More newbie advice tips for choosing ideal companion

Author: taliaamour
January 21, 2018

More newbie advice

5 tips for choosing the ideal companion

By talia amour

get honest with yourself first

why are you seeking out a sw or companion? are you looking for something different than what you seek irl? are you treating yourself to a fantasy scene or fantasy lover? looking to experience a specific act ?do you want to get more from the experience besides just going through your usual pattern? do you want to learn something New?

2. what is a must for you and where will you compromise aka soft boundaries ? looks? price? location? service? body type? race? weight?   

3. what are your deal breakers? aka hard boundaries? drugs, smoking? budget? location?

4. do your research! and make a pros and cons list- make sure you are 100% comfortable with your decision to move forward. look for reviews that confirm she looks as she presents herself in add. find multiple adds that are consistent and say the same thing as the website. READ the website thoroughly. do you connect with/like/find interesting/stimulating what is being said in addition to the visuals???

are pics consistent and up to date- with in the last 6 months?? what other resources do they offer- blog, social media? read it, look for consistency!

5. make a list of any questions, seek answers in website- donations, verification info will be on it. make sure you are 100% sure you want to spend time with this person and are comfortable with donations and verification.

*send one email introducing yourself, with all info required- verification, session dates and times that are ideal. give a few options and always plan ahead!

6. bonus ! shower and shave- use lots of soap and a washcloth! get under your nails, balls, anus, underarms, under fat rolls…wear clean underwear and deodorant. don’t over cologne (it tastes terrible to get a mouth full). shower when you arrive if you were driving or traveling long distance.

arrive on time not early or late. do not sit in parking lot before or after date. notify provider if you are running 10 or more min early or late.

put donation down upon arrival!!!! this is a must! don’t make us ruin the mood by having to ask. that’s embarrassing for you and disrespectful to us. follow providers protocol listed on her site.

do not show up or get intoxicated for your date- for your safety and ours.

speak openly and honestly with your date about your boundaries and expectations. we can’t read your mind so if you are into something let us know- get consent before you act- just because she did something with someone else doesn’t mean she will do it with you! don’t believe everything in a review- most are exaggerated in written to make the writers feel better about themselves, whether it’s through putting the provider down, or saying they did more things than what actually occurred.

Most of all relax and have fun we are here to pamper and spoil you let us know if you are nervous want to take things slow or are so excited you can’t contain yourself communication is the key! 

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