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Talia travels Oct 2013

Author: taliaamour
October 20, 2013

Talia Amour
travel recap Oct 2013

Hello lover! I hope you are enjoying my video of my latest photo shoot

I should have my final selections picked out this week…new gallery on coming right up!

IMG 9388 300x200 Talia travels Oct 2013

Here are some other pictures from my Oct travels
NYC sun rise who is awake?!

wpid 20131003 070127 Talia travels Oct 2013

wpid 20131003 070152 Talia travels Oct 2013

After I left new York I flew home to wonderful Florida!
I drove down to Naples and had a great stay

wpid 20131008 165832 Talia travels Oct 2013

wpid 20131008 191842 Talia travels Oct 2013

Now we are talking, this is my kind of place

wpid 20131009 160046 Talia travels Oct 2013

wpid 20131009 160115 Talia travels Oct 2013

I even got to visit the spa before I drove over to ft Lauderdale

wpid 20131009 160205 Talia travels Oct 2013

Oh ft Lauderdale….I seem to end up the swinger’s club sometimes icon smile Talia travels Oct 2013 it’s always an adventure beyond words…..

So now that I am back in the Tampa bay area the journey continues….
I am looking forward to all our seasonal visitors, Florida has many opportunities to escape the winter so don’t be shy
Come enjoy the sun and
Create memories that bring more than just a smile

IMG 9363 200x300 Talia travels Oct 2013


New Talia Amour pictures in video!

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October 11, 2013

New Talia Amour pictures in video!

Hey lover!

I have to share with you my shoot from last week in NYC!

My amazing photographer, Alexander Colby,  put together a

video with the pictures and I am beyond excited to share this with you!

here is the link!


please like and enjoy our art! Now the only challenge is deciding which one of these over 850 images get to go into the gallery….hummmm….decisions, decisions!

I hope to catch up with you in the Tampa bay area now through Dec

blissfully yours,


florida to NYC vintage erotic artist

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October 4, 2013

Florida to NYC vintage erotic artist
I had a great trip! Thank you NYC!
I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing new friends and of course my long time lovers…I have been coming to the city at least 3 years now…
When was the first time we connected?
If you missed my this time in the city be sure to plan ahead
Dec 4-9 2013
I am making a return visit to continue my erotic art photo series
Here is a sneak peek of this past week

 florida to NYC vintage erotic artist

 florida to NYC vintage erotic artist

I have the best photographer ever up here with amazing lights! (
I am super proud of our art so far and I look forward to starting a new gallery soon on
I will be in
Naples/Ft Lauderdale/Miami Oct 8,9,10
And then the Tampa bay area the rest of the time….
Always remember verification and references are a must.
Take the time to read my sites and get to know me so we can be sure to create an mind blowing experience together!
Ok…you get one more

 florida to NYC vintage erotic artist

It’s a beautiful day darling…enjoy!
Talia Amour