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Dress up time 

Author: taliaamour
January 31, 2016

Getting creative with what’s in the closet…

It’s talia time! IMG 3697 Dress up time   
IMG 3694 Dress up time  

Fit fun, talia style

Author: taliaamour
January 6, 2016

Fit fun 

Talia style! 

Nye selfie… IMG 3656 Fit fun, talia style 
New Year’s resolution to get in shape???

IMG 3664 Fit fun, talia style 
Shape up your sex life! Think about what is enjoyable to you now in comparison to the past…

Think of how your sexuality has developed and evolved over time….

What is serving you well??

What is no longer serving you???

What do you feel called to???

 IMG 3616 Fit fun, talia style  
Taking time to reflect allows us to complete cycles of creativity hopefully producing wisdom 

IMG 3619 Fit fun, talia style 
Communication skills….

Your body communicates with your mind through emotions and sensations…listen to your body 

Allow yourself time to process sensations so you can accurately share with another if so desired

Perspective comes from with in

How are you being authentic to yourself?

 IMG 3498 Fit fun, talia style  
IMG 3463 Fit fun, talia style 
Is your prospective serving you well??

Nothing changes if nothing changes….it all startes with the self
 IMG 3417 Fit fun, talia style 
 IMG 3650 Fit fun, talia style 
Best weather in the country for now, may be it’s time for a great escape to Florida??

 IMG 3308 0 Fit fun, talia style 
Happy New Years blessings of love, joy and peace to you all