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Recommendations and updates 

Author: taliaamour
February 19, 2016

Don’t forget to check out my pages here on my blog! 

I have recommended reading and video for your sexploration! 

Gift ideas and your questions answered about my fitness journey and more! 

Don’t forget to send me your picture suggestions!

New photo shoot with in the week with my girlfriend ava! Ask me about doubles:)


I’ve been sculpting my body since last October….wait till you experience!!! OMG:)

New stuff going on at the palace

Bathroom update, painting and redecoration

And of course the yoga sex swing lol 

We still have the pole and massage table so let’s 

Sit, connect and see where the energy takes us!

 IMG 3649 Recommendations and updates  

Happy valentines day 2016

Author: taliaamour
February 15, 2016

Happy valentines day 2016

I recently got to spend time with one of my favorite girlfriends, Ava. We had a blast trying out the yoga sex swing! Good thing I’ve been in the gym but I think I need arial arts class lol we did hair and make up then took pics…

most of the time, our conversation and energy thrive together fluidly with out all the props, however

I am always looking for ways to keep it lively around here icon smile Happy valentines day 2016 from Nuru, Tantra, my cooking, the massage table and now the swing….great additions to an experience! 

I am Planning some travel for May 2016 so stay tuned for that…hint:new city for me icon smile Happy valentines day 2016

New photo shoot coming up at the end of the month!!!

I’m taking suggestions for the shoot so send me an email or post in twitter you ideas!

In the between time enjoy these…

 IMG 3718 Happy valentines day 2016  
IMG 3714 Happy valentines day 2016  IMG 3717 Happy valentines day 2016  
IMG 3712 Happy valentines day 2016 
Thank you for the valentines gifts and thoughts. I hope you had a relaxing satisfying day and if you didn’t then schedule one icon smile Happy valentines day 2016 you deserve it! 

It’s talia time! 

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