Breakfast at Talia’s

Author: taliaamour
November 4, 2013

Breakfast at Talia’s……

I woke up today and thought it would be nice to take it easy and do some computer work and sewing…I have to finish going through those amazing pictures I had taken in NYC….a few more sets and they are off to get the light sockets out of the background icon smile Breakfast at Talias as you can tell from many of my all natural photos here, I usually do not do much photo shop icon smile Breakfast at Talias

As I was sitting here drinking coffee waking up I decide it is time to make pancakes! you know what that means…..dress up!

wpid 20131020 131848 Breakfast at Talias
Rise and shine…coffee and Godiva!
wpid 20131020 132041 Breakfast at Talias

Let’s get this party started
I love pancakes with berries and nuts, and real butter! Watch me go…
wpid 20131020 131830 Breakfast at Talias

Who makes perfect pancakes?
wpid 20131020 131956 Breakfast at Talias

wpid 20131020 132400 Breakfast at Talias

I make perfect pancakes!

wpid 20131020 132422 Breakfast at Talias

Lets get the momossas going too!
wpid 20131020 132008 Breakfast at Talias

Wanna cook with me?
wpid 20131020 131929 Breakfast at Talias

Or I can cook for you?
wpid 20131020 131614 Breakfast at Talias

Or you can cook for me, (I love that!)
wpid 20131020 131908 Breakfast at Talias

See look I’m gonna start eating before I’m done cooking….only cause you are not here to share it with me…yet:-)
wpid 20131020 133113 Breakfast at Talias

Yum’ so good!
wpid 20131020 133523 Breakfast at Talias

I love it! Now you know what comes next???? I love lazy Sunday fundays! Lets get back in bed:-) with our champagain…..
wpid 20131020 131554 Breakfast at Talias

What do you like for breakfast at Talia’s?


Naples, Miami, Ft Lauderdale Nov 11-14 2013

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NYC Dec 4-10 2013

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