when we meet and if I am not able to be at my best I will decline a date. 

(Advanced planning is the best all the time. I get to have something to look forward to and getting ready is part of my turn on. )

Every year I pick a few shows and diet down/lean out to prepare for the stage. It is a process to lean out (diet down/reduce body fat) and a process to restore body fat to healthy levels (reverse diet).

I often post unfiltered non photo shopped pictures on Twitter, my website and blog so you can get an accurate idea of what I currently look like. 

My natural state in ‘off season’ is around 14% body fat; which is an athlete level percent of body fat.

It always amazes me how many complements I get during my ‘off season’ my body is softer and smoother. In my off season I am not as strict about my carb intake and will eat stuff I bake or order dessert! You have to live a little and I would rather eat dessert than bread lol. 

I always train and eat my meals weather or not I have a show coming up- it is just a way of life. 

No matter what time of year it is I am always lean compared to ‘average’ people. My natural body type, commitment to training and food prepping shows. So please understand this is who I am and what I do. I don’t expect everyone else to do what I do. I am not concerned with what you do or why you don’t do what I do- it’s not my business to judge or compare. If you want to make changes in your life I will absolutely support you. Please do not feel self conscious or insecure just be yourself! I am here to accept you where you are at and as you are. 

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Fitness lifestyle

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14-15% body fat

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15% body fat

Arizona recap 1

Author: taliaamour
November 21, 2018

I am currently in the Tampa Bay Area however I still have a few more posts about my travels…

Arizona recap  part one 2018
After driving around the east side of the US I had the privilege to visit AZ. I was home about 48hrs before I got on a plane to make the 4hr flight 

the trip out went very smooth, I even watched a boxing match on the plane with an older man beside me, he said he had not flown in over 20yrs! I bet he’s seen some changes in his life. 

I arrived at my hotel for the conference I was attending and got settled in to bed. 

I was attending the annual retreat of Ministries- an interfaith community I have been part of, officially since the beginning of the year. We are a church without walls accepting all faiths. I was so excited to meet the people I had met on our zoom sessions in person! My mentor and friend Eve Lynn was there too- she is the one that introduced me to the Ministries over 9yrs ago. I actually met her in AZ around that time. She and another mentor of mine, Shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs were putting on a event there focused on spirituality and sexuality. That event helped to shape the course of my life from then on. I realized that Evelynn only lived 45min away from me in Florida! I started mentoring with her on sacred sexuality and tantra…the rest is history….

Evelyn ordained me as a minister in theMinistries this past September. During our retreat I got to participate in a ceremony confirming my ordination. it was so special to be with everyone in this sacred space. I even got to see a few women that I had participated in their ordination ceremony a few years back! 

The sense of community was so fulfilling. It can be challenging when everyone is scattered around the country, that is why the zoom sessions and this gathering was so important. We got to know each other more and share our thoughts and gifts with each other. It is a blessing to be part of a spiritual community like this! I even made new friends and found some new goals for the future! 

The biggest things I got out of this experience is confirmation I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I have a loving community that supports me. I have wise men and women in my life I can support and connect with on this spiritual path- I am not alone. 

Once the retreat was over I rented a car. Evelyn and I made the drive down to Tucson to see Ray Stubbs. It was a honor to be able to spend some time with both of them. We got to listen to some of the latest thoughts and ideas Ray was contemplating. We got to enjoy some healthy ‘ice cream’ together made by Rays caregiver, it was a special mix of cocoa, hemp milk, banana and a few other healthy ingredients, it was good!! I am so glad we had the privilege of making that visit. 

After a few house of visiting we made the drive back to Scottsdale where I had an airbnb. We went to dinner  (I had chicken parmigiana it was amazing!!)and called it a night as she had to be at the airport by 6am and I was driving.

I had some time to rest, cook and recharge for a couple days after the long weekend. I was so happy to prep some food! 

I got packed up and decided to head back towards Tucson. I noticed a really cool place between Pheionix and Tucson called Picacho Peak. I looked it up and decided to do some hiking. It is a state park you can actually camp at but I just stayed for the afternoon and hiked. I did one of the easy trails first. the landscape was so different that that of the east side I had been hiking the past month. Lots of cacti interesting bushes, insects and birds. I had built a little confidence on the easy hike and decided to try one that was more intermediate/advanced. I figured I can always turn around if it gets too crazy, after all I didn’t have my hiking shoes, just some old worn out cardio shoes. at first it wasn’t bad there were some cables to help you go up smooth or loose rock. The reviews warned the cables were hard on your hands and you needed gloves but I had no issue with them- maybe from lifting so much at the gym. It was fun to go up the mountain with the cables, every so often I would spot a little white arrow pointing me in the direction of the trail. I appreciated the direction, the landscape is so bare it’s hard to know what is the trail and what is not. I zig zaged up the mountain with ease getting higher and higher. I quickly realized I was more rock climbing than hiking. I got to the saddle and sat a bit filled with joy and surprise at accomplishment. I am not really one for heights so 4,000 feet up is a big deal for me! I noticed the trail went down and back up the opposite side of the mountain- all the way to the peak. I saw the rocks and was intimidated but there were some cables there and I figured what the hell? I can always turn around if it gets to be too much!

This part of the climb really pushed my boundaries! It was mostly rocks and very high up! I kept going back and forth in my mind ‘I’m a rock climber now’ to ‘ I am NOT a rock climber! I am a hiker! What the hell am I doing?!’ I was cracking myself up the whole time with this push and pull- my desire for adventure and my desire for the safety of what’s known. I got really high up! So high the cables were long gone and so was the trail! I could not find any white arrows either! it was just me and this mountain. The climb was challenging and once I stopped to look out at the landscape I realized- I have to get back down!!! I looked up at what was left and it wasn’t much but it was straight out rocks- big rocks! Where I was stopped was getting like gravel- very loose. I remembered reading the reviews of that part of the trail they all suggested that you have rock climbing gear and at that point I realized why. I again looked out over the horizon felt my stomach drop and decided I needed to get my ass back down that mountain! Looking terrified, I snapped a picture for the memory; I said ‘ God I’m going to go ahead and turn around now because I’m going to pray for something like Financial Freedom instead of praying to get rescued off the side of a mountain or pray to live through a fall off of the mountain!’ At that point, my mind was made up- I am NOT a rock climber I am a hiker! I literally crab walked down part of that mountain until I got two more solid footing. Those white arrows and cables we comforting to see! I finally made it back to the saddle and began the Journey Down The Other Side of the Mountain towards where I parked. It was nice at this point because the sun was on the other side of the mountain so I had a lot of shade on the way back. 

I was so proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone while at the same time knowing my limits. I think if I want to rock climb in the future I will need shoes and some training, or at least a more experienced partner to climb with! As I mentioned I am not one for heights so ‘amature climber’ is an accomplishment in my books, I am very satisfied being hiker. 

I made it to Tucson and was ready to shower and rest! I have a friend from FL that moved to Tucson I was planning to see the next evening. I was really looking forward to that. The next day I was rested and I had a great visit with my friend! 

Ray Stubbs had given me some recommendations of some intense energetic places near Tucson. He told me about Kitt Peak Observatory on the Tohono O’odham reservation. I decided to make the drive south of Tucson on to the reservation and check out the observatory. It was a really neat drive through the desert onto the reservation. I quickly realized how close to the Mexico border I was there were border patrols everywhere even a checkpoint I had to go through. I saw the sign for the road up to the observatory the mountain looks intimidating I quickly realized I was going to be out of my comfort zone sooner than later. Again I’m not much for Heights or winding Mountain Roads for that matter I drove so slow up that mountain it was probably ridiculous. The views were amazing I stopped a few times to check it out and snap a few pictures I didn’t realize I was going over 7,000 feet up! I finally got to the parking area and decided to check out to get shot I happen to get there right as they were starting a tour of one of the telescopes. I decided to join the tour and see what the telescope was all about. I enjoy listening to the presentation about the observatory they have one of the largest collections of telescopes in the world. They said that different universities and groups were able to rent space on the Mountaintop and put their telescopes up there for research. 

The tour told us about some of the telescopes that were used to track meteors and other objects in space that could possibly collide with Earth. That sounded like a spaceforce to me lol.

We made our way over to the telescope that we would be touring. It was interesting to learn about how the telescopes were made, the technology used and the different parts of the telescopes. The one that we got to tour was actually in the process of being recreated. Evidently they lost some of their funding and an energy corporation decided to fund the telescope. They were in the process of putting in a new spectrometer that is going to be able to track and measure all of the dark energy in the universe back to the Big Bang. They want to understand how the universe is expanding so they will give all of the data collected after 5 years for them to interpret. I find it fascinating that there is so much of space that we actually can’t see. 

They took us to an observation deck and we were able to see the landscape for thousands of miles! On one side I could even see Picacho Peak in the distance! It was amazing to experience the view from that high up. Kitt Peak is a Sacred Space for the Tohono O’Oldham tribe and I could see why! I love Native American culture and tradition. 

The tour was about an hour and a half and there was a little time left over to revisit the gift shop. I bought a t-shirt and decided to make my way back down the mountain. I decided to continue driving onto the reservation I had seen on my hiking app that there were some interesting trails out there however the reviews warned that if you did not have an extra tire and 4 wheel drive you may not be able to access them. The route took me off the main road deep into the reservation. They were mostly dirt roads and I saw lots of wild cattle roaming about. There were houses out there that looked pretty disheveled. One side of me thought about the sacredness of the land in the history that goes along with it but the other part of me was saddened to see the level of poverty that lives today. The dirt roads became more Rocky and harder to drive so I decided to turn back around and head towards the city. I had to stop at the Border Patrol on the way back there were a lot of dogs out and I had noticed many cameras along the road there and back. It was a strange feeling to know that I was being watched and tracked as I was driving. The officers were polite and simply asked how my day was going I said it was good and they told me to go ahead and pass through. I guess because I don’t have any type of an accent and I have nothing in my car that would alert the dogs they figured that I was a citizen and kept it moving. I also wondered if they had some type of facial recognition going on and they knew that I had crossed through a few hours earlier and possibly even were able to check the license plate of my rental car and such. Overall stop took maybe three to five seconds it was just a strange experience that I had not had before…..

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Telescopes at Kitt Peak 2018

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Kitt Peak Observatory 2018

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Picacho peak

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img 5193 Arizona recap 1

Picacho peak 2018