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Experiencing the self

Author: taliaamour
May 21, 2014

Experiencing the self
When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change transformation can occur. Inspiration or desperation. It’s our choice.
People often see us as what we do not for who we really are. Can you blame them? Most people when asked ‘who are you’ will start explaining what they do…I am a ,fill In the blank. The actual question is who are you, not what do you do for a living.
Humans are amazing creatures. Half divine, half earthly. Two opposites blended together existing as one here on earth. It is easy to get caught up in our physical earthly identity. We go to work, take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Taking care of ones self is a big responsibility! We have to eat, sleep and exercise which is really challenging to balance with work and family responsibilities. The one thing I have found is that if we don’t take ideal care of ourselves we have a hard time taking ideal care of the rest of life.
How do we take care of ourselves better? Take some time for you. Get to know yourself all over again. Who are you becoming? Who do you want to become? We can all be an ideal version of ourselves. We know where we have been and know where we are at. The direction of our ongoing evolution is ours.
Connect with a passion that calls to you, even if it seems out of your box. Creative self expression keeps us alive and fulfilled.
Have a blissful day,
Talia Amour

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Spring 2014 Talia Amour latest update

Author: taliaamour
May 19, 2014

It’s a great day here at Talia Amour!
Spring 2014 latest updates….
I have been busy revamping my website
I have rewritten the pages to make it easier to navigate and get the information you are looking for.
Notice I expanded my sex coaching and differently abled persons experiences. You will also see special experiences suggested at the end of each option, in case you have challenges deciding on time.
I also added the latest photos from the winter in new galleries.
I am looking forward to taking more picture this summer/fall especially because I have been in the gym…a lot!
I am excited to share my progress with you!

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20140519 114739 42459378 Spring 2014 Talia Amour latest update

I will be in Florida for the next few months. The Tampa Bay Area is a ideal place to find me. If you happen to be in Orlando or Sarasota send me an email, I am close by and can easily arrange a visit. I will also be in Daytona in June. So stay connected
When you are called to reach out I look forward to connecting!
Blissfully yours,
Talia Amour
Erotic artist