Sex coaching questions answered

Author: taliaamour
June 10, 2016

Sex coaching questions answered!

I have gotten a surge of interest in sex coaching recently. I am intending to 

Feature this option in my blog for those that have questions or interest in the subject. 

Sexuality includes out mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Orgasmic energy is the life force energy that flows through us and makes up alive.

Our culture and society tends to send us conflicting messages about sexuality through out our lives 

It is understandable we have challenges along the way.

Sex coaching is a blend of sexology, sex therapy and coaching. 

I am a coach! The difference is that therapy tends to focus on the past. Focusing on what happened then so you can move into the present. Therapy is a medical based model that pathologizes people in order to ‘fix’ them: Non/dis functional to functional/manageable. 

Coaching is a process about moving forward! Coaching acknowledges the past, as it helps to shape who we are today. Coaches focus on the moving forward: now to future. Believing that you have the answers with in you it is just a matter of bringing them to light. Assessing the situation, clarifying the challenge, offering education and resources so we can create an action plan that helps you move forward in achieving your objective. My only intention is to partner with you and assist in navigating YOUR journey. All information is strictly confidential. 

Here is a link to one of my adds for coaching on
This add is focused on coaching and sacred sexuality. It is not an entertainment or companionship based experience. 

I believe sexuality can be experienced from pleasure to spiritual purpose. There is a wide spectrum between these two ends. 

(If you are interested in entertainment/companionship experience, simply select that option on my website for donations and information…

If you are interested in coaching and/or sacred sexuality experience, simply select the option on my website

Most of my coaching session are done over the phone. Skype is also available. 

If you are interested in coaching: email me your basic challenges, what you hope to accomplish. Then we will set up a 20min complementary session to determine how I can help and if we will be a good fit to work together. Next I send you an assessment; we go over it on our first call to clarify objectives and make an action plan….

Hopefully this helps you understand some of what sex coaching is and determine if it is right for you. 


Based in Florida 

visiting NYC June 26-july2 2016 

 IMG 3630 Sex coaching questions answered 

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