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Win a 2min strip tease video of Talia Amour

Author: taliaamour
February 23, 2015

Here is how you can enter to win an exclusive 2min strip tease video made just for you!
This January through May I am releasing my new pictures on
Here, my blog
Talia website:
Be the first to see the latest picture released by staying connected through these sources.
The new pictures have different looks….
From bath time, office time to erotic exploring…
What is your favorite new picture/look I have released??
Email me your response with subject line PHOTO CONTEST ENTRY To be put in the drawing to win the video.
I am going to post the live drawing on Sunday may 3, 2015
I will pick the winner and let you know what was the top look selected by everyone who entered!
If you win
I will dress up in the favorite look and do a 2min strip tease video just for you!!

Side note: all entries will be keep confidential and deleted after the contest. I will not say real name of the winner as to protect their privacy.

I thought this would be a fun way to release the pictures and an exciting opportunity to do something new and different.
stay connected
Stay passionate
Talia Amour
Based in Florida
Visiting Los Angeles, ca
march 18-24 2015

IMG 2706 Win a 2min strip tease video of Talia Amour

IMG 2706 0 Win a 2min strip tease video of Talia Amour

Happy valentines day!!

Author: taliaamour
February 14, 2015

Happy valentines day to you!

IMG 2699 Happy valentines day!!

IMG 2604 Happy valentines day!!
Thank you for my valentines day blessings!
Flowers, chocolate and lingerie are in action!
My valentines day wish for you is that you find something about yourself to love. We often get so caught up in caring for and loving others, that we neglect to acknowledge our own needs and desires.
Do something that makes you feel sexy, confident and authentic. It could be getting a straight razor shave, wearing your favorite piece of jewelry or clothing, it could be going to the gym or partaking in your favorite past time/hobby and music always adds energy.
I know I will be taking a bath and doing my hair and make up! Getting ready is part of what makes me feel sexy, confident and authentic…it’s like art on your face every day! Art with my hair!

Take some time for you so you can truly be present when you are to sharing time with others.
When you are at your best energetically the universe is your playground!

IMG 2690 Happy valentines day!!

Did you see this weeks pictures?

Author: taliaamour
February 9, 2015

IMG 2679 Did you see this weeks pictures?

IMG 2680 Did you see this weeks pictures?
I love experimenting with different looks
What’s your favorite look so far?