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I Support sex workers rights

Author: taliaamour
August 27, 2015

 IMG 3366 I Support sex workers rights 

Fet con after party 2015

Author: taliaamour
August 16, 2015

So I went with a few friends to the fet con after party the other night. I clearly had way too much fun….I had on this cool ‘ dress’ that was all sliced up,the back and it’s so short I really can’t wear it in public…so I put a skirt on under the dress and when I got to the event I took it off! Oh wow what a display…I do have a bit of an exibitionist side icon smile Fet con after party 2015 it was so so fun! 

Here are a few pics from the evening 
IMG 3325 Fet con after party 2015 
IMG 3327 Fet con after party 2015   

IMG 3324 Fet con after party 2015

where is my car?!

 IMG 3328 Fet con after party 2015 
Check out this guys ‘tickler’ hand thing he made himself! I said omg what if those were celebrators!?!? Lol they are actually toothbrushes…
Let’s get creative! It’s talia time!!!!

Visiting New York City October 22-27 2015