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sexual dysfunction?!

Author: taliaamour
July 28, 2012

Sexual dysfunction?!

I read a post on a message board recently asking for opinion of women’s’ sexual dysfunction. I started thinking that men and women have more in common in regards to sexuality than we initially think. Both have stereotypes that we try to live up to. Most quickly realize that they do not fit the stereotype so ‘sexual dysfunction’ issues.

Some people are connected enough with themselves to release the stereotypes and explore sexuality in their own way. Then they have to deal with emotional reaction to being apart from the crowd, the guilt or shame of being different. If we continue our journey we become aware that we are not that different after all; that there are many people who share our perspective, fantasies and desires. Hopefully we then experience acceptance of ourselves and others.

acknowledging and accepting ourselves does not remove the mainstream stereotypes that exist in our culture and society. Although it is my hope that through this acceptance of ourselves we can learn to accept others as they are too. We do not have to be the same or even agree but we can have respect and appreciate our differences as much as our similarities.

Back to the opening of this thought….sexual dysfunction. I guess my point is that I think most of the things we see as sexual ‘disfunction’ are actually a normal part of learning and growing into our healthy sexual selves. Most dysfunctions are imbalances or misunderstandings.They are opportunities for use to enhance our perspective of sexuality so we can have a new and wonderful experience. An experience that defies what we have come to believe about ourselves and others.

I am not ignoring the possibility of injury and illness directly affecting our sexual function. In these cases it is even more important to enhance you perspective of sexuality! If you are in a wheelchair and can no longer get up and ‘do the deed’ the way you did before,there are many ways to choose to view your situation; one option is to stick with your definition of sex and sexuality and be devastated another one is to change and enhance your perspective of sexuality/sex so you can still experience the love,intimacy, eroticism and connection that so often keeps us ‘alive’. (I have seen people who are literally paralyzed from the neck down experience orgasmic bliss in ways that a ‘normal’ person can not comprehend).

Energy flows through us. Our minds are powerful tools that have the ability to transcend our human dimension. When we are ready to move into more than the physical, the universe will give us a oppertunity, some way , some how icon smile sexual dysfunction?! Every one is on their own journey and it is not for us to judge. I choose to embrace myself with love and light knowing that as I do this, you will also allow yourself to experience the love and light you deserve.


Talia Amour recovered from surgery!

Author: taliaamour
July 17, 2012

hello love!

I am happy to announce I am recovered from my surgery. I love my new breasts! I had surgery on June 25 2012. I posted some crazy stuff while under sedation lol but someone thanked me for it. They said that people usually downplay the actual recovery involved in cosmetic surgery so it was nice to show some real life.

When I was in middle school I used to get teased for being so small. Even as a young child I just couldn’t wait  for my boobs to grow! I guess you could say I have a bit of breast obsession lol.I originally went from an a to a c in 2004 so I thought it was time for an update! I interviewed 3 doctors, after a month I decided to go for it. Now I am back in action and a 32D yay!

20120715 210823 e1342519936944 225x300 Talia Amour recovered from surgery!

talia amour in bikini 7/15/2012

It’s funny how we all have a favorite body part…most girls would assume guys are all into t&a but when asked where the tipping point is most say the eyes!  That is so cool, they are the window to our soul icon smile Talia Amour recovered from surgery! so much energy cam be exchanged just through making eye contact with someone.

20120720 160009 300x225 Talia Amour recovered from surgery!

I love my flowers! thank you!


until further notice….

Author: taliaamour
July 6, 2012

SC20120612 170905 300x187 until further notice....

new pics

Author: taliaamour
July 4, 2012
20120702 234715 e1341376978473 225x300 new pics

talia amour 6/12

20120702 234823 300x225 new pics

32 d yay!