Summer fun 2017 

Author: taliaamour
August 28, 2017

It’s been a hot summer here in Florida! 

I have the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh for the first time in July I had a great visit and met some amazing new friends

I absolutely plan on going back again next year! 

I had a great competition season I got to participate and my first national show. Bikini is a tough division and very subjective I was so proud and honored that I qualify to participate at the national level. I’ve given my body a break the past few months and I am enjoying eating a little bit more and doing less cardio. I have gotten to bake some cookies enjoy my pancakes and show off my curves! I actually enjoy having a couple of percent body fat more it really smooth everything out I’ve been getting lots of compliments lately. If you enjoy my softer side definitely send me an email and let’s plan a date

img 4823 Summer fun 2017 img 4819 Summer fun 2017 
I got to visit fetish con and had a great time at the event and one of the after parties I love getting to dress up! The following weekend I went to Caliente, the clothing optional resort in north Tampa/lutz.  they were having a back-to-school themed swingers party and I had a blast putting on some school girl clothes with an edge Tallia time twist! I’m very comfortable being naked and I love going to clothing optional resort it’s such a liberating experience I love seeing people of all shapes sizes and ages enjoying themselves and expressing their sensuality freely! It was hysterical I actually had to stop for gas on the way there and I thought to myself how my supposed to go into the store like this I had to wrap us the wrong around me and going to the store to pay for the gas and of course you know I ran into someone that I knew from the gym!! So I guess the cats out of the bag- I was honest I was going to a party at Caliente! It’s amazing how in real life people put up this front that they’re so conservative but the reality is that they are a lot more open-minded and free-spirited then they present themselves to be. I have found the more conservative and “normal” someone appears the wilder that they are! 

img 4827 Summer fun 2017 

img 4826 Summer fun 2017 

Headed to Caliente

I am at the eight year mark for being in the business originally I came into this through town trust sacred sexuality doing a lot of full body sensual massage. So I decided to offer a one-way touch only full body sensual massage experience. Check out my website for details Website link or send me an email I love to share my passion and gifts of healing touch with those who truly appreciate it. If you’re craving a traditional it’s Tallia time experience now is the time to act. For the first time ever I have done a small discount on incall companionship experiences. 

Come enjoy my softer side and celebrate my off season with me! 

I still hit the gym and eat my meal plan but I do less cardio and get to enjoy desert now and then! 

I’m Excited to connect with you and share my passion for sensual energy expression 

It’s Talia time!!!

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