Talia Amour’s Ft Lauderdale Visit

Author: taliaamour
June 5, 2013

Talia Amour’s Ft Lauderdale visit

I have been back in the Tampa Bay area this week and am just now getting some time to catch you up on my adventures…. It was stormy weather that week in Ft Lauderdale! I was really glad I had a few days to relax. I like to watch the storm clouds over the ocean. My hotel room had a great bath tub too!

wpid 20130604 020331 Talia Amours Ft Lauderdale Visit

it got really steamy in here! the make up is coming off! You guys know I love my make up icon smile Talia Amours Ft Lauderdale Visit

Who remembers seeing me with no make up???? If we had fun in the water I bet you do…

I do enjoy getting dressed up and doing my hair and make up, it is part of me. I feel like I get to do art on myself everyday! Some people think make up is a mask, I think make up is to accentuate your best features and bring out the best in you not cover up who we are…..{unless it is specific stage make up or role play make up icon smile Talia Amours Ft Lauderdale Visit that is different!}

wpid 20130604 020403 Talia Amours Ft Lauderdale Visit

oh look right off the balcony! there go the clouds! It really took me a full 24hrs to relax and settle in…do you even feel like that? when you get a chance to sit for a moment you think ‘oh I am supposed to be doing something!’ That is my clue that it is time to chill! The bath and weather made a recipe for relaxation! I am grateful!

wpid 20130603 193812 Talia Amours Ft Lauderdale Visit

Talia Amour…More than a GFE!

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