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NYC See you soon!

Author: taliaamour
March 22, 2013

NYC See you soon!

Talia Amour…More than a GFE!

March 25-29 2013

NYC is one of my favorite places to visit.  I love that there is always something going on, you can always find good food and the people are interesting. I like theater, music and arts and I am never deprived in the city. Here are a few random pictures from my visits over the last few years

Shaking it up in Time Square last fall…My girlfriends and I actually got some police officers to let us wear their hats and take pictures with us in time square! I do think it best of me not to post those here lol… They were so sweet, even their supervisors that had to make an appearance, they clearly thought we were intertaining….love you guys!!!2012 10 09 00.59.11 300x172 NYC See you soon!Hopefully it will  not be as cold as it was on this trip…I think it was a Feb, Central Park is pretty even frozen but a Florida girl can only take so much ice! I do not have enough clothes for this weather….I always joke I have to layer tank tops and sun dresses and it just doesn’t work  icon smile NYC See you soon! at least I have my Sarape!2011 03 02 16.31.59 300x168 NYC See you soon!See, this is ideal….expresso, chocolate marcoons, look at the little liquor chocolates….decadence!!!!!!  I love it! 2011 06 23 17.56.17 168x300 NYC See you soon!Ok, so these are the best! Thank you(you know who you are) for one of the best trips to the city ever….museam of sex was so so fun! I loved the pop culture section….remember rainbow bright, Winnie the pooh, Sylvester the cat, ghost busters???? probably not the ones in this pic…. look closely….should be called cock culture….I know I am silly….2012 02 28 17.37.41 300x168 NYC See you soon!2012 02 28 16.38.42 300x168 NYC See you soon!It is good to be alive and blessed in the USA…..let’s create memorable moments and life long memories together in the city ‘…. where dreams are made of…. there is nothing you can’t do……let’s hear it for New York!……”  2012 10 09 01.17.01 300x169 NYC See you soon!March 25-29 2013 see you there!

Que Sera

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March 18, 2013

….Que Sera, Sera…….
I am Always moving forward:-)
This past week I have been having some personal time at the beach….it has been a bit cooler than I thought it would be but the spa and beach bar made up for the weather…I enjoyed some beautiful sunsets and even got a little color too! Gotta check out my tan icon smile Que Sera

wpid 20130316 151504 Que Sera
I have been doing some thinking too…about the word faith…complete confidence…strong belief regardless of proof….it takes massive strength to have faith…the thought of faith brings me back to the principal that everything happens for a purpose. A purpose is different from a reason.
A reason makes you think there is a justification for something that happened, some form of logic that will make us feel better, it’s a very short-term remedy. Purpose is beyond reason, it acknowledges the bigger picture we often can not see in the moment. Purpose is the greater truth that ultimately makes us feel better, if we can see it.
So what about when we are in moments that we don’t see the purpose? Well that is where the word faith came into mind….
wpid 20130315 193929 Que Sera
I just have this faith, belief that even if I don’t understand the reason there is a greater purpose behind the experience. Yes I still experience emotions (energy in motion flowing through my body) as all humans do. I know it is natural to have an initial reaction involving emotion and in this moment reasons help some but once the energy is released reasons sound more like excuses and the wisdom that finds purpose is healing regardless of the scar.
wpid 20130313 155658 Que Sera

besides I heard that….cowards don’t scar….
Que Sera,Sera……

Travel Time with Talia!

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March 14, 2013

Travel Time with Talia!

wpid 20130112 164713 300x225 Travel Time with Talia!

take off!

Hey lovers! I have just set up a little travel time…here it goes….


March 25-29 2013

IMG 1848 300x200 Travel Time with Talia!

the journey continues….

Los Angeles and San Diego Cali

April 22- 27 2013

Ft Lauderdale, Miami, South Florida

May 31- June 6 2013

I have been doing Pilates twice a week since last August and I believe it is paying off!! I can’t wait to re connect with my friends and make a few new ones too. Ask me about Double Decadence during my trip to NY and CA with  my girlfriend Frenchie Rose!When I am not traveling you can easily find me in sunny Florida!

Also…just added a new book to the books I like to read section of my blog…it is Sex at Dawn, a friend sent me an article about the book( yes I have it ) and it reminds me that there are so many ways to experience relationships with other people. Our modern norm’s are not so normal or natural as we were told to think….start your own journey…or just continue it… never know where the energy will take you if you allow it….