The Road trip continued…

Author: taliaamour
October 29, 2018

road trip continues…

 It started getting cold in Pittsburgh 

I didn’t really want to even go outside as a Florida native, anything under 75 is cold to me- so mid 40’s is just too much for me. I did make it out a few hours to run some errands- bank, buy chocolate and espresso- of course. I decided to check out a sandwich shop I had heard much about- pamenti brothers. I got a chicken sandwich, with double chicken and the come slaw and fries on the side- the place is known for putting the fries and slaw in the sandwich but I was not quite ready for all that. I did end up liking the cole slaw because it wasn’t made with mayo- I am not into mayo- it just looks like fat and greasy. Of course I enjoyed the fries they were just cut potatoes. I ate half the sandwich and had left overs for the next day. Good news because I never got to cook the chicken I bought because it ended up freezing in my hotel fridge. I gave it to my friend so he could cook it sometime and it didn’t go to waste. 

I was ready to head out that Saturday with confidence that the storm, Michael, was off into the Atlantic. A few days of 40-something degrees was enough for me any how. Driving in Pittsburgh was crazy for me too. It took me twice as long to get anywhere bc GPS goes out and there are too many bridges for me. Obviously whoever made those roads were out of their minds- there is no system or pattern to those roads.A right turn is often a u turn on to another street and left is strait and on and on…I apologize to you drivers of Pittsburgh- but you could see I have a FL plate- what do you expect?? I got honked at and yelled at the whole trip bc I drove slow and had no clue where I was going! Don’ t even get me started on the parking! I can’t parallel park to save my life! I have been known to just leave and go home or somewhere else if I don’t like the parking situation, or make someone else park my car. I am used to parking lots. None of this street parking with narrow roads. omg too much for me. I feel like a champ for surviving that week and not wrecking my car or someone elses.
I drove 6 hrs through to Virginia. I found a cute Italian restaurant to stop at. I love Italian food. the owner was sitting at a high top next to me watching the football game, his team was losing, I think the bucs were losing too, so we ended up chatting through my meal. He was telling me about how they make everything from scratch and he opened only a month ago. He was surprised I found the place. I told him he is on Google so he should be good. I suggested to get some nitro coffee for his coffee bar to stay a step ahead of the Starbucks down the road. I heard only new locations or remodels are going to have nitro bc of the set up. I want a home set up for that nitro brew stuff! I found many options on Amazon. So that’s totally going on my wishlist. I had an amazing dinner there and even indulged in gelato for dessert. I was so full and grateful for a hot meal! I had mostly been eating my cold food out of my cooler on the road all day. 

I slept well in a small hotel after a good meal and all that driving. I woke up the next morning and was kinda sad. I realized my journey was coming to an end. I really liked being on the road with no particular plan or agenda. I signed on to my Sunday service with the Madonna ministries for our church session. I really needed to center and ground myself in spirit. A member was speaking on grace. It was so on time for me. She was speaking of grace as in being in ;God’s favor; I was asked to share and I said first of all I felt sad in that moment and I knew I was going to be ok but I needed to share that, I continued on saying that to me grace has been learning when to speak and when to keep my mouth shut, how to handle uncomfortable or unfavorable situations without getting in an entanglement or allowing myself to give up my peace. 

One of my main themes throughout this trip has been that I am guided and directed along my path, that it is always for the greater good and I will be taken care of. I am ok. I have had to go with the flow, change plans at times and it was all

for the better.

 I met some great people along the way I would not have gotten to meet or spend extra time with. I really connected with spirit in nature and was able to rest, work out, sleep, eat and just be without any particular agenda. It was so nice. I’ve never been in a situation where I have had the luxury to do something like this before. I am so grateful for this journey! 

After church without walls service I felt lighter and centered. The group is so inspiring to be a part of. They held space for me to experience some emotions and move through them with no judgments or expectation and without pushing or trying to ‘make me feel better. 

Just sharing is healing. Many times all people need is to be seen and heard. Just acknowledged and appreciated for being vulnerable. I think it takes more courage to be vulnerable than it does to hide emotions through disconnection, anger or denial. 

I made my way to the car and got on the road. I wanted to get out in nature. I found a part of the Appalachian trail not far down the interstate in Virginia. I parked my car on the side of the road and headed out. Part of the trail went along the highway. I saw a few signs confirming I was on the right path. I broke our my GPS and noted where I parked and the path I was going to take. The trail broke off the main road and headed into the woods, through a small creek and up a small mountain. I noticed a sign that said in two miles I would find a shelter. So I decided to go at least that far and check it out. The trail was narrow and steep for the most part. It quickly broke away from the stream/river and went up. the weather was kinda rainy, not full on thunderstorms but a light drizzle, similar to when I went to settlers cabin in Pittsburgh. Once under the cover of the trees I was out of the way of the light shower. As I went up it seemed to slowly stop raining. It was cold when I started in the 40’s. it quickly became warmer as my blood got pumping from the steep climb. I ended up shedding the two jackets I had on and just wearing the tank top I had on underneath.

I saw only 3 hikers on the trail the whole 4hrs I was out there. They had on backpacks and smelled really bad- they had clearly been out there for days! One of the solo hikers was a girl in shorts. It was cool to see a female solo hiker out and about. One was a younger guy and the other was an older man going at a slow pace but making it happen! It was inspiring to see him living life at his own pace. 

I finally found a sign that said the shelter was a little ways off the main trail (the main trail was marked with white, this on was marked blue) I followed the blue marks on the trees and finally came to a clearing with remnants of campfires and mushrooms painted on trees. Clearly whoever had been there was having a good time! I was expecting to see some water or a picnic table but no- this was exactly what it said a shelter. A wood half covered platform with a bulletin board. It had some emergency numbers and shuttle service numbers for hikers to get picked up and brought back to their car after major hikes. I wandered the area and found an outhouse on a platform- it was clearly a hole it the ground and I was not interested in checking that out any further. The last one of those I found at a state park was covered in stink bugs and I could not even go in there. omg I was so grossed out I just can’t!

I decided I needed to get back on the road so I hiked back the way I came towards my car. By the time I got back to my car it was 52 degrees and sunny. I continued my drive aiming for South Carolina. 

I drove another 5-6 hrs and got to around Hampton SC .

I got a cheap hotel and called it a night. The cheap hotels in small towns don’t seem to be that bad. You go to a days inn in Yemassee SC and it is clean and no bugs, you go to one in the city and its a dope hole.

There is a sense of freedom being on the road with nowhere to be, no one to answer to, no agenda. Being in the silence of self, observing my thoughts until there were none left. I to listened to music too, sometimes I could pick up a radio station, sometimes I could not. I found myself remembering songs I had not heard in years and feeling the emotions that came along with the time of my life the song was popular. I heard songs that reminded me of people, thinking oh my mom used to listen to this. Thinking of people and the past was therapeutic and cleansing. Spontaneously shedding a tear here or there taking a deep breath to just let it go. 
I found a sense of calm, peace. I was able to let go on the road in my solitude. I really enjoy time to myself. I enjoy being the observer. Finding newness in myself and surroundings as I went along. I didn’t necessarily feel different in those moments but inside I knew something was happening. Nothing tangible I could see but something nonetheless. I chose not to focus on what I thought I should be learning or how I wanted to change but to simply be in each moment and experience it for what it is. 

Releasing control of any agenda, I went on this journey without expectation. People keep asking me what do you want to learn? what will be different and on and on- like they can’t imagine just going and having faith that you will learn what needs to be learned, see what needs to be seen, meet who you are supposed to meet….why do most people live their lives as if they are the ones in control? The concept of control is such an illusion. The ego is a interesting thing causing such illusions and stress. How upset these people get when they don’t get their way, when things don’t go as they planned. I remember feeling like that. It was very upsetting, constantly. When I was a teenager I remember reading a horoscope that said everything happens in its own time according to a plan greater than our own. That has with me ever since. I have been in many situations where I try to take my will back and the universe quickly reminds me is not up to me.

The trappings of the mind can be maddening. Getting caught up in the physical world can devastate your spirit. We are divine energy inside physical bodies. There is a part of us that knows beyond what the human brain can understand. We must tap into this part of ourselves through quite and meditation, even an active meditation. 

I have come to believe and feel deeper, that our wealth and success is not measured by our physical things, our looks or possessions. It is measured by our connections with self, spirit and others. When we are spiritually fit we are at peace no matter the physical circumstances. Although we are not immune to human feelings.

You can have lots of money and still be unhappy. You can have less money and have healthy relationships and be happier and more at peace. The universe or God/Goddess will always see that we are taken care of. I think money makes us more of what we already are. 

I think we all have a divine path or theme to our lives on earth. I also believe our choices help create our experience of following those themes. I would say learning lessons but I think it is more about having experiences. 

Nothing is really good or bad it is just an experience. If we compare to past or future we lose the experience of the moment. 

The moment is really all we have.
Tampa Bay Area 10/30/2018 until it get too hot 2019

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