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Author: taliaamour
July 17, 2016

Keep it simple sillyFrequently I get emails with basic questions answered on my website

Here are a few tips to make connecting as simple as possible
1. Do not call me or text if you have not emailed me and I have completed your verification and asked you to call. (*only if we are all ready friends, may you call or text)

Imho: I am very concerned that some just call at random a lady such as myself with no notice or verification. I can not control what is written on websites that are not mine.

 I ask you read my website and follow the process I use to see me. 

Each lady is different, respect each of our process’. 

I prefer privacy and discretion just as much as you if not more. 

where are the donations? 

In the experience page:
Select the experience you are interested in such as companionship and entertainment

Want to know about sacred sexuality coaching over the phone or Skype donation? Select coaching on the experience page:

You will find a ‘back’ button to go back to main experience page or simply select experience on the menu to go back 
The question is basically entertainment and companionship or 
Education: coaching via phone or Skype (sacred sexuality coaching and education)
A blend of the two in person? Choose companionship for donations. let me know what your sexual concerns or areas of interest you are having so I have something to talk to you about during our time. This is a fun vibe that allows you to learn or experience something new in a non judgmental and collaborative way.
How do I make a reservation?
Use the reservation form or simply email the information requested on the form.For most immediate response please include all of the verification information needed to move forward. You will find a ‘book a date’ button through out the site-this is the secure reservation form
Please be sure to read the reservation page

The reservation page answers many questions about my availability and the process of securing our date.
Are you new to the hobby?

Fill out my ‘booking’ form that is linked to the blue ‘booking’ button on many pages of my website. If you do. It want to fill out the form send all the requested info to my account. 
I need real name, age and work info and possibly a drivers license to confirm identity.

You may block out personal info from the ID I just need to confirm you are who you say you are.

Imho:If you have overwhelming concerns about giving me verification information I suggest you rethink your wanting to see me. It is a sign to me that danger is ahead when you value your own privacy and safety to the detriment of mine. I often wonder why do you want to see someone that would want to verify you? That’s your red flag my friend:not asking for verification info.

Are you new to me?
P411 is easy: send me the reservation request via p411 it’s has all information needed to complete verification and date requests.

Not p411? Email me your most recent provider references and your TER and or date check id’ with reservation date and time request, and length of date requested.

Experiences and donations:
I do not offer ‘services’ we creat an experience together. You are donating for time only! If you email me and ask me about ‘services’ you will not get a response. If you email or text me disrespectful or crass conversation I will not see you. We can have a more colorful conversation once we meet and get to know each other more…the more of a connection the better our time together. Be honest, be yourself, be respectful let go of the expectations and judgments. 

I have a 2hr minimum for new friends. After we have met i may be available for 1.5dates. I prioritize repeat friends and longer reservations. 

Advanced notice is required for new friends, the time is need to plan and complete verification. 48hrs notice is at least ideal. The longer in advance I can plan, the better. 

I am a compassionate person and often get the privilege of having intimate conversations with people. Please do not forget that 

I am not a therapist. I am a spiritual sexuality coach and entertainer. Therapy can be helpful to many people that are having issues moving beyond past trauma or experiences. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength not weakness. Seek help when you need it but please remember this is not my realm. 

If you would like to have ongoing email or phone conversations with me you will need to make a donation. 

I know there are many people to chose from and I want to be sure we will be a energetic match. Doing your research and following the instructions on a providers site will ensure you have an ideal experience. 

It’s talia time

Based in the Tampa Bay Area Florida 

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