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Author: taliaamour
May 24, 2019

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hello lovers!

thank you for staying connected and checking out my blog. I have not been writing as much lately as I have been doing live Twitter updates lately. (check them out @talia_amour) You can stay connect via Twitter or check out my what’s new page on my website http://taliaamour.cuties-sites.com/whats-new

The live videos are mostly random stream of consciousness stuff…what I am thinking about that day or something I experienced. I have enjoyed interacting with followers and being vulnerable with you. My intention is to let you get to know me as a person more before we meet and to stay connected to those of you I know. It is easy to post pretty pics and clever thoughts but I felt there would be value in letting you see me in different aspects of day to day living. We are more than the role we play or mask we wear. When I am authentic with you it allows you to be authentic with me…and trust me authenticity and vulnerability takes courage!

Most new people are unsure about making the investment in a date with someone new and I respect that. I have found when people take the time to do their research they are seldom disappointed in their choice. I have been at this about 10 years now and I have compassion for new providers and new clients. Starting out you simply don’t know what you don’t know. I also have found that each day I learn something new- the more I know the more I don’t know. 

I have simplified my website but know I still offer coaching to providers and clients. I started this journey focusing on sacred sexuality and tantra. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with many people along the way. I began to see the value and need for not only knowledge of spiritual sexuality but also for the companionship and entertainment aspects of sexuality as well. I have found most people just want to be valued and accepted as they are and it is a blessing to be able to meet people where they are at on their journey. 

I have continued my education in sexuality and expression and have come to a whole new level of experience. My ego has become smaller, I have no judgments of myself or others. I have also learned my boundaries and to value myself. I have learned to play more, be less serious and take nothing personal. I am reminded I am human, perfectly imperfect. I forgive myself and others. I am love. 

People often don’t see the spiritual aspects of sexuality however every experience is sacred, even when it is for fun and enjoyment. To feel whole and fulfilled in life we need to express all aspects of ourselves. There is a time for work, play and to be alone with ourselves. When we are missing a piece we experience frustration, emptiness and lack of purpose. 

We all have gifts, talents and purpose in this life. It is always a blessing and a pleasure to be part of your journey and allow you to be part of mine. 

I look forward to connecting with you in divine time. Goddess Blessings!

2019 dates to plan for:

Taking reservations and deposits for the following: 

Pittsburgh May 25- June 2 

Tampa June 2-9

Atlanta June 10-13

Tampa bay area June 14- Sept 1

my birthday Sept 4

NYC Oct 10-15

you may send gift cards to my email taliaamour@protonmail.com 

for other deposits and payment options email me 

website: taliaamour.cuties-sites.com

twitter: @talia_amour

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