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until further notice….

Author: taliaamour
July 6, 2012

SC20120612 170905 300x187 until further notice....

perviously unreleased,untouched pics of talia amour

Author: taliaamour
April 21, 2012

talialr1111 perviously unreleased,untouched pics of talia amour

talialr51111 perviously unreleased,untouched pics of talia amourhere are a few pics from last nov, the one in the pink night shirt is for….you know who you are:

talia2lr1111 perviously unreleased,untouched pics of talia amour

August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!

Author: taliaamour
November 11, 2011
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August 2011

I posted these pictures a while ago and for some reason they are now on my fantasy fest post…ahhh the learning curve… I am attempting to correct it icon smile August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!

here are the pics again with a little more story behind them…

The brothel is located in Nevada about 20 min from the closest town. The nearest big city is more like an hour away.  We are in the desert! Being from Florida I have not experienced this atmosphere at any length of time so naturally I wanted to venture out and explore the land. I got to wander the city a few times and this trip I decided to stay in town on the river before heading out to the ranch. It was nice to be able to fly in, go to doctor, eat a real meal and get a good nights rest before I am ‘on stage’ for 12 days straight!

When I am at the ranch I usually just stay in the house and work. I may take a half day for errands and such but that is about it.  Some of the girls at the house are full time meaning they live close by or at the house and just work their shifts and take days off. I only have a limited amount of time so I just work 24/7 when I am there.

The area surrounding the ranch is interesting to me. A few of the girls said there is a river that runs behind the brothel. It is kind of a hike to get to it but worth the walk. So Maya, Lucy and I decide to go find it! The first day we found this small creek, we could hardly get to it because of the path we took. It was col and all but that was not the river. The next day we decided to take the other path.4 E6545D4A 1670719 800 168x300 August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!

This is us on the way down…..of course we had to stop and take pictures along the way!

I am in black,Maya Red is in the red shirt, Lucy Fire is in the pink tank top.

4 8B13F720 1992387 800 199x300 August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!

sexy even on a hike!

4 017FD8CC 2054619 8001 August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!

we had to go up hills and climb rock and stuff! It was so fun! this pick was taken from below, after we climbed down these these rocks….I am so glad no one fell! Once we got down we realized we were gonna have to climb back up lol….4 F49D5071 1126593 8001 August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!On we went……

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finally we found the river!!!

4 B76638DA 1707944 8001 August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!


4 D844B0D5 1878542 8001 August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!

4 C2C611F3 1953062 800 August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!


we hung out there for a bit, enjoyed the scenery then decided we should get back to the house…..we followed the river up instead for trying to go the way we came. Those hills and rocks were pretty involved….the hike back was easier. Here is a view of the ranches as we were walking back
4 CEDF8238 949291 800 August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!

It was nice to venture out, get some fresh air and exercise…I like the out doors icon smile August 2011 Hike outside the brothel in Nevada!

Brothel humor….

Author: taliaamour
November 10, 2011

Nov 2011

Most of the girls work on theior computers all day in the parlor instead of just staying in their rooms….So I visit with my  friend Ruby Rae we are chatting, I am telling her ‘ya I guess I will bring out my computer too and join the internet cafe’

She tells me ‘ I just feel more motivated if I am sitting out here, when I stay in my room and sit on my bed I just wanna go to sleep’

I say right on, when I sit on my bed I just wanna fuuuuuck!

2 0E1B5B89 769048 800 Brothel humor....


Brothel Antics….

So my friends Lucy Fire and Maya Red are always playing jokes and stuff around the house….here is the link to her site, she posts the funniest stuff! She records her pranks and posts them on her site. She has videos of the girls at the house (including me!) reacting to two girls and a cup for the first time (disgusting btw) , videos of hookers streaking through the parlor (which is totally NOT allowed lol) and playing jokes on the ‘staff’ (hostesses, housekeepers)….she cracks me up!!! I though you may enjoy icon smile Brothel humor....

Porn Problems?!

Author: taliaamour
November 6, 2011

1742 300x130 Porn Problems?!

One of my friends sent me this article the other day about the effects of porn in the bedroom.

I read it and I feel compelled to comment about this. (First read the article because I am not summarizing it here ). Anything in excess is never good.  When people male or female, of any age, saturate themselves with pornography it is going to have some effect.

When we immerse ourselves in a world of fantasy it changes our perception of reality. Porn can be used to enhance our intimate relationships or enjoy some personal exploration. Unfortunately it is being used(consciously or not) to replace our intimate relationships and prevent us from maintaining and/or forming new meaningful ones. This abuse of pornography is having negative repercussions in bedrooms around the world.

The article focuses on the actual physiology and function of the brain/body when it is watching porn. It makes sense what they say…all I know is I have seen this epidemic in action. There are many young men in their 20′s and 30′s that are having serious issues experiencing orgasmic energy with their partners or even alone! First of all if they can even get a girl into the bedroom then what??? They can’t get it up! and if they can, it goes soft, have to violently jerk themselves off to achieve orgasm or they never experience orgasm or ejaculation at all. I am not making fun!!!!!This is serious!!!!! WE have few places to turn for accurate, relevant information on sexuality! 

{This is part of my life path, helping to get information and experience about sexuality out there. There are many others that have a similar path and we are now starting to come together. yay!}

From my experience, it is really about how we program our minds/bodies. We fall into sexual patterns based on our experiences. The big deal about this is sometimes our experiences don’t teach us the whole truth about us. We can fall into patterns that are not necessarily the most beneficial to us and not even know it! Awareness is the key! Get to know yourself first. Then you can share that with a partner…if you don’t know you how can they?? When we are aware of our patterns and tendencies it gives us the opportunity for change.

A mentor once told me ‘what you see you can control, what you don’t see controls you’. The point is you now have a choice.

We have a choice. To continue as we are and get what we have gotten….

or imagine that there is possibility…

try something else to get something different.

Preform an experiment on yourself with the porn thing and see what your sexual response pattern is while going through phases of porn saturation and porn starvation….notice your attitude towards people male and female. If all you saw/knew about sex was from porn what would you think/know??? How is that different from what real life experiences have taught you? Interesting isn’t it?

Fantasy will never be able to fulfill your reality long term, that is the point, its a fantasy not real. Fantasy is wonderful to enjoy, if it was all the time it wouldn’t be fun any more.

There are also communication skills that need to be developed in order to have a fantasy experience.What is the saying??? life is about preparation, being ready when the opportunity arises… when we take the time to see people as people and get to know them for who they are, a mutual respect and appreciation for each other is formed. With these kinds of bonds we are able to venture out into our fantasy world safely. If we do not establish the necessary connections before moving into the unknown it jepordizes the future of that relationship and our own ability for personal growth.

Give it to me again MC “it is easy to wake up, even harder to stay awake”

get it?1742 300x130 Porn Problems?!


Dance like no one is watching!

Author: taliaamour
September 22, 2011

I got home from Nevada the other night. I had a nice time at the Ranch. Dennis’ birthday was a blast! I got to dance and network! (you can watch clips from the party on TOUT follow me

I love to dance.

It is a expression on my divine energy!

I dance like no one is watching!

Of course I know everyone was watching. I do not say this to be arrogant, but only because it was true. I am a natural entertainer and know how to move a crowd. The photographer and videographer were taking lots of film, lol, it was fun.

I know I am not the best technical dancer or the most beautiful and on and on; but

I am passionate!

I feel energy, I exchange energy, I get others involved! Even when I am making myself look silly, I know some one else will laugh icon smile Dance like no one is watching! hell, I am gonna laugh icon smile Dance like no one is watching!

I am grateful for this gift I can share with the world…

what is that Marianne Williamson quote??? it is about

when you let your light shine it gives others permission to let their light shine too…

I am gonna shine so you can to!!

Blessings to all!