Escort advice for Newbies

Author: taliaamour
October 3, 2017

Escort advice for newbies

By Talia Amour
I have been in the business for around 8years now. I have learned a few things, at least, since then about people. I consider it an honor and a pleasure to share the joy and fulfillment the companionship and entertainment has to offer. Human beings are sexual from conception until death. We can not de-sexualize people because of age sexual preference the color of their skin or even disabilities. After all babies will die if you don’t touch them what makes us think that as we get older we are any different?

Humans crave touch and connection. We need it to survive. Going through our life daily there are a few opportunities for us especially men to experience touch and connection beyond shaking hands or pat on the back. Much of our culture and society leaves the socialization connection touchy-feely aspects of life up to women intern they have removed man from those aspects and place them in work mode 24 seven. One of the only outlets men get for touch and connection is through sex. I believe that this is one of the problems with our modern day society. This is also one of the reasons why I feel so passionately about offering connection and touch through companionship and entertainment. Each person deserves to experience happiness joy love and fulfillment. 

In my business in order to offer these experiences A certain amount of safety and discretion needs to be assured. We call this process getting verified. Verification as a process that providers do to ensure our own safety as well as our guests safety. References from other providers are always the best form A verification however it’s understandable that you have to start somewhere. Many of us ask for very detailed personal information in order to confirm that you are who you say you are and confirm we will be a good fit to spend time together. Such as real name, phone numbers, drivers license, work website, business card. Using only Linked in and Facebook or Twitter is not an acceptable for verification. 

It’s understandable that someone who is new may feel apprehensive about sharing personal information with someone that they don’t know. this is why you have many options and resources to confirm that we are authentic in our presentation. There are numerous review websites (whom many are not very provider friendly, however they do serve a purpose for the our guest). Many providers/companions have social media account, blogs, websites and numerous ads on reputable websites. It is your job to do research on who you want to see! You can do more research on us before contacting us than we can on you. It is important to make sure that you’re going to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Your time (as well as ours) is very precious and valuable, we feel honored that you were choosing us to spend that precious time with. we want you to be happy as much as you want to be happy. often times, I have found, that you want us to be happy too. Many men feel Joy and pleasure from seeing the person that there with, experience joy and pleasure…so many times this is a mutually enjoyable experience (which is a blessing). We will always keep your information confidential and many (I do) destroy it after we meet when it is no longer needed. 

When choosing a companion to spend time with: check that they are on multiple reputable websites and that all of the information is consistent. Check reviews for consistency: is she on time? Look like the pictures? Age range accurate and consistent with other adds ? Other people have met her and she is a real person, Stuff like that. Keep in mind that reviews are written by other people and everyone is going to have a different experience and opinion of that person as you know opinions are like assholes we all have them, take them with a grain of salt. Many times people write reviews to make themselves look better or to make them feel like ‘more of a man’. Unfortunately there is a downside to the reviews: I get multiple emails a month asking me to pay for ‘good’ reviews (I never personally have done this but I do know of people who have an order to boost their reputation). I have also heard of some men using reviews against companions threatening to give them bad reviews if they don’t do something or men write that the companion does something,they don’t do, in order to pressure her into doing what they want. A few bad apples can spoil the bunch. 80 to 90% of you guys out there are genuinely great and nice people unfortunately there’s a smaller person who can cause a lot of problems and harm. So remember you are new, you don’t know this game yet. only leave reviews if the provider request! ask the provider how they feel about reviews before spilling the beans to the world about the salacious details of your experience. What you think is going to help someone may hurt them or make them uncomfortable. 

To make a good decision you will need to READ the providers website. Not just look at pictures! We spend a great amount of time and money on our websites. The website will tell you details about the her, the best way to contact her, what to expect during your date, dos and don’ts, q&a, donations/rates, locations, travel, and of course her personal verification process. Make sure to send all of the information requested in the very first email, along with an introduction. Say a little about yourself, why you decided to reach out, what attracted you to her specifically. Include all verification information in that first email. If it has been 3emails back and forth and you still haven’t sent it I will stop responding, and so will many others- don’t waste your time and our sending one liners back and forth. Send one complete email with Introduction and verification. Many companions will simply delete emails that are disrespectful one liners such as: are you available? Or hey what’s up? Or how much? Don’t be that guy!!! 

Be sure to give advance notice, like 48hrs notice at least! It is very challenging to complete verification the same day. We also have other things going on in our life like other jobs, children or parents to care for, dentist/Doctor/hair/nail appointments and dates with people who planned well in advance. Most of the time after you get to know a lady they are willing to take shorter notice but it is not always possible. Consider if you are asking her to drive to you- a simple 2hour date can take over 4 hours of her day: between getting ready to see you (at least 1hr) the date itself and driving there and back. We need time to plan our lives around the date. When driving long distances many companions ask for additional travel fees.

Newbies often lament: I am so important I can’t give out my personal info, if I get caught, I have so much to lose! NEWS FLASH: we are real people too! Some have other Careers, we have family and other obligations in our life too. Why play the ‘I’m more important than you’ card??? Studies have shown that predators and criminals don’t see their victims as people. So if you don’t see us as a real people, who’s life has value, just like yours, it’s a huge red flag! Also if you are so scared about spending time with a companion then you should take a look at why you are reaching out in the first place. We don’t want to cause harm to anyone. We don’t want to induce guilt or shame- if you have these feelings it’s best to address them with a professional before projecting them on us. We are here to share our passion, love, joy, pleasure and happiness. 

Privacy, safety and discretion is our number one priority. After verification is completed we can move on the fun part! Planning our time together. It is best not to write or speak explicitly. It is an red flag. Some website offer check lists of experiences providers will offer. Use those to get more information. When you are on the date you can talk about specifics of how you want to spend your time. Remember: never talk/write about specific acts and money in the same conversation!!! You are making a donation for the time you are spending with the companion! What you choose to do with your time is between you and her. When you walk in to see her, first thing you do is put down your donation!! In plain site (or where she said to usually mentioned in website). Business first then pleasure! Once that is out of the way you can both relax and enjoy your special time together. 

Once you have seen a reputable companion we are happy to be a reference for you moving forward. Just ask us. I personally do all references via email, no the phone, so ask how she prefers to be contacted. If it have been over 9month to a year and you have not seen another provider since, send an email asking if they will still reference you. Many providers will not accept references over 1yr old, you may have to complete the verification process again if you wait that long in between dates. Consider joining a reputable website like preferred 411. We are happy to send you an ‘okay’ after a successful date.

I hope this has been helpful to new clients/friends. If you are new we understand you have to start somewhere. Enjoy your adventure safely and passionately! 

It’s Talia time! 

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