Thoughts on newbies

Author: taliaamour
May 7, 2013

Thoughts on newbies….

so I am doing my exercises  and it dawns on me, I have met some new friends lately! I am so grateful! I have also had some new inquiries that for whatever reason were not meant to be at this time. (understandable)Sometimes new people are harder to verify and need some compassion. I intentionally have this blog so you, my friends, can get to know me more while doing your research and make sure I am the one you want to spend time with.

Sexcessfull Journey blog is also a way you stay connected and up to date on my journey. I spend a lot of time making it easy for you to feel comfortable and certain  in planning for our time together. If you are new please keep in mind when contacting ladies….

Safety First

Identity verification is for your safety and ours. If you will not be honest about who you are then you should not be contacting us. Verification can be done easily and discreetly. Ladies like to stay connected with each other. We often have frequent contact with other ladies in order to verify and reference people. Once you have a good reference you will not need to disclose as much personal information to others in the future. Remember: We are people just like you with families and responsibilities…Discretion is of upmost importance to us and you.

Communication is key.

We literally plan our lives around your reservation. Especially when you make reservations in advanced it is important to respect our cancelation policies.   If you get cold feet or are unable to keep your reservation let us know ASAP! if it is with in the 24hr of the reservation time offer to honor the cancellation policy…(usually is a portion of the donation) in respect for her time and preparations thus far. We most likely have passed up another opportunity or time with our family in order to keep our commitment to you.

If you are nervous about a meeting, just say so. Many ladies are friendly especially when you are open and honest with us about where you are at. Having an honest conversation can prevent many uncomfortable situations. These experiences are supposed to be about honoring a part of you that you rarely get to acknowledge or experience in real life…it is like an escape, reprieve, a break in the usual pattern.

The hope is that you can continue your journey ‘in real life’ with a renewed spirit/energy. 
So on that thoughtful note here is one of my favorite random cell phone pictures of me for you icon smile Thoughts on newbies
it is a beautiful day in Florida enjoy!
 2013 02 07 15.02.54 169x300 Thoughts on newbies

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