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Beautiful world

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January 31, 2013

wpid 20130111 161147 Beautiful world

wpid 20130111 160710 Beautiful world

wpid 20130111 120510 Beautiful world

wpid 20130110 175359 Beautiful world

Miami 1/28 till 1/30 2013

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January 28, 2013

Travel update
Miami and ft Lauderdale
Jan 28-30 2013

Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour

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January 23, 2013

Maui Wowi

2013 Boat trip pics

by Talia Amour

During my visit to Maui I really wanted to see the whales and dolphins out at sea. A guest at the condos we were stay at suggested the snorkeling boat trip because they got to see whales, dolphins and sea turtles! We were lucky enough to be able to fit it into our schedule! here are a few pics of Frenchie and I on our ride at sea!
wpid 20130113 132000 Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour

Boat trip 730am!

On the way out to our first stop the whales were out being social! It is mating season in Maui for the whales so you know what that means…..tthey travel down from Alaska all the way to Hawaii to make love! They were jumping, swimming around each other, splashing their tales and blowing water! It was awesome! We even had a great view of some of the near by islands, that day the sky was clear and you could see the top of the volcano from afar. Usually it is too cloudy to see.
wpid 20130113 081114 Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour

wpid 20130113 094454 Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour

we are about to jump in the water at our first stop…we mostly saw fish and the reefs underwater, I can’t help but observe how many tour boats were docked out there. Even though it was a protected space, for the birds and fish. In Maui the water was so blue and clear. When I was in Mexico snorkeling in a similar environment there were hundreds of fish every where and the water was more turbulent so visibility was not optimal. It seemed like the wildlife know this is the observation spot so they must stay away during certain times of the day, hell I would if I were a fish. The dolphins were not hesitant to make an appearance though. A whole school of them swam by jumping and playing all most as if to say hello and make an appearance icon smile Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour

wpid 20130113 090044 Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour

After snorkeling at our second stop….guess who is in the water on a boogie board???

wpid 20130113 105446 Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour

This is where I saw a sea turtle under the water hiding from all the people. The laws state you must stay at least 10 ft away from the turtles and not touch anything but those people were out of control! They were chasing after the sea turtles! I felt so bad for them! If you just chill and be peaceful they will come to you. Frenchie was out floating on the boogie board and one just swam right by her really close! No need to chase. The one I saw was under the rocks in the water. At first I just saw this turtle arm sticking out from underneath, it was as long as my arm! I have long arms, clearly it was way thicker because it’s a turtle. Once I swam around to see the whole turtle, the size of it was overwhelming! This turtle had to be 200lbs!
wpid 20130113 085255 Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour


They fed us lunch and even had vegetarian options! Yay for me! I liked the mai tai too! I do think they needed to have a little more music going on but over all it was a great time! We even rode by the nude beach, I asked the captain to pull over but he had other plans like taking our crazyness back to shore.
wpid 20130113 094141 Maui Wowi 2013 boat trip pictures by Talia Amour

Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013

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January 22, 2013

Talia Amour Flies over Maui 2013wpid 20130112 174859 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013

Som many people told me that the best ting to do was take a plane or helicopter ride over active volcanoes. There are no active volcanos on Maui and I am not sure how comfortable I would feel being too close. I decided that a plane ride, 1000 feet above, felt safe enough….

wpid 20130112 173635 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013here is big beach little beach….the little beach in the clothing optional one icon smile Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013 next time I totally have to go there!

wpid 20130112 173703 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013 there is the reef we went snorkeling at!

wpid 20130112 173523 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013 now this is real! you can see where the lava has flowed over the trees and scorched the earth. this is new land being formed right before your eyes! I felt like I was witnessing God and the universe in action….seriously I cried. I still cry when I talk about it too much lol….I am so touched.

wpid 20130112 173209 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013

wpid 20130112 164713 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013

wpid 20130112 173041 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013 yes we did get a little naughty in the back of the plane…..

wpid 20130112 173021 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013

wpid 20130112 165048 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013 look there is the molten lava flowing into the ocean!

wpid 20130112 165445 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013

wpid 20130112 164545 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013 this whole cliff was red like a coal! and hot lava was shooting out of this opening!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have this experience! We had the best time ever! I was actually tired from the trip when I got home from being so active and of course the time change…

Now I am in Florida for a few months and enjoying the wonderful weather here. If you happen to be around be sure to say hello!

20130112 174943 e1361473804399 300x225 Talia Amour flys over Maui 2013

Frenchie and Talia


Happy New year!

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January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!


Talia Amour…More than a GFE!

20121231 235119 e1357504146499 300x225 Happy New year!

happy new year! welcome 2013!

I had a great holiday visit with my girlfriend Frenchie Rose and now we are getting ready to head to Maui Hawaii to celebrate her birthday! I will be in

Maui Hawaii Jan 9-13 2013

I am super excited to visit because I have never been before! I am going to post some awesome pictures when I get back!

2012 03 29 20.52.19 169x300 Happy New year!


On Jan 17-20 2013 I will be in Vegas! This is during the AVN so those pictures are going to be awesome too!

The rest of the time you can find me in the Tampa Bay area. I just updated my calender on my website so check it out to see if our paths will cross.

I have had the pleasure of connecting with a few really amazing people the past few weeks and I want to say how grateful I am for those connections. I thrive on the healthy relationships I have with my friends new and old. I value each one individually and hope that you all experience as much joy as I do when we connect.

2012 08 17 21.33.41 169x300 Happy New year!


unfortunately  I have to mention that the last week I had an awful experience too. I always trust in the greater good of my guest and try my best to steer clear of any one or anything shady. Every once and a while one seeks in icon sad Happy New year!

I am grateful I am not physically harmed and nothing any worse happened… but the reality is



Karma, Karma, Karma I pray for you that have hurt me.

Now that is out of my system ( yes I admit it has taken me a few days to recollect)…….

 I am still me. Happy, healthy and blessed!

20121217 145246 300x225 Happy New year!

spa pic, thanks Darling!