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Im coming nyc!

Author: taliaamour
September 30, 2013

Im coming nyc!
Sept 30-oct 4
This trip is all about vintage luxury erotica!
This is a preview of what i have chosen for my photo shoot

wpid IMAG1678 Im coming nyc!

wpid IMAG1680 Im coming nyc!

Betty paige original!

wpid IMAG1686 Im coming nyc!

Vintage bathing suit

wpid IMAG1689 Im coming nyc!

Feeling like a 50′s house wife

wpid IMAG1690 Im coming nyc!

And you know i love this hat thing!
Its pin up time lovers!
The finished product is sure to inspire….
Visit me in midtown nyc
Sept 30- Oct 4
Dec 4-9 2013

September fun

Author: taliaamour
September 12, 2013

September fun
Talia Amour
I was in Orlando again recently and got to enjoy my dinner in front of the window as the sun set
wpid 20130911 195653 September fun

Ok so I got a little distracted…
wpid 20130911 195659 September fun

wpid 20130911 195715 September fun

wpid 20130911 195722 September fun

I just was enjoying my new bra and pantie set I got for my upcoming photo shoot in NYC
wpid 20130911 195741 September fun

wpid 20130911 195811 September fun

I did eventually eat of course, the salmon was amazing!
wpid 20130911 195906 September fun

wpid 20130911 195936 September fun

I was all excited about seeing the fire works at the theme park from my window but by the time they were gin of I was making fire works of my own:-)
wpid 20130911 195947 September fun

If you want to make fire works with me…
I will be in NYC sept 30- Oct 4 2013 (and again around Dec 6 2013)
Or you can catch me in the Tampa bay area where I am based

wpid 20130911 195952 September fun
It’s a beautiful day lovers!

Happy Birthday to me!!

Author: taliaamour
September 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

thank you for my birthday wishes and gifts!!

I had the best day ever! I went to the spa for 6hrs!!!! I got a body scrub, massage,  facial, manicure and  pedicure! I felt like jelly by the time I go out of there! I love it! I had an awesome dinner with my family and had chocolate cake! I even got to bed early lol! It has been nice weather too, I have been at the pool getting some sun and reading….I really enjoy my personal time. I think when you get to enjoy your personal time (whatever you choose to do with it) you are better able to go back into the world and be the best you can be and also bring out the best in others. It is often easier said than done to have personal time to ourselves and with our loved ones. I want to remind you to

think of the last time you did something for you that you enjoy….

Has it been a while? why???

there is something to be said for scheduling time to be spontaneous icon smile Happy Birthday to me!!

Take a moment for you, when we focus on what we love and are grateful for we get more of it.

Make the time for yourself and what/who you love…today.

Blissfully yours,

Talia Amour…More than a GFE!


NYC SEPT 30-OCT 4 2013

Based in Tampa

SY 235 200x300 Happy Birthday to me!!