Road trip recap part 2 

Author: taliaamour
October 11, 2018

I saw that there was a exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum all about chocolate!! At the conservatory they had a real Chocolate Tree so I took a picture of that and I decided I most definitely had to visit the museum. I went early around the time they opened they’re doing a lot of construction on the museum and some of the outside parking was easy though. I grabbed an espresso at the stand in the museum and found my way over to the chocolate exhibit. I was pretty cool it went through the history of chocolate all the way from the Aztecs in the Maya to the present day. Being a chocolate lover I have research the history of chocolate before but it was neat to see everything on display in a museum had replicas of Aztec and Maya cups for drinking chocolate, harvesting the pods and explained how they used cocoa beans as currency.

Then they had sections on how chocolate spread into Europe when was a drink for the rich and wealthy they had hot chocolate shops like we have coffee shops today there were Elite clubs where they go and drink chocolate at. It seems that adding the milk and sugar to the chocolate made it cheaper and available to more people and in more places. They had some vintage chocolate molds and candy wrappers from the 20s 40s and 50s that were kind of cool.  

in today’s world chocolate is still very much in demand I personally prefer the darker chocolate Swiss less sugar and no milk. The way that we Harvest chocolate has not really changed since the beginning it’s a very labor-intensive process and the pods need to be harvested by hand unfortunately there is a lot of slave labor involved in some parts of the Worlds that we get cocoa beans from. There’s different movements and fair trade groups that work to eradicate child and slave labor and the production of chocolate. It may not be that bad to pay a couple extra dollars just knowing that the people that harvested the pods and fermented and roasted the beans were treated more fairly. in parts of west Africa harvesting the chocolate pods is there livelihood. 

After Cincinnati I made my way to Cleveland. I’m stopped at a place called Yellow Springs and got out and did some hiking! There was a preserve and a couple of national parks back to back all along a Gorge with a river running through. I stayed out there probably a good four hours hiking around between the parks. Some of the areas had information boards that told you about the history of the area lots of Daniel Boone versus the Native Americans type stories there were a couple of places where there were old mills, most had been destroyed from massive flooding over the years. It was still really cool to read about a lot of the plant life in the history of that area I saw quite a few people out on this Trail it was well populated. I did get a little confused at some point and had to backtrack and try to get up into the top rim of the gorge so I could find my car. I enjoyed my time there I saw lots of little chipmunks and interesting squirrels. They were actually quite a few emo looking teenagers walking the path probably they had just gotten out of school. It didn’t really look like there was much else to do in that little town besides go outside so that’s kind of cool that the kids have something to do at least lots of them were drawing and writing and had multiple colored hair. It made me reminisce about my own teenage years….

In Cleveland I got to wander around Tremont and visit the house where they filmed A Christmas Story being an 80s baby I remember watching that movie as a kid. It was kind of cool to see where they filmed most of the movie and visit the museum that had a lot of the original props and costumes. I made it out to a park on the Lake Erie it was kind of cold and I’ve never seen a lake that big! I even had wave enough to wear a surfer came out he was in a wetsuit and was able to ride a few of them. I noticed the area has many Metroparks all around that was pretty cool. I even got to visit with a few of my friends that I had met at the ranch back in my brothel days! It was fun to reminisce and catch up on life and visit with them.

I had plans on coming to Pittsburgh a little sooner then I got here evidently there was a Steelers game that weekend and all the hotels were super expensive and all the airbnb’s were booked so I hung out and Cleveland a couple of extra days before I headed out.

On the way to Pittsburgh I stopped at Cuyahoga National Park the place I was going in the park actually had a marathon running event going on so I got out and wandered around and saw some of the last few Runners crossing the Finish Line they had been running for over 5 hours! I can kill some cardio in the gym and lift weights but I have never done any type of Marathon. I had to wander down to a different part of the park to be able to find some trails to hike. That part is huge and I didn’t pay very good attention to where I parked my car I was out there for over three and a half hours hiking. I hiked some of the Buckeye Trail. I saw a mess and it goes all over the state of Ohio ! Once I got out of the trails I realize that I was not where I parked my car I had to pull out my GPS and try to figure out where I left my vehicle. It made me a little bit late getting into Pittsburgh but I found my room pretty easily. 

When I was in Pittsburgh in July I mentioned quite a few times that I don’t think I would be a very good driver here due to the hills and the bridges and I must say I have definitely had some challenges navigating the city. I’ve ended up on a few Bridges I didn’t expect to be on and driven around in circles quite a bit! I met up with a friend and went out to some Trails just outside of the city we hiked to see miles and sounds a little waterfall that was pretty cool. I had plans on starting my journey back however hurricane Michael had its own agenda. I ended up booking another room and will stay through the weekend to avoid the rain and wind that is directly in my driving path. 

I will be back in Tampa a few days 10-15-18 then will fly to Arizona. I will be on a spiritual retreat in Phoenix the 19-21 the will have some availability from the 21-24 to visit with you if you are in the area. 

I may head to LA after that for a workshop for a few days then back to Tampa 

I am taking pre booking for Arizona and when I return to Tampa on the 30. I will be in Florida through the end of the year so send me an email and we will plan to connect!

img 5165 Road trip recap part 2 

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