What makes a great sexual experience???

Author: taliaamour
November 3, 2017

What makes for a intimate and erotic great experience ??

We all go through different phases in our sexual journey. None are better or worse than the other just different.
when we are younger all we need is to be visually stimulated. our hormones take over from there: our bodies automatically respond with lust and anticipation with a glimpse or thought of a pretty girl. Not much conversation needs to be had when we were experiencing those feel-good chemicals flowing through our veins. 

Over time we get exposed to all different types of sexual stimulus between the Internet and our real life experiences, nothing is really left to the imagination. We start noticing that we’re no longer as aroused by visuals as we used to be. What we loved in the past does nothing for us now. Maybe your erection becomes weaker or short-lived. Our bodies naturally decrease the production of testosterone overtime. Our bodies, no longer responding like they used to, when we were in our late teens and early 20s. Our minds have been desensitized from indulging in porn. our bodies have been desensitized From vigorously masturbating and using certain toys to achieve orgasm. When we go to have an experience with a partner it’s just not the same as when we’re alone with our favorite porn star and lube. (There is nothing wrong with outright sexual stimulation as long as it doesn’t interfere with our real life experiences with a partner)

Many people, men in particular find it challenging to have conversations with women. they don’t know how to interact or what to do in a real life situation because they have been seeking their pleasure an orgasm alone. They are afraid in this politically correct world a simple conversation or casual touch will be taken as harassment. 

 Women feel less attractive and unwanted because their boyfriend or husband is no longer responding the way that he used to in the bedroom. They think men only want sex so the assume every touch and gesture is only to get them naked.

 Being objectified and held to the standard of the Internet and advertising creates challenges for men and women. Only seeing the highlights or the best bodies on the screen or in print warps our minds: we start Think that what we see is real life. When the fact of the matter is that those are paid, trained actors and models. you only see the highlights and the craziest most out rages things you could possibly imagine for our entertainment purposes. Pictures are photo shopped beyond recognition. When we overindulge we start to miss out on all of the things that get us to massive orgasmic peaks. When we were younger the arousal phase is so short we don’t even know what exactly are specifically it is that is turning us on, the hormones are so strong.

 as we get older we need to revisit the arousal phase in order to build up to the peak orgasmic experiences we so long to have. Keeping in mind that what we see on the screens is often not what happens in real life. We need to find out what turns us on in real life, without shame! 

everyone orgasms differently, especially women. it could be a quiet orgasm, a loud screaming orgasm, a giggle orgasm or even one that sheds tears. Understanding that orgasms come in all different ways is very important, just like we know that all people come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has A preference and most people enjoy a sense of variety. Trust me, you are much more ‘normal’ (whatever that means lol) than you think- you are whole and complete just as you are! 

Once their bodies stop responding the way that they used to we tend to reach out grasping for anything to bring us back to what we were pills, creams, injections you name it….. Even seeking out younger partners thinking that they’re going to bring you back to that state when you were young too. Unfortunately some of those things may be able to put a Band-Aid on the problem for a short period of time. however it never solves or heals the underlying issue.dive deeper look within

 I believe that our body shift and change over time for a reason. once we are no longer in a procreative time of our life the hormones start to decrease. we actually need a conversation to start desire. we need interaction on a mind, body, emotional and spiritual level to achieve those intense orgasmic experiences. 

Unfortunately our culture and society does not teach us about all of these different phases of life and in accurate healthy way. there’s not many people you can really talk to about sexual challenges in situations. (That’s why I’m here!

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