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New website, basic FAQ 

Author: taliaamour
November 9, 2015

New website, basic FAQ 

I wanted to take a moment to walk you through my new site

Frequently I get asked many basic questions…

here are some answers to these questions and where to find answers on my new site…hope this helps

where are the donations? How do I make a reservation?

Visit the experience page:

Select the experience you are interested in companionship, coaching or tantra

You will find a ‘back’ button to go back to the experience page or simply select experience on the menu to go back…read all the choices so you can make the best selection for you

You will also find ‘book a date’ button through out the site-this is the  secure reservation form

Please be sure to read the reservation page

The reservation page answers many questions about my availability and the process of securing our date.

Use the reservation form or simply email the information requested on the form.

For most immediate response please include all of the verification information needed to move forward. If you are new my assistant can help with the process, email her at

An assistant?! 

what does she do you ask??? 

She helps with the verification process and helps update my adds and pics. I designated the to her for new verification requests. 

I always answer my emails at and the other boards I am a member of. 

I make my own schedule too. So feel comfortable you are in good hands from start to finish! 

After verification we can chat on the phone to confirm our plans. 

Don’t forget to check out my newest gallery I titled untouched July 2015 

Another question is about the photos lol yes that’s me icon smile New website, basic FAQ  I decided not to photo shop any of that gallery in testament. So check it out and enjoy! 

I am currently planning my next photo shoot….’clean lines’ so stay connected! 

You like that I’m winking at ya?? Xoxo

It’s talia time!!!

 IMG 3521 New website, basic FAQ 


Author: taliaamour
November 1, 2015


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