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Author: taliaamour
October 9, 2011

 Get to know me more……

Make me smile!

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Many things make me smile. I am often smiling icon smile Get to know me more: recommendations I enjoy conversation. The art of seduction. Connecting with someone and creating an experience together.

Sometimes you may show me that you care/are grateful/excited/thinking of me in an additional way. How can you express this you ask??? One way is to get to know me and ask about things that interest you that we have in common: check out the books I read, have you heard of any or read them? what do you think?? Have we traveled to the same places or not? I love to share travel pictures and stories with friends.

Another option is to send a gift (yes I do have a birthday) what do I send or bring??? hopefully this page will help

I can tell you the things I like and you can go from is as specific or creative as you can get!

I often take pictures with my gifts and send them to you, sometimes I will post them…or if it is wearable I may bring it to my next professional shoot! Just let me know and can happen icon smile Get to know me more: recommendations

You may also write a testimonial to show your appreciation since I prefer no reviews

Here is my latest testimonial 

” What can I say about Talia that hasn\’t been said before? Meeting Talia is truly an experience that you won\’t forget. She is both lovely on the inside and out that will leave you in euphoric bliss. I, truly, have not met a woman such as her, and probably won\’t in my time. The time we spent will be remembered always. It was truly hard to say \”good-bye\”, but I know there will be a \”hello\” sometime in the future. Treat her well gentlemen as she will teach you to open your mind and your heart to all possibilities.”

Thank you so much S. for taking the time to share with me! Blessings to you!

I love to dress up!

Clothes and shoes (7.5 or 8) are nice….sexy lingerie is even better!


5’4 and a solid 130 lbs

love the spa 

gift certificates to the spa are awesome!

The Spa at the Waldorf Astoria Spa at Bonnet Creek is beyond amazing , It is also close to home! I love to practice extreme self care by visiting the spa, I definitely want to go back! Gift cards are greatly appreciated:

Some of my favorite lotions and bath products I get here:

I love L’Occitane Rose anything icon smile Get to know me more: recommendations,82,1,29225,0.htm
Amazon gift cards are great! I can buy book, supplementsand other necessities 

Wish list 

Here are a few good reads I often recommend:

One of my new favorite recommendations:  get to know your self first! Highly recommended for any one who is stuck, doesn’t even know or unsatisified with their current sexual self. At time of our lives we need to go deeper, peel back the layers to move forward and experience a new level of fulfillment. I am also happy to chat about the book or any of the excersizes in it. 

 IMG 2989 Get to know me more: recommendations 

The multi orgasmic man by mantik chia: This book is awesom for anyone interested in achieving, or just learning about, energetic orgasm…yes not just ejeculating!  Ther is an acient art of energetic flow that our western ways have left out of our sexual experience. there is more to our sexual response pattern than we may be conscious of, Don’t miss out on your divine right for healthy fulfilling sexual experience and connections through out your entire life.

The multi orgasmic woman, mantik chia: explore woman’s sexual response in depth, learn how to boil the water not just light a fire:)

The multi orgasmic couple, mantik chia: learn about flowing your energy together, now that you have read the multi orgasmin man and or woman icon smile Get to know me more: recommendations  

The maxwell multiple climax- interested in multi orgasm technique with out the spiritual par you? This video is for you! 

Concerned about porn usage?? Read Your Brain on Porn, internet pornography and the emerging science of addiction by gary Wilson 

Thoughts on sexuality????? read Sex at Dawn……..ok, I know its a big long book: check out the recap via Ted talks: Christopher Ryan discusses the evolution of human sexuality in a TED talk : Sex at Dawn: 9 Interesting Things We’ve Learned About Sex From Studying Our Ancient Ancestors

Speaking of Ted talks, ester perel has a few on there…her book Mating in Captivity, and her newest book State of Affairs is a must read for anyone interested in maintains long term relationships and recovering from infidelity.

One of the first books I ever read that really changed my perspective on sexual energy  is  

Women of the Light by Kenneth Ray Stubbs. When I read these women’s stories I realized there was more to sexuality and sexual energy then I previously thought. With so many ways to explore our sexual energy, let’s not limit ourselves!

  Excerpt from Sexcessfull World Newsletter Vol 3 2011

There is something about the dynamic of relationships and experiences that shatter concepts of ‘social norms’ and ‘personal boundaries’ that fascinate me. If you have ever been curious about exploration you may enjoy this book…

I have been reading SM101 A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman. I am half way through it and I am really into it! He discusses his personal experiences, basic psychology and techniques involved in the world of S&M. Most people have crazy ideas about what S&M is. Some of them may be correct but I believe many do not have enough experience/education on the subject to judge it, especially after diving into this book!

This book explains that you need to have a trusting relationship with your partner:the most important thing is that two adults are consenting. There need to be many conversations before actually diving in to a scene or any type of BDSM play. The dominant person needs to fully understand and respect the submissive’s boundaries. It actually takes a lot of energy to hold space for the submissive person to let go. 

I enjoyed learning about different rope and tying techniques. I personally do not have a pain is pleasure mentality. I am happy to be dominant however it is not my wish to be spanked, hit, choked or cut. I understand that some people have a pain pleasure continuum and I respect that. However I personally do not enjoy pain or humiliation. 

I am open-minded and nonjudgmental so I am open to some light BDSM play especially the bondage domination and submission aspects. I have different ties ropes in restraints to use as well as blindfolds. I will not participate in activities I have not been trained to do such as fire electricity cutting or intense flogging and spanking. I don’t not do any blood or scat play. I am very open to and enjoy role play tho. Feel free to ask me about your fetish or fantasy. I have lots of experience with pantyhose, cross-dressing, feet fetish, role play, strap on , as well as some others so reach out and don’t be shy !

 America’s War on Sex. the attack on law, lust and liberty

by Marty Klein Ph.D

This book really gets me fired up! I love how this book documents the censorship and manipulation of sexual health information available in the untied states.  Everything from reproductive right, indecency, minority sexual rights, adult entertainment, privacy issues and sex education. I often have to read parts in spurts because I am so outraged by some of the things going on in our country in regards to sexual health issues. As you know I think sexuality is a human health subject, not a moral issue. Read this book. Educate yourself and those you know so you can make the best decisions for you. Knowledge is power! What you see you can control, what you can’t see controls you.

VIDEO recommendations 

 Encouraging you to check out the loving sex videos at

Entertaining, educational, explicit! Erotic programs for lover who desire incredible sex! 
Highly recommended: sex toys , female ejeculation and g spot, anal pleasure

New stuff to check out: the maxwell multiple climax, a man’s guide to peak performance This video was great because it explains the Tantric principles of the multiple orgasm in layman’s terms from a man’s point of view highly recommended!!! I found clips of it on YouTube but you may have to order the DVD.