Valentines Day thoughts on Communication skills

Author: taliaamour
February 15, 2012

Valentines Day thoughts on Communication skills

20120211 114649 Valentines Day thoughts on Communication skills

I was never really too into Valentines day. I guess because I never wanted to be disappointed or get hurt. Looking back it seems as though I wasn’t able or willing to communicate with my partner enough to not be disappointed. I wasn’t able or willing to even risk/love enough to really get hurt.

Communication is so important. In order to effectively communicate with our partners, first we must communicate with ourselves. In order to communicate with ourselves we need to have a level of self-awareness.  Awareness of our own needs and desires. Awareness of our judgements and expectations of ourselves. Then we must have self-love and self acceptance of this. Learn to balance our self criticisms with self-love and compassion.

We communicate in the way we have been taught through life. Usually change only occurs when what we are doing is no longer getting us what we want. Most of the time this realization manifests in a form of miscommunication resulting in us or someone else getting disappointed or hurt. So we either learn something new to get what we want or keep doing what we have been doing and getting what we have gotten. The choice is ours.

theses are patterns we run.

grow or die

Interestingly those patterns we run keep us safe and hinder our growth.

It is more challenging to step beyond our comfort zone of what we know and jump into the unknown and unfamiliar. The holy jumping off point.

Well, I am a jumper!

I wanna grow!

That is where the risk is…if I love will I get love back? If I respect you do I get the same in return? If I share with you are you really listening? Are you hearing what I am really saying?

only if we are communicating in a way we both understand or are least willing to try

Over time I have learned more effective communication skills and decided to take more ‘risks’ with my heart and just love. The part of this that is huge for me was the acknowledging and validating my own feelings. Before I would hardly acknowledge my feelings in the first place let alone validate them. Its like these body sensations (feelings) are telling me something, they get my mind going. If I am aware I work through them and then I move on. If not I keep running the same circle over and over again, no thanks.

I enjoy variety, new experiences and learning new things. There for I am willing listen as well be heard. The journey along the way is what makes life interesting, those moments of realization, transformation, comfort and joy.

So Valentines Day should be every day, we should not save only one day a year to love and be loved, by ourselves or another. There is so much to explore!

I am not sure why this is what my post ended up being about but I trust its is supposed to be. So I hope everyone had a bissfull, decadent Valentines day. I know I did icon smile Valentines Day thoughts on Communication skills

20120211 114312 Valentines Day thoughts on Communication skills

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