Real talk, trips to Greece…the forest vs the trees

Author: taliaamour
March 26, 2019

Real talk, trips to Greece…the forest vs the trees

Have you ever noticed that whatever mood you are in will determine the way you place meaning on an email or text message? If you are feeling inferior or superior it will affect your interpretation of what the other person has written. Text messaging and emails always set the stage for miscommunication of energy.

 Especially when I tell person something they don’t want to hear. All of a sudden they assume that I am offended, angry, upset and they assume that they are the one that has caused it. The fact of the matter is that these days it is extremely rare for me to allow someone to disrupt my peace by something that they have said. It has become obvious to me that when someone says ‘oh I didn’t mean to offend you’ or ‘make you upset or angry’ that subconsciously (or consciously), they knew that what they were saying was offencive, out of line or they intended it to be offencive and or they are experiencing guilt and shame for what they have asked or written.

Often times women and providers are expected to always be agreeable, play the submissive role, be scared that we’re going to hurt someone’s feelings or offend someone, apologize for everything, not have opinions, not tell you the truth….well guess what?

 I speak my truth and I say it with the intention of love and compassion. No judgments.

When someone misinterprets what I’m saying and tries to tell me that I am offended and upset and angry it really says more about them and their state of mind then it does mine.

For example I get emails asking about trips to Greece. Usually I just don’t answer those emails. However if someone has already made an appointment with me then starts asking I usually respond so there is no misunderstanding. That usually goes something like this “ I read on one of your ads that you do trips to Greece….”

I then have to explain that the site that says that- has stolen my information, written things about me that may or may not be true and refuses to take it down. Some sites that do this have the intention of putting information out there so girls feel expected to do whatever that site says they do so they don’t get a ‘bad rating’…. I do not “advertise on that site”

I explain that nowhere on my website, Blog, Twitter or ads ( that I have actually posted) do I advertise any kind of’ services.’ I always focus on creating an experience with someone.

 Communication during that experience is important so that both parties get the most out of their time together. Some guys are scared to communicate during a date. They don’t want to say what they like or don’t like they just expect us to be mind readers, maybe they have guilt or shame that prevents them from speaking their needs and desires??? There is no reason to be scared- guilt, shame, about yourself, especially with me I am very non-judgmental and open and honest.

My most important point is that:

what I do with one person I may not do with someone else. I never promise anything upfront especially when I have never met the person before.  

I do not do “services”. I am a companion that is paid for her time only- not a “service” ie- prostitution is sexual services for sale- that is not what I do. (I have done this when I worked in the brothel and it was great and a nice time but it is not my passion to hussle guys for services.) I enjoy spending time with people, building relationships…it is very individual, what we do with our time is up to us. The better connection we have the more there is to explore! 

In my opinion if you see something on a site that is inconsistent with every other site that you have seen about this person, maybe approach the subject as ‘do you advertise on this site? It says xyz and none of your other adds or websites say the same thing so I was wondering what is true?’ 

Many ladies openly advertise pse, trips to Greece and so forth…so if that is the only thing you are interested in see one of those ladies. 

I do think it is sad that guys fall for these sites that steal girls information and post things about them that aren’t true and refuse to take it down. It totally sucks that they’re being mislead- this is not a personal attack on the guys,( it is simply how I feel about that); it’s not a fault, it just is- until someone tells them otherwise they don’t know any different. 

Once I explain my position on the subject then they come back with the ‘ oh I’m sorry to upset you I don’t mean to offend you, don’t get angry’ 

Again- it’s their interpretation that is coloring my response. I simply state a fact and it is not what they want to hear, so all of a sudden they assume that I’m angry upset and offended- it is very interesting to me to see someone’s reaction when they are told something they don’t want to hear. Their reaction usually says a lot about their state of mind and where they’re at. 

So the real talk is consider your own State of Mind when reading emails and text messages. If you are unsure of the energy of someone’s email simply ask them- don’t always assume that you know what they’re feeling, especially when they have not given you that information themselves. Focus on building a relationship with a person so you can journey wherever you imagine! Don’t get so stuck in the trees that you miss the beauty of the forest.

img 5269 Real talk, trips to Greece...the forest vs the trees

Are you living to work or working to live?

Author: taliaamour
February 17, 2019

Are you living to work or working to live?
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe we all have a path, life theme lessons we are here to learn, experiences we are here to have. Our choices determine how those manifest. 

Most of our lives we are taught to follow the crowd. Go to school, get a job makes lots of money and have a family. All that is well and good but we are not often taught to live our lives in peace and happiness. Our society tells us we need more stuff, have to out do our neibors, look a certain way, act a certain way; with no reguard to an individual’s authenticity. 

Going through life acquiring things we don’t need, doing things we don’t even feel connected to. We get older and start to ask what was it all for? Why? 

When are you going to start actually living not just going through the motions? 

What makes you happy? What gives you peace? There is often an area of our lives we have neglected, a space we feel a disconnection from. We start seeking things outside of ourselves to fill the void. Eventually we realize we are the ones we have been neglecting. If we don’t take the time to connect with ourselves and find out what is really going on, we will still be discontent. 

Stress is about thinking we are the only ones who can do for others and feeling a lack of connection to our spiritual selves. Worry is about not having acceptance for the way things are. There is a higher power that is here to guide and direct us on our path if we take the time to be present. You can call it by many names: God, Goddess, energy, universe, higher self, higher power….what ever you choose to call it is your decision. I believe we can all connect with this divine energy with in our selves, if we take the time to stop and be present, listen and watch for signs. 

I am a huge believer in the power of meditation. Quieting the mind and connecting with the body. It can be an active meditation or a still meditation…

The world teaches us to be in the mind constantly- it tells you you are what you do, you are your thoughts….I don’t believe that. We simply are. We do things and have thoughts but we are not those things. They are just part of the human experience. Our bodies are the vessel our spirit is inhabiting on this earth plane. Our bodies can communicate things our minds can not comprehend at the moment. The world programs the mind, it does not program the heart. 

Get out of your head and into your body! Breath circulates energy and pleasure through our body. Breath can influence the heart beat and quiet the mind. The more we practice being present and breathing the more our mind gets to take a break. It becomes easier over time with continued practice. Just start observing thoughts you don’t have to act on them or judge them simply see them as they are and let them go. Focus on breathing and connecting with body sensations with out labeling them. 

Consider what you have to be grateful for. What we focus on expands. What we are grateful for multiplies. 

img 5230 Are you living to work or working to live?img 5233 Are you living to work or working to live?

Fitness Questions

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November 26, 2018

fitness questions 

I am often asked about my body ‘transformation’ The only transformation that has really occurred is that I built quite a bit of muscle over the last 5 years. So at this point it’s not like my body goes through ‘transformations’.

 I have always been very petite and lean. If I don’t lift heavy 5 days a week and eat 6 meals a day I lose weight.  

The only thing that gets ‘different’ is when I have a show coming up I get abnormally lean- I stayed under 10% body fat for 6 months this year! (I was down to 7% at leanest)

It’s an unnatural, unhealthy state for women to be even at 10% body fat- the average woman needs about 15% body fat for their hormones to function properly and not incur heart damage hair loss, bone density loss and many other health problems. Having 10% body fat and under makes me very vascular and defined- my muscle pops! It also makes me have less energy and I am constantly hungry! I have to really plan my days- and I do! I love to have my full energy when we meet and if I am not able to be at my best I will decline a date. 

(Advanced planning is the best all the time. I get to have something to look forward to and getting ready is part of my turn on. )

Every year I pick a few shows and diet down/lean out to prepare for the stage. It is a process to lean out (diet down/reduce body fat) and a process to restore body fat to healthy levels (reverse diet).

I often post unfiltered non photo shopped pictures on Twitter, my website and blog so you can get an accurate idea of what I currently look like. 

My natural state in ‘off season’ is around 14% body fat; which is an athlete level percent of body fat.

It always amazes me how many complements I get during my ‘off season’ my body is softer and smoother. In my off season I am not as strict about my carb intake and will eat stuff I bake or order dessert! You have to live a little and I would rather eat dessert than bread lol. 

I always train and eat my meals weather or not I have a show coming up- it is just a way of life. 

No matter what time of year it is I am always lean compared to ‘average’ people. My natural body type, commitment to training and food prepping shows. So please understand this is who I am and what I do. I don’t expect everyone else to do what I do. I am not concerned with what you do or why you don’t do what I do- it’s not my business to judge or compare. If you want to make changes in your life I will absolutely support you. Please do not feel self conscious or insecure just be yourself! I am here to accept you where you are at and as you are. 

img 5113 Fitness Questions

Fitness lifestyle

img 5189 Fitness Questions

14-15% body fat

img 5216 Fitness Questions

15% body fat

Arizona recap 1

Author: taliaamour
November 21, 2018

I am currently in the Tampa Bay Area however I still have a few more posts about my travels…

Arizona recap  part one 2018
After driving around the east side of the US I had the privilege to visit AZ. I was home about 48hrs before I got on a plane to make the 4hr flight 

the trip out went very smooth, I even watched a boxing match on the plane with an older man beside me, he said he had not flown in over 20yrs! I bet he’s seen some changes in his life. 

I arrived at my hotel for the conference I was attending and got settled in to bed. 

I was attending the annual retreat of Ministries- an interfaith community I have been part of, officially since the beginning of the year. We are a church without walls accepting all faiths. I was so excited to meet the people I had met on our zoom sessions in person! My mentor and friend Eve Lynn was there too- she is the one that introduced me to the Ministries over 9yrs ago. I actually met her in AZ around that time. She and another mentor of mine, Shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs were putting on a event there focused on spirituality and sexuality. That event helped to shape the course of my life from then on. I realized that Evelynn only lived 45min away from me in Florida! I started mentoring with her on sacred sexuality and tantra…the rest is history….

Evelyn ordained me as a minister in theMinistries this past September. During our retreat I got to participate in a ceremony confirming my ordination. it was so special to be with everyone in this sacred space. I even got to see a few women that I had participated in their ordination ceremony a few years back! 

The sense of community was so fulfilling. It can be challenging when everyone is scattered around the country, that is why the zoom sessions and this gathering was so important. We got to know each other more and share our thoughts and gifts with each other. It is a blessing to be part of a spiritual community like this! I even made new friends and found some new goals for the future! 

The biggest things I got out of this experience is confirmation I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I have a loving community that supports me. I have wise men and women in my life I can support and connect with on this spiritual path- I am not alone. 

Once the retreat was over I rented a car. Evelyn and I made the drive down to Tucson to see Ray Stubbs. It was a honor to be able to spend some time with both of them. We got to listen to some of the latest thoughts and ideas Ray was contemplating. We got to enjoy some healthy ‘ice cream’ together made by Rays caregiver, it was a special mix of cocoa, hemp milk, banana and a few other healthy ingredients, it was good!! I am so glad we had the privilege of making that visit. 

After a few house of visiting we made the drive back to Scottsdale where I had an airbnb. We went to dinner  (I had chicken parmigiana it was amazing!!)and called it a night as she had to be at the airport by 6am and I was driving.

I had some time to rest, cook and recharge for a couple days after the long weekend. I was so happy to prep some food! 

I got packed up and decided to head back towards Tucson. I noticed a really cool place between Pheionix and Tucson called Picacho Peak. I looked it up and decided to do some hiking. It is a state park you can actually camp at but I just stayed for the afternoon and hiked. I did one of the easy trails first. the landscape was so different that that of the east side I had been hiking the past month. Lots of cacti interesting bushes, insects and birds. I had built a little confidence on the easy hike and decided to try one that was more intermediate/advanced. I figured I can always turn around if it gets too crazy, after all I didn’t have my hiking shoes, just some old worn out cardio shoes. at first it wasn’t bad there were some cables to help you go up smooth or loose rock. The reviews warned the cables were hard on your hands and you needed gloves but I had no issue with them- maybe from lifting so much at the gym. It was fun to go up the mountain with the cables, every so often I would spot a little white arrow pointing me in the direction of the trail. I appreciated the direction, the landscape is so bare it’s hard to know what is the trail and what is not. I zig zaged up the mountain with ease getting higher and higher. I quickly realized I was more rock climbing than hiking. I got to the saddle and sat a bit filled with joy and surprise at accomplishment. I am not really one for heights so 4,000 feet up is a big deal for me! I noticed the trail went down and back up the opposite side of the mountain- all the way to the peak. I saw the rocks and was intimidated but there were some cables there and I figured what the hell? I can always turn around if it gets to be too much!

This part of the climb really pushed my boundaries! It was mostly rocks and very high up! I kept going back and forth in my mind ‘I’m a rock climber now’ to ‘ I am NOT a rock climber! I am a hiker! What the hell am I doing?!’ I was cracking myself up the whole time with this push and pull- my desire for adventure and my desire for the safety of what’s known. I got really high up! So high the cables were long gone and so was the trail! I could not find any white arrows either! it was just me and this mountain. The climb was challenging and once I stopped to look out at the landscape I realized- I have to get back down!!! I looked up at what was left and it wasn’t much but it was straight out rocks- big rocks! Where I was stopped was getting like gravel- very loose. I remembered reading the reviews of that part of the trail they all suggested that you have rock climbing gear and at that point I realized why. I again looked out over the horizon felt my stomach drop and decided I needed to get my ass back down that mountain! Looking terrified, I snapped a picture for the memory; I said ‘ God I’m going to go ahead and turn around now because I’m going to pray for something like Financial Freedom instead of praying to get rescued off the side of a mountain or pray to live through a fall off of the mountain!’ At that point, my mind was made up- I am NOT a rock climber I am a hiker! I literally crab walked down part of that mountain until I got two more solid footing. Those white arrows and cables we comforting to see! I finally made it back to the saddle and began the Journey Down The Other Side of the Mountain towards where I parked. It was nice at this point because the sun was on the other side of the mountain so I had a lot of shade on the way back. 

I was so proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone while at the same time knowing my limits. I think if I want to rock climb in the future I will need shoes and some training, or at least a more experienced partner to climb with! As I mentioned I am not one for heights so ‘amature climber’ is an accomplishment in my books, I am very satisfied being hiker. 

I made it to Tucson and was ready to shower and rest! I have a friend from FL that moved to Tucson I was planning to see the next evening. I was really looking forward to that. The next day I was rested and I had a great visit with my friend! 

Ray Stubbs had given me some recommendations of some intense energetic places near Tucson. He told me about Kitt Peak Observatory on the Tohono O’odham reservation. I decided to make the drive south of Tucson on to the reservation and check out the observatory. It was a really neat drive through the desert onto the reservation. I quickly realized how close to the Mexico border I was there were border patrols everywhere even a checkpoint I had to go through. I saw the sign for the road up to the observatory the mountain looks intimidating I quickly realized I was going to be out of my comfort zone sooner than later. Again I’m not much for Heights or winding Mountain Roads for that matter I drove so slow up that mountain it was probably ridiculous. The views were amazing I stopped a few times to check it out and snap a few pictures I didn’t realize I was going over 7,000 feet up! I finally got to the parking area and decided to check out to get shot I happen to get there right as they were starting a tour of one of the telescopes. I decided to join the tour and see what the telescope was all about. I enjoy listening to the presentation about the observatory they have one of the largest collections of telescopes in the world. They said that different universities and groups were able to rent space on the Mountaintop and put their telescopes up there for research. 

The tour told us about some of the telescopes that were used to track meteors and other objects in space that could possibly collide with Earth. That sounded like a spaceforce to me lol.

We made our way over to the telescope that we would be touring. It was interesting to learn about how the telescopes were made, the technology used and the different parts of the telescopes. The one that we got to tour was actually in the process of being recreated. Evidently they lost some of their funding and an energy corporation decided to fund the telescope. They were in the process of putting in a new spectrometer that is going to be able to track and measure all of the dark energy in the universe back to the Big Bang. They want to understand how the universe is expanding so they will give all of the data collected after 5 years for them to interpret. I find it fascinating that there is so much of space that we actually can’t see. 

They took us to an observation deck and we were able to see the landscape for thousands of miles! On one side I could even see Picacho Peak in the distance! It was amazing to experience the view from that high up. Kitt Peak is a Sacred Space for the Tohono O’Oldham tribe and I could see why! I love Native American culture and tradition. 

The tour was about an hour and a half and there was a little time left over to revisit the gift shop. I bought a t-shirt and decided to make my way back down the mountain. I decided to continue driving onto the reservation I had seen on my hiking app that there were some interesting trails out there however the reviews warned that if you did not have an extra tire and 4 wheel drive you may not be able to access them. The route took me off the main road deep into the reservation. They were mostly dirt roads and I saw lots of wild cattle roaming about. There were houses out there that looked pretty disheveled. One side of me thought about the sacredness of the land in the history that goes along with it but the other part of me was saddened to see the level of poverty that lives today. The dirt roads became more Rocky and harder to drive so I decided to turn back around and head towards the city. I had to stop at the Border Patrol on the way back there were a lot of dogs out and I had noticed many cameras along the road there and back. It was a strange feeling to know that I was being watched and tracked as I was driving. The officers were polite and simply asked how my day was going I said it was good and they told me to go ahead and pass through. I guess because I don’t have any type of an accent and I have nothing in my car that would alert the dogs they figured that I was a citizen and kept it moving. I also wondered if they had some type of facial recognition going on and they knew that I had crossed through a few hours earlier and possibly even were able to check the license plate of my rental car and such. Overall stop took maybe three to five seconds it was just a strange experience that I had not had before…..

img 5195 Arizona recap 1

Telescopes at Kitt Peak 2018

img 5191 Arizona recap 1

Kitt Peak Observatory 2018

img 5192 Arizona recap 1

Picacho peak

img 5194 Arizona recap 1
img 5193 Arizona recap 1

Picacho peak 2018

The Road trip continued…

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October 29, 2018

road trip continues…

 It started getting cold in Pittsburgh 

I didn’t really want to even go outside as a Florida native, anything under 75 is cold to me- so mid 40’s is just too much for me. I did make it out a few hours to run some errands- bank, buy chocolate and espresso- of course. I decided to check out a sandwich shop I had heard much about- pamenti brothers. I got a chicken sandwich, with double chicken and the come slaw and fries on the side- the place is known for putting the fries and slaw in the sandwich but I was not quite ready for all that. I did end up liking the cole slaw because it wasn’t made with mayo- I am not into mayo- it just looks like fat and greasy. Of course I enjoyed the fries they were just cut potatoes. I ate half the sandwich and had left overs for the next day. Good news because I never got to cook the chicken I bought because it ended up freezing in my hotel fridge. I gave it to my friend so he could cook it sometime and it didn’t go to waste. 

I was ready to head out that Saturday with confidence that the storm, Michael, was off into the Atlantic. A few days of 40-something degrees was enough for me any how. Driving in Pittsburgh was crazy for me too. It took me twice as long to get anywhere bc GPS goes out and there are too many bridges for me. Obviously whoever made those roads were out of their minds- there is no system or pattern to those roads.A right turn is often a u turn on to another street and left is strait and on and on…I apologize to you drivers of Pittsburgh- but you could see I have a FL plate- what do you expect?? I got honked at and yelled at the whole trip bc I drove slow and had no clue where I was going! Don’ t even get me started on the parking! I can’t parallel park to save my life! I have been known to just leave and go home or somewhere else if I don’t like the parking situation, or make someone else park my car. I am used to parking lots. None of this street parking with narrow roads. omg too much for me. I feel like a champ for surviving that week and not wrecking my car or someone elses.
I drove 6 hrs through to Virginia. I found a cute Italian restaurant to stop at. I love Italian food. the owner was sitting at a high top next to me watching the football game, his team was losing, I think the bucs were losing too, so we ended up chatting through my meal. He was telling me about how they make everything from scratch and he opened only a month ago. He was surprised I found the place. I told him he is on Google so he should be good. I suggested to get some nitro coffee for his coffee bar to stay a step ahead of the Starbucks down the road. I heard only new locations or remodels are going to have nitro bc of the set up. I want a home set up for that nitro brew stuff! I found many options on Amazon. So that’s totally going on my wishlist. I had an amazing dinner there and even indulged in gelato for dessert. I was so full and grateful for a hot meal! I had mostly been eating my cold food out of my cooler on the road all day. 

I slept well in a small hotel after a good meal and all that driving. I woke up the next morning and was kinda sad. I realized my journey was coming to an end. I really liked being on the road with no particular plan or agenda. I signed on to my Sunday service with the Madonna ministries for our church session. I really needed to center and ground myself in spirit. A member was speaking on grace. It was so on time for me. She was speaking of grace as in being in ;God’s favor; I was asked to share and I said first of all I felt sad in that moment and I knew I was going to be ok but I needed to share that, I continued on saying that to me grace has been learning when to speak and when to keep my mouth shut, how to handle uncomfortable or unfavorable situations without getting in an entanglement or allowing myself to give up my peace. 

One of my main themes throughout this trip has been that I am guided and directed along my path, that it is always for the greater good and I will be taken care of. I am ok. I have had to go with the flow, change plans at times and it was all

for the better.

 I met some great people along the way I would not have gotten to meet or spend extra time with. I really connected with spirit in nature and was able to rest, work out, sleep, eat and just be without any particular agenda. It was so nice. I’ve never been in a situation where I have had the luxury to do something like this before. I am so grateful for this journey! 

After church without walls service I felt lighter and centered. The group is so inspiring to be a part of. They held space for me to experience some emotions and move through them with no judgments or expectation and without pushing or trying to ‘make me feel better. 

Just sharing is healing. Many times all people need is to be seen and heard. Just acknowledged and appreciated for being vulnerable. I think it takes more courage to be vulnerable than it does to hide emotions through disconnection, anger or denial. 

I made my way to the car and got on the road. I wanted to get out in nature. I found a part of the Appalachian trail not far down the interstate in Virginia. I parked my car on the side of the road and headed out. Part of the trail went along the highway. I saw a few signs confirming I was on the right path. I broke our my GPS and noted where I parked and the path I was going to take. The trail broke off the main road and headed into the woods, through a small creek and up a small mountain. I noticed a sign that said in two miles I would find a shelter. So I decided to go at least that far and check it out. The trail was narrow and steep for the most part. It quickly broke away from the stream/river and went up. the weather was kinda rainy, not full on thunderstorms but a light drizzle, similar to when I went to settlers cabin in Pittsburgh. Once under the cover of the trees I was out of the way of the light shower. As I went up it seemed to slowly stop raining. It was cold when I started in the 40’s. it quickly became warmer as my blood got pumping from the steep climb. I ended up shedding the two jackets I had on and just wearing the tank top I had on underneath.

I saw only 3 hikers on the trail the whole 4hrs I was out there. They had on backpacks and smelled really bad- they had clearly been out there for days! One of the solo hikers was a girl in shorts. It was cool to see a female solo hiker out and about. One was a younger guy and the other was an older man going at a slow pace but making it happen! It was inspiring to see him living life at his own pace. 

I finally found a sign that said the shelter was a little ways off the main trail (the main trail was marked with white, this on was marked blue) I followed the blue marks on the trees and finally came to a clearing with remnants of campfires and mushrooms painted on trees. Clearly whoever had been there was having a good time! I was expecting to see some water or a picnic table but no- this was exactly what it said a shelter. A wood half covered platform with a bulletin board. It had some emergency numbers and shuttle service numbers for hikers to get picked up and brought back to their car after major hikes. I wandered the area and found an outhouse on a platform- it was clearly a hole it the ground and I was not interested in checking that out any further. The last one of those I found at a state park was covered in stink bugs and I could not even go in there. omg I was so grossed out I just can’t!

I decided I needed to get back on the road so I hiked back the way I came towards my car. By the time I got back to my car it was 52 degrees and sunny. I continued my drive aiming for South Carolina. 

I drove another 5-6 hrs and got to around Hampton SC .

I got a cheap hotel and called it a night. The cheap hotels in small towns don’t seem to be that bad. You go to a days inn in Yemassee SC and it is clean and no bugs, you go to one in the city and its a dope hole.

There is a sense of freedom being on the road with nowhere to be, no one to answer to, no agenda. Being in the silence of self, observing my thoughts until there were none left. I to listened to music too, sometimes I could pick up a radio station, sometimes I could not. I found myself remembering songs I had not heard in years and feeling the emotions that came along with the time of my life the song was popular. I heard songs that reminded me of people, thinking oh my mom used to listen to this. Thinking of people and the past was therapeutic and cleansing. Spontaneously shedding a tear here or there taking a deep breath to just let it go. 
I found a sense of calm, peace. I was able to let go on the road in my solitude. I really enjoy time to myself. I enjoy being the observer. Finding newness in myself and surroundings as I went along. I didn’t necessarily feel different in those moments but inside I knew something was happening. Nothing tangible I could see but something nonetheless. I chose not to focus on what I thought I should be learning or how I wanted to change but to simply be in each moment and experience it for what it is. 

Releasing control of any agenda, I went on this journey without expectation. People keep asking me what do you want to learn? what will be different and on and on- like they can’t imagine just going and having faith that you will learn what needs to be learned, see what needs to be seen, meet who you are supposed to meet….why do most people live their lives as if they are the ones in control? The concept of control is such an illusion. The ego is a interesting thing causing such illusions and stress. How upset these people get when they don’t get their way, when things don’t go as they planned. I remember feeling like that. It was very upsetting, constantly. When I was a teenager I remember reading a horoscope that said everything happens in its own time according to a plan greater than our own. That has with me ever since. I have been in many situations where I try to take my will back and the universe quickly reminds me is not up to me.

The trappings of the mind can be maddening. Getting caught up in the physical world can devastate your spirit. We are divine energy inside physical bodies. There is a part of us that knows beyond what the human brain can understand. We must tap into this part of ourselves through quite and meditation, even an active meditation. 

I have come to believe and feel deeper, that our wealth and success is not measured by our physical things, our looks or possessions. It is measured by our connections with self, spirit and others. When we are spiritually fit we are at peace no matter the physical circumstances. Although we are not immune to human feelings.

You can have lots of money and still be unhappy. You can have less money and have healthy relationships and be happier and more at peace. The universe or God/Goddess will always see that we are taken care of. I think money makes us more of what we already are. 

I think we all have a divine path or theme to our lives on earth. I also believe our choices help create our experience of following those themes. I would say learning lessons but I think it is more about having experiences. 

Nothing is really good or bad it is just an experience. If we compare to past or future we lose the experience of the moment. 

The moment is really all we have.
Tampa Bay Area 10/30/2018 until it get too hot 2019

Road trip recap part 2 

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October 11, 2018

I saw that there was a exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum all about chocolate!! At the conservatory they had a real Chocolate Tree so I took a picture of that and I decided I most definitely had to visit the museum. I went early around the time they opened they’re doing a lot of construction on the museum and some of the outside parking was easy though. I grabbed an espresso at the stand in the museum and found my way over to the chocolate exhibit. I was pretty cool it went through the history of chocolate all the way from the Aztecs in the Maya to the present day. Being a chocolate lover I have research the history of chocolate before but it was neat to see everything on display in a museum had replicas of Aztec and Maya cups for drinking chocolate, harvesting the pods and explained how they used cocoa beans as currency.

Then they had sections on how chocolate spread into Europe when was a drink for the rich and wealthy they had hot chocolate shops like we have coffee shops today there were Elite clubs where they go and drink chocolate at. It seems that adding the milk and sugar to the chocolate made it cheaper and available to more people and in more places. They had some vintage chocolate molds and candy wrappers from the 20s 40s and 50s that were kind of cool.  

in today’s world chocolate is still very much in demand I personally prefer the darker chocolate Swiss less sugar and no milk. The way that we Harvest chocolate has not really changed since the beginning it’s a very labor-intensive process and the pods need to be harvested by hand unfortunately there is a lot of slave labor involved in some parts of the Worlds that we get cocoa beans from. There’s different movements and fair trade groups that work to eradicate child and slave labor and the production of chocolate. It may not be that bad to pay a couple extra dollars just knowing that the people that harvested the pods and fermented and roasted the beans were treated more fairly. in parts of west Africa harvesting the chocolate pods is there livelihood. 

After Cincinnati I made my way to Cleveland. I’m stopped at a place called Yellow Springs and got out and did some hiking! There was a preserve and a couple of national parks back to back all along a Gorge with a river running through. I stayed out there probably a good four hours hiking around between the parks. Some of the areas had information boards that told you about the history of the area lots of Daniel Boone versus the Native Americans type stories there were a couple of places where there were old mills, most had been destroyed from massive flooding over the years. It was still really cool to read about a lot of the plant life in the history of that area I saw quite a few people out on this Trail it was well populated. I did get a little confused at some point and had to backtrack and try to get up into the top rim of the gorge so I could find my car. I enjoyed my time there I saw lots of little chipmunks and interesting squirrels. They were actually quite a few emo looking teenagers walking the path probably they had just gotten out of school. It didn’t really look like there was much else to do in that little town besides go outside so that’s kind of cool that the kids have something to do at least lots of them were drawing and writing and had multiple colored hair. It made me reminisce about my own teenage years….

In Cleveland I got to wander around Tremont and visit the house where they filmed A Christmas Story being an 80s baby I remember watching that movie as a kid. It was kind of cool to see where they filmed most of the movie and visit the museum that had a lot of the original props and costumes. I made it out to a park on the Lake Erie it was kind of cold and I’ve never seen a lake that big! I even had wave enough to wear a surfer came out he was in a wetsuit and was able to ride a few of them. I noticed the area has many Metroparks all around that was pretty cool. I even got to visit with a few of my friends that I had met at the ranch back in my brothel days! It was fun to reminisce and catch up on life and visit with them.

I had plans on coming to Pittsburgh a little sooner then I got here evidently there was a Steelers game that weekend and all the hotels were super expensive and all the airbnb’s were booked so I hung out and Cleveland a couple of extra days before I headed out.

On the way to Pittsburgh I stopped at Cuyahoga National Park the place I was going in the park actually had a marathon running event going on so I got out and wandered around and saw some of the last few Runners crossing the Finish Line they had been running for over 5 hours! I can kill some cardio in the gym and lift weights but I have never done any type of Marathon. I had to wander down to a different part of the park to be able to find some trails to hike. That part is huge and I didn’t pay very good attention to where I parked my car I was out there for over three and a half hours hiking. I hiked some of the Buckeye Trail. I saw a mess and it goes all over the state of Ohio ! Once I got out of the trails I realize that I was not where I parked my car I had to pull out my GPS and try to figure out where I left my vehicle. It made me a little bit late getting into Pittsburgh but I found my room pretty easily. 

When I was in Pittsburgh in July I mentioned quite a few times that I don’t think I would be a very good driver here due to the hills and the bridges and I must say I have definitely had some challenges navigating the city. I’ve ended up on a few Bridges I didn’t expect to be on and driven around in circles quite a bit! I met up with a friend and went out to some Trails just outside of the city we hiked to see miles and sounds a little waterfall that was pretty cool. I had plans on starting my journey back however hurricane Michael had its own agenda. I ended up booking another room and will stay through the weekend to avoid the rain and wind that is directly in my driving path. 

I will be back in Tampa a few days 10-15-18 then will fly to Arizona. I will be on a spiritual retreat in Phoenix the 19-21 the will have some availability from the 21-24 to visit with you if you are in the area. 

I may head to LA after that for a workshop for a few days then back to Tampa 

I am taking pre booking for Arizona and when I return to Tampa on the 30. I will be in Florida through the end of the year so send me an email and we will plan to connect!

img 5165 Road trip recap part 2 

Road trip recap 

Author: taliaamour
September 30, 2018

road trip recap

I started my journey in Tampa and drove to Savannah to stay overnight. I woke up in the morning to drive up to North Carolina. I got an Airbnb in Saluda. I had no clue where that was or what it was going to be like. It turns out that it’s a very small mountain town full of artists and outdoorsy type. They had one Main Street with some shop and a cute little restaurant called The Purple Onion. There’s lots of history and the small town a lot of the stores have the history of the Town displayed all around. There is a really cool mineral and Gem stores that I visited and spent like 45 minutes in. They have the coolest Bakery Cafe called Wildflower Bakery they had the best scones I’ve ever eaten everything I tried awful menu and in the bakery was excellent. I didn’t get a phone signal but I was able to use public Wi-Fi when I was in town it was a great little Escape there is a place that did excursions Outdoors that I didn’t get to explore due to the short amount of time I spent there. It seems the town has a lot of history with the railroad being the most northern stop on the tracks. There was a lot of Art and handmade crafts soap and garden type items. I stayed in this Old House that was built around 1900 the host had a lot of artifacts that she had found on the property over time it was definitely historic in a cool place to stay

overall it was a really cute little town highly recommended for an escape from the technology-driven mainstream. 

Next I went to Asheville North Carolina. I swear the whole place smells like essential oils. It is definitely a hug for artists hippies and new agers craft beers all around even though I don’t drink. I loved all of the art and little hippie shops with gems and New Age items interesting clothes and unique food selections. I went to a place called French board chocolate and has some great desserts. I had a friend but I got to visit oh, a girl I met at a priestess gathering in Florida we were able to connect and have coffee she gave me some great recommendations for the city and even met me at a five rhythms free movement dance class at the French board Co-op. It was a great experience to have a Nashville especially since the theme of this trip for me is rebirthing. Doing the free movement dance class I was able to get some energy moving and get into my body and out of my head I felt like there was a lot of emotional release and spiritual connection during my stay.

From there I noticed I would be driving through the Smoky Mountains. Right before the Smoky Mountains is the Cherokee Indian Reservation I had to stop and take a look around I visited some of the shops and bought a couple of souvenir items. I would love to return and visit all of the Museum’s that they have.

From there you go directly into the Smoky Mountains. The mountains are magical on the way in I saw a huge elk in a river there were about a dozen people pulled off to the side of the road taking pictures. I drove around and decided to follow a road that led to Clingmans Dome. I’m so glad that Spirit Led me there it’s one of the highest points on the East Coast. It’s so high in elevation over 6,500 feet I hiked up to the Dome but unfortunately couldn’t see too much because we were literally in the clouds it was Misty all arounds and the temperature dropped as I got closer to the top. I met a hiker there who was camping and doing the Appalachian Trail we got to share stories and exchange numbers to stay connected he sent me some awesome pictures of his journey so far and it definitely gave me the hiking bug. I drove a little further and found another spot where I hike the trail it was kind of getting close to dark so I had to turn around after an hour and a half of going out on the way back in it was definitely dark and I had to use my phone as a light to finish the trail back. I absolutely want to go there again and spend some time exploring the mountain.

That night I made it to Knoxville Tennessee where I stayed and another Airbnb in the old town. It reminded me of Ybor City without Centro Ybor. Lots of old historic buildings and bars and restaurants and shops. Unfortunately it was raining a lot that day so I really couldn’t get out and explore the town like I wanted to. The next morning I got up and noticed I would be traveling through the Daniel Boone National Forest

I had the desire to get out in nature and Hike a little bit but it was raining so hard I decided to try to make a stop in the forest anyways. I followed my GPS looking for a trail and the Daniel Boone National Forest. It was kind of exciting except for the fact that it was still really raining I ended up on this Gravel Road that led to a bunch of trails in the forest I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going so I got out of the car and wandered around with an umbrella the rain has let up a little bit so it wasn’t that bad of a stop. I got to a place in the road that was impossible due to all the flooding and rain I think there may have been a parking space around there but I’m unsure because the rain made the road completely impossible I saw a couple of signs for hiking trails they were a little bit overgrown and seem to be less traveled I wasn’t able to go deeply into the forest because I still only had my running shoes with me and the water was making everything really muddy. It was a great stop to make and I’m glad I got to wander around a little bit the force was really thick. On the way out it was a little more challenging to find my way I didn’t have any signal on my phone for quite a while so I was simply trying to follow the access roads that showed up on the map. Eventually I got to a place where I started to get a little more reception but the GPS kept telling me that there were no available routes to anywhere I was trying to go. I continue to follow some of the country roads until I found a gas station then I confirmed a way back to the interstate where I was able to pick up reception and GPS signal.

I can send you it up 75 through the rest of the forest and stopped at a little town called Berea. In Kentucky. I found an artist display center where I was able to pick up some other maps and attractions the area had. There is a college there and a Historic Hotel and restaurant. I was pretty hungry at that point in getting tired so I decided to go to the restaurant it was called Boone’s Tavern. They are known for their spoonbread I wasn’t really sure what that was so I decided to try it it’s kind of like a cornbread souffle it was really good. I had a nice steak and ended up having a piece of walnut chocolate pie for dessert. It was fun to try some different food items that I hadn’t experienced before. I was looking for an inexpensive place to crash that night so I ended up at a small motel off the interstate it was such a small town it was actually really clean the bed wasn’t the greatest and there weren’t a lot of pillows but it was sufficient for sleeping for the night. The next morning I wanted to try to get outside and go hiking again since the rain had cleared. I went back into the town got some coffee and a sandwich and hit the road. I found a place called raven run nature preserve that had a lot of trails and a nature center. I decided to stop at the Walmart on the way out there so I could grab some different shoes I found some waterproof work boots and that may have been the best $40 I spent.

On the way out to the Nature Preserve I saw some of the biggest houses I’ve seen so far on this trip they were massive out in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky they had beautiful fences and tons of horses and cows. And it blows my mind as to how they build these massive houses out in the middle of the country like that it makes me wonder what these people do for a living to have such large Estates where is five or six cars in the driveway.

I finally got to Ravens run nature preserve and put those hiking shoes on I’m so glad I got them because the trails were definitely muddy from the rain. I probably hyped about 4 miles out there it was Forest Rivers some small waterfalls and there was an overview of a large river

I met a couple at the Overlook and we talked for a few minutes they were from South Carolina coming up for a football game

There were Buckeyes everywhere on the ground I saw a lot of meat birds even a red cardinal. I saw a deer when I was hiking the trail and got to a spot or two small rivers came together there was a sign that said it was a place for an Old Mill from the 1800s. It was amazing to think that people were out there during that time working and living out in the wilderness like that. I sat by those Rivers for a while and meditated and enjoy the sounds of the Rushing Water over the rocks. I continued along the trails and it got to a point where it was all Meadows the Sun was shining by then and it was starting to get warmer I was glad I had layers on when I started out I was kind of cold but by the time I was done I was in my tank top and a little sweaty. On the way out I stopped at the Nature Center they had a lot of interesting fossils and artifacts going back to the 1800s they had histories about the mill and the families that had lived on that land before it was acquired as a nature preserve.

I ate some of the food I had in my car and then decided to make the drive towards Cincinnati.

It was me coming into the city crossing the river out of Kentucky and into Ohio I could see all of downtown Cincinnati. I got to my Airbnb and was pretty tired.

The next day I woke up and decided to explore the city some I went to Eden Park and wandered around there for a while it was near the conservatory so I stopped in there and got to see all of the plants they had growing there. Outside they had butterfly gardens and a lot of flowers on display it was a really beautiful spot there is even a place in the park that had lots of ducks so I sat on the park bench for a while watching the Ducks. There was also a place that overlooks the river and you could see for miles along the river and across it. 

I decided I wanted to find some chocolate or dessert I started looking around on Google Maps and picked a place that brought me over to a market in a historic district. It was a farmers market full of fresh food and meats and artist. I found a place that had real Belgian waffles I got a couple of bags of them they were absolutely amazing. I finally found the chocolate store it was called Mavericks. They make the chocolate and small batches from the chocolate pods all the way to the finished products they had so many different types of chocolate and really interesting flavored truffles the smell in the store was absolutely Heavenly you could see the machine spinning the chocolate in the back and all of the chocolate making equipment and molds everywhere. I bought a couple of bars of chocolate and a small box of truffles to go. Aftermarket I found a little stand that had some really good cold brew coffee it was called Nitro coffee I guess it has more caffeine in it and it’s infused with nitrogen it was really good. I decided I should probably eat some real food before I started to indulge and Olive my treats so I went to the restaurant across the street called Harvest. It says that it’s a pizzeria but the reviews said that the hamburgers were really good too. I’m not a hamburger person but I figured what the hell I’m trying new and different things on this trip maybe I should try to eat a hamburger. I’m really glad that I did it was excellent and very filling! 

I will be heading to Cleveland next then to Pittsburgh so stay connected along the way and send me an email if you want to connect

Visit my website for any questions

The journey continues 

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Authentic Giving

Author: taliaamour
September 10, 2018

authentically giving 
I think it’s time we had a deeper conversation giving authentically. I often speak of this but realize I have not really dove in into the depths of what this means. 

I will use money as an example since most people understand the concept as it applies to money. I’ve been taught that there are three levels of giving:




Most of our world is based on compensatory giving. it’s the exchange that is clear cut and finite. I give you $5 for a sandwich, I pay $30 for a month of gym access….you get the idea.

Donation is about I will give you x amount of money to use for…feeding the homeless or the children’s medical center… it is the understanding that the money will go towards a certain cause but it does not have to say exactly what that money paid for…it’s a little more open ended.

Tithing is about giving usually to a spiritual source without the expectation of anything in return. There is no guarantee on what the money that you are giving is going to be used for, you are simply giving to show gratitude. 

When we think of this spiritual principle in relation to money it makes sense so now consider what happens when we apply this spiritual principle to our sex lives (and the rest of our lives for that matter) 

Applying this principle requires us to really examine our motives and our intentions for doing what we do. This can be a challenging process if you act on impulse and unconsciously based on past experiences and patterns of the past. (It’s recommended to work with a coach or talk with someone that has experience in this arena if you do not understand the concepts self examination.)

Resentments are formed when we give more than we are capable of, when we have expectations around what we are giving. Time, energy, gifts…. Usually the situation is that you are giving with the expectation of getting something in return or getting a certain response and your expectation is not met. 

Are you often disappointed? Then it’s time to examine your motives and intentions. 

You should never give anything that you cannot afford to give and I’m not just talking about money- I’m talking about energetically emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself and other people can be a tool used to prevent resentments and disappointment. Evaluate the situation are you comfortable saying yes even if you don’t get anything in return? or is this a situation with clear expectations there for a compensatory interaction is required?

 There are people who tend to be natural givers and this is okay however and that situation they often find themselves giving more than they can bear and attracting people that will just take take take and bulldoze them leaving them feeling like a victim. 

The reality is is you still played a part in that situation, yes the person may have been wrong for taking too much, however you must examine your part in the situation that you allow this to happen. People will treat you the way that you allow them to.

It’s like the saying never let anyone borrow more money than you can give away without getting it back; then if they pay you back good times but if they don’t pay you back you’re not going to be in a financial crisis yourself. 

Apply that principle to your emotional and energetic and spiritual lives as well as physical.

Apply this principle of authentic giving to the bedroom. We often do things with the expectation that we are pleasing our partners, the fact remains that you probably have not even ask your partner what they like or what pleases is them. Eventually you will sooner or later find out that these things you’ve been doing may not be having the effect that you want them to have- fake orgasms, avoiding sex all together, treating sex as a chore…

When you do finally have the conversation about why they don’t want to have sex with you ( side note most women would rather have no sex instead of having bad sex/sex when their needs are not met) at that point there will be a resentment for that person not telling you and you will be upset and disappointed….usually the reason why your partner didn’t tell you they didn’t like what you do or don’t do is because they didn’t want to hurt your feelings. 

When we acknowledge things simply as information not as a personal attack it opens the door for communication that is positive and beneficial. It is never too late to have conversations about what is pleasurable and for filling to you especially because this can change overtime.

There’s a time and a place for each level of giving just to make sure that you are aware of which level is appropriate and that you are aware of your motives and intentions in each situation. 

If you are not sure what type of situation you are entering into you need to find a way to have that conversation. It is important that everyone involved in the situation has a clear understanding of expectations and boundaries. You want to have consent and be in a mutually beneficial energetic exchange. Having these conversations allows you to decrease possibility miscommunications and invites pleasure and joy in! 

Now the flip side of authentic giving is authentic receiving. Can you allow yourself to experience pleasure without having the need to discount yourself, make it all about the other person?? You cannot authentically give if you cannot authentically receive for example can you simply take a compliment and just say thank you? When you discount someone’s authentic giving you are ultimately blocking the flow of abundance into your life and theirs. This actually sounds like a deep Topic in may require another blog post so it’s food for thought right now….
If you get a benefit from reading my blog or some other source consider making a tithing to them. This shows that you are grateful for the information that you are receiving. it’s also a form of authentically giving because there is no expectation of getting anything in return you are simply giving authentically to say thank you.  

If this Blog has benefited you in anyway and you would like to tithe you may send me a gift certificate gift card or simply send money to a friend on PayPal.

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Summer 2018 

Author: taliaamour
August 20, 2018

summer 2018
As summer starts to wind down I figured it would be nice to do a little summer recap.

And between spending time with some of my amazing friends, such as yourself, the majority of my other time has been spent in the gym. I spent the first half of this year training for a couple of shows that I got to participate in in June and July. I built out my back a little bit and definitely built some muscle in my booty and legs. I enjoy sharing the results of my efforts with you.

I had a great time in New York even though I was there during the heat wave of 2018. It felt like I brought the Florida weather in to the city. It was kind of funny to see the looks on people’s faces walking around as they are not used to that type of heat and humidity. I rather felt at home feeling like I was in Florida. I got to enjoy the 4th of July in the city can reconnect with some amazing people I hadn’t seen in awhile and also meet some new people I enjoyed spending time with. I also found an amazing bakery and got to enjoy some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had! Two red hen’s Brooklyn blackout! They made me wish I could build muscles eating only cupcakes.

After New York I went to Pittsburgh. I had a wonderful trip. I stayed in a different part of the city than I did the previous year and still had the opportunity to spend time with some fun people and enjoy different scenery. I had the pleasure of sharing some tantric principles with a few who were interested in what truly being in the moment has to offer.

Now I’m back in Atlanta, for the second time this year, I’m looking forward to meeting up with some friends I’ve seen before and hopefully meeting new people to enjoy spending time with.

One thing that I’ve learned this summer is that things don’t always turn out the way we expect them to and that’s okay. When we find gratitude and every situation and look to see what’s good about where we’re at we can find joy in each moment. Hanging on to expectations often leads to disappointment and pain. Approaching each situation with an open mind and no expectations leads to having an amazing experience beyond what we could have ever planned. Things turn out the way they should for the greater good for all involved, regardless of whether we realize it in the moment.

There’s no such thing as perfect that’s why I often strive for ideal. Ideal meaning that it’s the best it could possibly be for what it is.

Seek joy in each moment, find pleasure and gratitude in the little things. This moment is all we truly have. As the saying goes if you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future you’re pissing on the present. 

Set time aside to be spontaneous. Love yourself first. If we cannot truly love and accept ourselves then we cannot truly love and accept each other. When I approached our time together I set my human personality and judgments aside so I can truly be in the moment and appreciate what’s great about you and what’s great about me. Bringing out the best in each other is truly a gift. 

img 5102 Summer 2018 img 5106 Summer 2018 img 5107 Summer 2018 

Back in Tampa thank you Atlanta

Author: taliaamour
June 5, 2018

thank you Atlanta 
I had the pleasure of visiting Atlanta this past week. what a beautiful city! I enjoyed the landscape immensely! The hills and gardens in people yards were awesome! I love all the flowers and vines I don’t usually see in Florida.Some of the trees were the same but there were some different ones too. 

I got to do cardio outside in piedmont park and found a gym to workout in too. I love being able to walk around the city and not have to drive everywhere. 

I went to a really cool hookah bar and restaurant. It’s different than Florida as we are not allowed to have hookah and food inside. most hookah lounges in tampa are no food or alcohol drinks…I don’t drink alcohol so I didn’t really care much about that part. I enjoyed myself on a solo date, in a cool atmosphere. 

I got to reconnect with a few friends I haven’t seen in a while and we really enjoyed our time together. I always pre plan my visits so I appreciate pre booking. 

I did get to meet a new friend too I excited to have made a new friend! 

I had a great dinner and cheat meal while in the city! It was fun to walk around and explore with my date! I loved treating him to some extreme self care Talia style! 

It’s amazing how men often have challenges allowing themselves to be pampered and experience pleasure. Men are so used to being on the go, having to be the expert in all things and be in charge of everything…it’s understandable it can be hard to let go and relax! We all need that time for ourselves to relax, decompress and experience orgasmic energy.

I would love to go back and get to explore more of the city and surrounding areas. There is so much history there and nature to experience 

I want to go see some of the parks and mountains outside of town some time. 

I made it back to Tampa safely. I’m excited to see to see you at my place or where you are staying in the tampa bay area for the next month. 

My next adventure is late June (28,2018) I will be heading to New Jersey then NYC. check out my calendar on my website and p411. I am pre booking that trip now! if you are new let’s complete verification now so we can plan our date. I love the anticipation on connecting with you! 

img 5079 Back in Tampa thank you Atlantaimg 5065 Back in Tampa thank you Atlantaimg 5069 Back in Tampa thank you Atlantaimg 5081 Back in Tampa thank you Atlantaimg 5082 Back in Tampa thank you Atlantaimg 5077 Back in Tampa thank you Atlantaimg 5075 Back in Tampa thank you Atlantaimg 5074 Back in Tampa thank you Atlantaimg 5080 Back in Tampa thank you Atlanta