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often imitated, never duplicated!

Author: taliaamour
November 30, 2012

Often imitated, never duplicated!

just saying icon smile often imitated, never duplicated!

IMG 1886 300x200 often imitated, never duplicated!

hey lovers!

I am currently in the Tampa Bay Area floating around Orlando, to St Petersburg and Sarasota! Where are you??

It’s time for us to continue our erotic exploration

releasing all judgments and expectations

I am here to create an experience with you!

what is your fantasy????

IMG 2555 200x300 often imitated, never duplicated!

let’s make it happen!

ask me about my







Happy Holiday Season 2012

Author: taliaamour
November 23, 2012

Happy Holiday Season 2012

I hope every one had a great thanksgiving! The holiday season is officially upon us. This time of year can become busy fast. Dont forget to set some time aside for yourself to reconnect with your inner spirit and passion.

Most of the ‘winter’ and spring I spend in Florida because of our superior weather! I am based in the Tampa Bay area which can be really big! I am

visiting South Florida (nov 25-27 or 28 2012) napels/ft myeres to ft lauderdale/miami!

20121108 123322 Happy Holiday Season 2012

good morning sunshine! it is a great day here at palm beach with Miss Amour! 11/06/12

and remember Orlando and Sarasota are close to me too. So be sure to ask if your location is one I visit.

*Stay tuned for the rerelease of my latest gallery! I am picking the final photos for my new gallery on the website this week! yay! I am so excited to share with you my latest look! I know you like this one….

IMG 1862 Happy Holiday Season 2012


I have been getting a lot of interest in  sex coaching.

I offer a unique way to explore our ideas and beliefs around sexuality via phone, the web or in person.

It is amazing what transformations occur when we start to create awareness around our unconscious beliefs and patterns. How do we see the unseen? Just look of course icon smile Happy Holiday Season 2012

We can start by giving ourselves a break! In real life we schedule time to do all these ‘things’

so don’t forget to schedule time to care of yourself!

Take time to breath and center when you are going to get intimate or erotic icon smile Happy Holiday Season 2012   Breath circulates pleasure and energy through out the body. Breathing influences our body and mind.

Tell yourself , ‘I am ready to be present and get out of my head and into my body”. When your mind starts to take you away, just come back sooner than later by taking a deep breath and letting go again…

Think of some of the judgments and expectations we impose on ourselves (and others) that are inconsistent with who we are. (example:men don’t have feelings, women don’t like/want sex, both statements, we know, are false yet are ingrained in our society)

Consciously release these false judgments and expectations by acknowledging and validating yourself for where you are at in your journey and who you are….

Meet yourself where you are at. We are right where we are supposed to be! icon smile Happy Holiday Season 2012

Take your time to connect with someone for who they are and where they are at. Once trust and connection start to grow it is much easier to release those inhibitions and we have much more profound experiences!

IMG 2094 zpsbc4de69a Happy Holiday Season 2012

enjoy the journey!




beyond the usual

Author: taliaamour
November 5, 2012

beyond the usual is where I like to be

In a time and space where the rest of the world melts away and only you and I exist as one

Our  eyes travel the depths of each others soul as our bodies blend together in a steamy sea of passion

our energy flows in ways words can not describe…the waves of pleasure saturate our mind, body and spirit

In this moment we know we are accepted and loved as we are always.

wIMG 1996b 200x300 beyond the usual










It often amazes me how many times we continue to do the same thing over and over again then wonder why something different did not occure…not just insanity but unconsciousness….there is a difference icon smile beyond the usual

Sexuality is a dimensional subject that is often misunderstood. Sexuality is also a huge part of being human and the human experience. There really are not many places we can go to learn about our own sexuality without experiencing some kind of shame, guilt or negative programming. I think we just go along our journey learning through trail and error hoping for the best. I have found the more we get to know ourselves and learn to communicate, the better our experience and understanding of sexuality is.

How satisfied are you with your sexual self, and experiences?

What would you change or transform about your usual sexual patterns?

Do you have awareness of what your patterns are???

When we have awareness, we have the ability to transform…have a new experience…

I encourage you to think about what would take your experience to the next level….

remember the physical body is only a fraction of the equation….the energy exchanged is where the magic is…..

wIMG 1890 300x200 beyond the usual