I just saw the results of the poll about
would you see a provider that does bbfs….

over 40% said ‘hell ya I will be right over’

only around 34% said hell no

the rest were on board with going but not only for that reason….

I am really surprised that with all of the risks associated with bbfs the
response would be so overwhelming. I know I am not for everyone and if you
answered in that 40% I am not for you. I get a request for this from time to time
and I ALWAYS decline out of respect for my and your health. In this day and age how can you be too sure. The world of adult entertainment is all ready a risky place to play but especially when others are not educated or just irresponsible.

Many of us have not received accurate sexual health information over the years (and most of our country and communities are not doing anything to clarify this issue). All we get are irrational abstinence campaigns that shame and blame our very human nature. Then we are faced with sexual health decisions and we may not have the correct information to make a wise decision. The poll clearly shows this disconnect!

It is a known fact that most diseases spread and intensify when the person carrying them is unaware they are infected in the first place. Ignorance is NOT bliss people!!!

Get tested monthly if you have multiple partners and remember oral sex is still sex, anal sex is still sex! The more bodily fluid exchanged and skin to skin contact is made the more aware you should be of your own health and your partners’

this is a subject I feel strongly about….especially since I just started reading

‘Americas war on sex’ by Marty Klein

amazing book totally a recommended reading. I am sure I will be reviewing it soon.

Please educate yourself and your family on the importance of ACCURATE sexual health information. We are making a difference!

2 comments on “Hobbiest Poll upsets me. Where is respect for our own sexual health?!

  1. I can’t believe 40% think this is okay. It’s Russian Roulette with a revolver that has only 2 empty chambers. The consequences of such ignorance is unacceptable.

  2. Just shows you the extent of the reckless disregard a shocking number of people have for others safety and well being. It goes without saying that any self-respecting provider wouldn’t want to touch a hobbyist who does bbfs with the proverbial 10-foot pole. The same goes for any provider who would offer something so dangerous so its easy to disregard the opinion of anyone who practices something so asinine. But it still leaves you with an uneasy feeling in your stomach and has wide-ranging repercussions for anyone whether you’re a provider, a hobbyist or someone who doesn’t even partake in that lifestyle.

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