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Happy Holidays Lovers!!!

Author: taliaamour
December 28, 2011

IMG 4069 200x300 Happy Holidays Lovers!!!Happy Holidays Lovers!!!

I am feeling a large amount of gratitude and love right now as I reflect back on this year. I had so many wonderful experiences. I have learned, loved and shared with new friends and established ones.  I just wanted to take a moment to say happy holidays to every one.

I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Before I jump into that I am going to launch, with in the next week or so, two new ‘galleries’  of pictures. I have over 2000 photos from 2 separate shoots I did this fall that I have not had the opportunity to go through yet. hell, I may even send out a newsletter icon smile Happy Holidays Lovers!!!


Body Image Issues…

Author: taliaamour
December 19, 2011

image issues….yes, even for the brave and beautiful.

IMG 2785 200x300 Body Image Issues...

In the business of beauty, entertainment, sex
and seduction the obsession with appearance is only amplified. Our livelihood
is greatly dependent on our physical appearance and more importantly, the way
we feel about it.

We are too old, too young, too pretty, too
ugly, too thin, or fat, too aware; too ignorant….it just never ends, partially
because opinion is all based on perception and preference. That is why it is an
opinion vs a fact/truth. So, where am I going with this?? {No, not another rant
about my breasts or someone’s’ opinion of them, (thank you!)}; instead I have
been experiencing many comments around my weight/body type and it got me
thinking….All of
these words we use to describe physical appearance:

beautiful, sexy, sensual,hot, and handsome

are qualities that start from within. The way we feel about
ourselves is much more important than what other people think. When we feel
good on the inside we look good on the outside. The energy shines through us.  When we are blessed with a traditionally
aesthetically pleasing physical appearance our attitude and beliefs about
ourselves will either amplify our physical blessings or reduce them.

Regardless of how often we tell ourselves
‘other peoples’ opinion of me are not my business’ or ‘sticks and stones may
break my bones but words will never hurt me’ sometimes we still get our
feelings hurt or our buttons pushed. Most of the time we are our own worst
enemy, ourselves trying to keep us safe, lol, after all it is part of the human

For some reason our culture and society is
obsessed with weight and appearance. We idealize women with microscopic waists
and large breasts (which usually naturally don’t come together) and men with
abnormally athletic and strong bodies and a head full of hair. The reality is
that 80% of people do not fit our unrealistic visions of what men and women
‘should’ or do look like.

If most of us are aware that our ‘ideal’ man/woman is
not reality then why do we continue to hold ourselves to these ridiculous standards?

I have always been athletic and super active. I
have been able to maintain my weight and shape fairly well. I will also give major credit to my genetics, (Thanks mom and dad!).  With all of this taken into consideration I
still tend to fluctuate that 10lbs from time to time.

It is natural for people to have different body
types and to fluctuate in weight within those types. Weather it is due to
genetics, life situations or our ability and level of commitment to the
practice of sculpting our bodies through exercise and eating.  In the grand scheme of things I would think
this natural fluctuation is understandable and acceptable, if so then why do
others have to comment on every 5 or 10 pounds someone gains or losses??

When you talk with people who are overweight
for their body type most of the time they start off saying ‘I want to loose xx
lbs’ when you ask them ‘why?’ the answer has more to do with being healthy and
quality of living, not a certain amount of pounds or ideal weight. That number
represents something to them, that is what they want, what it represents. Interesting

So what does plus or minus 10lbs on my body
represent to you if you are questioning my weight?

That is what I wanna know. I do not even keep track of my weight because I know when I work out and lift
weights I gain weight. When I stop working out I lose weight. Then I imagine any combination in between so it does not really catch my attention if I step
on a scale and I am up or down with in my 10lbs, , I do not gauge my value by a
number on the scale or in my dress.  What
does catch my attention is when a lot of people start asking questions around
my weight in a short amount of time, due to a possible 10lbs; because it
creates awareness around an issue I do not usually give much notice and it
makes me wonder if my value is found only in that physical appearance. In
general I know that in my world the answer is, ‘yes it is that important’.
Although I tend to believe that even though appearance is what draws some
people to me in the first place, I know that is not what keeps them coming back
in the long run.

So my comments to those who are really
concerned about my 10lbs….get over it. All of my pictures and galleries are
dated so it is natural to imagine that I am looking like my most recent
pictures. If 10 lbs really make that much of difference, ask me where I am at.
I will not be offended. I will be glad you made a decision based on what you
know will make you happy. If you are happy, I am happy! If you are not sure do
not come visit me! I do not enjoy visiting with people who think I have to
‘prove’ myself to them. You do not have anything to prove to me. I want to be
with people that enjoy the way I look, and value what is on the inside too.

I create an environment where there are no
expectations, judgments and/or boundaries to hold us back. There for I enjoy
the same respect given to me.

Don’t get it twisted, I enjoy complements and
appreciation for my physical appearance because I know that there are so many
people out there and if someone enjoys me on the outside, inside or both, that
is a blessing! Also, I do work at it! I exercise, eat a specific diet and do my
part to accentuate my natural beauty with hair color and make up. If you like
what you see let me know! Bless me with your words, your money or both! I am
always gracious! Always!

as I was once told: ‘it is just as rude and hurtful comment about how I  am very thin; as it is to comment on someone being
very fat….do you tell fat people to stop eating that burger they are inhaling?
Hell no! Then why would you tell someone who happens to be thin to go eat some

Suck it bitches! I love me with or without
those 10lbs!

I am just a lover trying to love on you!

Preview Photo Shoot NYC Dec 2011

Author: taliaamour
December 11, 2011

speechless! untouched preview

IMG 4169 200x300 Preview Photo Shoot NYC Dec 2011IMG 4140 200x300 Preview Photo Shoot NYC Dec 2011IMG 3817 300x200 Preview Photo Shoot NYC Dec 2011IMG 3714 200x300 Preview Photo Shoot NYC Dec 2011

IMG 3321 200x300 Preview Photo Shoot NYC Dec 2011

IMG 2978 200x300 Preview Photo Shoot NYC Dec 2011

IMG 2785 200x300 Preview Photo Shoot NYC Dec 2011

I just saw the results of the poll about
would you see a provider that does bbfs….

over 40% said ‘hell ya I will be right over’

only around 34% said hell no

the rest were on board with going but not only for that reason….

I am really surprised that with all of the risks associated with bbfs the
response would be so overwhelming. I know I am not for everyone and if you
answered in that 40% I am not for you. I get a request for this from time to time
and I ALWAYS decline out of respect for my and your health. In this day and age how can you be too sure. The world of adult entertainment is all ready a risky place to play but especially when others are not educated or just irresponsible.

Many of us have not received accurate sexual health information over the years (and most of our country and communities are not doing anything to clarify this issue). All we get are irrational abstinence campaigns that shame and blame our very human nature. Then we are faced with sexual health decisions and we may not have the correct information to make a wise decision. The poll clearly shows this disconnect!

It is a known fact that most diseases spread and intensify when the person carrying them is unaware they are infected in the first place. Ignorance is NOT bliss people!!!

Get tested monthly if you have multiple partners and remember oral sex is still sex, anal sex is still sex! The more bodily fluid exchanged and skin to skin contact is made the more aware you should be of your own health and your partners’

this is a subject I feel strongly about….especially since I just started reading

‘Americas war on sex’ by Marty Klein

amazing book totally a recommended reading. I am sure I will be reviewing it soon.

Please educate yourself and your family on the importance of ACCURATE sexual health information. We are making a difference!