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New website

Author: taliaamour
September 29, 2015

New website

I am happy to announce my new site is live!

Please note: 

New friends send inquiries to

Return friends can still use

I am on twitter @talia_amour

Visiting New York City oct 22-28 2015

Based in Florida

The journey continues!

 IMG 3249 New website 

No photo shop needed

Author: taliaamour
September 16, 2015

No photo shop needed

My pics are always up to date and videos don’t lie either (although I must say I look even better now than in the video, see below)

Check out my you tube for video here are more new pics


It’s talia time!

NYC oct 22-28 2015

Based in tampa IMG 3407 No photo shop needed  
IMG 3405 No photo shop needed 

Happy birthday to me!!!

Author: taliaamour
September 4, 2015

It’s my birthday let’s celebrate!!!

I updated a few pages here on my blog check them out and get ready for my new website coming soon!  

  IMG 3235 0 Happy birthday to me!!! 
 IMG 3137 Happy birthday to me!!! 

 Get to know me…

Author: taliaamour
September 2, 2015

 IMG 3381  Get to know me...  
IMG 3357  Get to know me...  IMG 3356  Get to know me... 

New website and pic alert!

Author: taliaamour
September 2, 2015

So I have been busy re vamping my website! I am excited to announce it should be up in the next few weeks! Same new easier to use format! I will also be posting my new gallery there too.

I think it wa one of my best shoots yet because I love the Florida environment and I have been working so hard on my physique! Eating, lifting…lots of thrusting I a sure you! 

See still no retouching done and I’m posting…

I will be in New York oct 22-28 2015 

The rest of the time catch me in my favorite Florida weather…

Blessings abound!

It’s Talia Time!!!

 IMG 3235 New website and pic alert!  
IMG 3234 New website and pic alert!  IMG 3233 New website and pic alert!