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Orgasmic energy

Author: taliaamour
July 21, 2015

Orgasmic energy is the divine life force that flows through us and makes us aliveOur human minds want to explain and conceptualize everything. Some things are beyond our human conception; our energy and our experiences are beyond words.the more we explore this divine orgasmic energy the greater understanding we have, we find new words, new perspectives. At times of our lives we yearn for a shift, upgrade or reboot…a redefining of ourselves. Orgasmic energy is healing and transformational for those who allow themselves to journey beyond what they all ready know to be true, this journey continues through out our lives as we venture on the GreaterTruth is revealed.

 IMG 3254 Orgasmic energy 

New picture alert!!

Author: taliaamour
July 21, 2015

New picture alert!

Special for you….a sneak peek from my Orlando photo shoot I had on 7/19/2015 

These are not retouched in any way icon smile New picture alert!!

Here are two looks so far….more to come stay tuned!  IMG 3252 New picture alert!!  
IMG 3256 New picture alert!!  IMG 3240 New picture alert!!