Orgasmic energy multiple orgasms

Author: taliaamour
December 2, 2017

I’m often asked about men having multiple orgasms. For a man or woman for that matter to experience multiple orgasms you need to expand your ideas and believes and concepts of orgasm and orgasmic energy. Tantra teaches us principles and practices to explore this. Here is a brief rundown…

Orgasmic energy is the life force energy that flies through us and makes is alive.When we seek sexual we are also seeking the spiritual. The sexual orgasmic experience is the deepest most powerful way we connect with a force greater than us. Men’s ejecutate is the physical manifestation of this divine energy flowing through them. This is why dowist teach the with holding of the ejeculation. It takes energy to physically create the ejecutate and once it is released there is a refractory period. 

Orgasm starts before the ejeculation. You can feel it coming, you get to a ‘tipping point’ or ‘point of no return’ when the ejeculation is about to occur. That moment is when you are going from a local or genital only arousal to a full body arousal. The brain starts releasing all of the feel good chemical, you feel tingly, floaty, blissful.

The practice is to with hold the ejeculation and continue to build and circulate orgasmic energy through your body.

 When you are able to do this your orgasm gets deeper, more powerful…beyond words! It’s an altered state of consciousness. 

The feeling of connection is intense, it can even be a healing experience.

This journey is not for the faint of heart. You have to be ready to consider that there is more to sexuality than what you previously thought or have known. 

It takes time. You will find out more about yourself than before, you will grow, even transform. 

For more information contact me today. I offer sessions over the phone the Internet and in person.

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