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My Sweet Lover!!!

Author: taliaamour
March 23, 2012

My Sweet Lover!!!

I have to share this story my girlfriend

Candy Bridges

wrote about us!

Yes, it is true. All of it!

I am so excited right now!

here is why…..

If you are wondering, yes we are accepting reservations together!

enjoy lovers!!!!


Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012

Author: taliaamour
March 23, 2012

Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012

I have been having the best time the past few weeks!

20120320 181042 Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012

I got to spend the week on St Pete beach!

20120313 193725 Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012

I went to the spa and had some amazing body treatments! I love body scrubs,wraps and massage! I even have a massage table at my apartment, that way I can indulge anytime and so can you! Ask me about my favorite body treatments to give icon smile Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012 I have an amazing sugar scrub that leaves your skin feeling like silk!

20120313 185224 Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012

When I got home my girlfriends arrived, Hailey Benz and Miss Frenchie Rose.

If you have had the pleasure of spending time with any of us alone you can only imagine when we get together! I often visit Frenchie in San Diego as well as tour other cities together, so keep an eye on our calendars if hope to catch us together!

Hailey Benz will be staying through the week so don’t miss you chance to meet my favorite hot girl next door! We are also accepting reservations together if you feel adventurous!

I plan on being in town for a few weeks before I hope another plane so contact me if you are interested in creating an experience beyond words icon smile Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012

Listen, I am all about having great and a nice time but

20120320 181102 Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012

what if we didn’t just scratch the surface?

Are you willing to journey into you sensual self and see what pleasure awaits??

I am feeling it icon smile Update and recent pictures of Talia Amour 2012

Travel with Talia!

Author: taliaamour
March 13, 2012

Travel with Talia!

In the past month or so I have been traveling and I love it!

Los Angeles to San Diego!

I have been blessed to make some amazing girlfriends this past year. The challenge is we all live in different parts of the country. The cool thing about that is we get to come visit each other!


Miss Frenchie Rose! My favorite French courtesan icon smile Travel with Talia! is based in San Diego, CA. She hosted me and my other girlfriend…

Jewel Diamonds!!__jewel/eye-candy Who you may recognize from my previous post about Key West, as well as my Caramello Erotic correspondence post icon smile Travel with Talia! good times!

We had a wonderful party and I got to meet many interesting and fun friends. Frenchie has named us the Drop Dead Gorgous Dream Team, or DDGDT for short….When you have the chance to experience us you will not be disappointed!

Jewel,Frenchie and I have a reviews  about our 2girl reservations on TER ( jewel diamonds and Talia Amour; Talia Amour and friend in San Diego)

March 16-21 2012 the team will connect in Tampa! If you are around don’t miss your chance to make some great friends and unforgettable memories!

I was also recently in New York City….

I had the BEST TIME EVER!!!!

I got to see Book of Mormon! (be jealous! lol) I laughed almost the whole time! I used to watch South Park a lot (and still will if it is on when I happen to get to watch tv,which is very rare) so I was familiar with the writers. Then I heard an interview with them about the play and I just had to see it! I have been to the city at least 3 times in the last year and it is always sold out! This time the planets aligned! (thank you again, you know who you are) I even had some spa time! You know how I love the spa icon smile Travel with Talia! body wraps, scrubs and massage…sign me up!

Now I am chillin at St Pete beach in FL….

I love home! The weather has been nice, not too hot…I have been to the spa a few times, of course, my tan is looking good and I have my new bikini on! It is funny how when I make time like this for myself I feel like I am supposed to be doing something, ya know? It is like coming down off of ‘work mode’ I guess I never really feel like I am ‘working’ so I don’t realize untill I slow down.

The universe has a way of creating time when we need it as long as we are willing to take it. I know this is an important part of maintaining balance so I embrace it when I get it…

I was just thinking, I got this awesome gift for Valentines day, I am just now getting to use it, a home spa kit and a Victorias secret robe, that I have been wearing all weekend icon smile Travel with Talia! it’s amazing! Thanks Jeff! shame on me for taking so long to bust it open! (I am still gonna take a few pics in the red bra and panty set)

I will be making my spring/summer travel schedule this week

keep an eye on my calender!

I actually update it! I have a request for Chicago, I may work that in…

any other requests??????