Fantasy Fest 2011

Author: taliaamour
November 6, 2011


So I was blessed with an opportunity to visit one of my greatest girlfriends and Key West Fantasy Fest… all at the same time! It was a surprise trip so I had to make necessary arrangements for a few days, leaving Wed with no return ticket booked, thinking I was going to be home fri or sat…. so I take the leap of faith….

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It was a little cloudy but it is always sunny and bright inFlorida, the air is warm and moist. I get picked up in the golf cart and we get to ride through town all the way to Duval St where we were staying. Everything is beautiful! Little cottages grouped together around pools and hot tubs in a tropical paradise!

The event of the week is Fantasy Fest. For those of you who do not know what this is look it up. I will just say it is like a 24/7 costume party for those who can afford to be there. Bodies of all shapes and sizes, people younger and older, naked, painted and running amok. It is like you can be whoever you want when ever you want icon smile Fantasy Fest 2011 that is fun!2 A1B9343C 1241201 800 Fantasy Fest 20112 6DD40751 933442 800 Fantasy Fest 2011

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2 53C20136 992323 800 Fantasy Fest 2011I usually am not into big crowds of people but because of where we were staying and who I was with it was cool. For some reason the crowd seemed more mature, for example in Ybor City at Guavaween, I would get groped and harassed no matter what I decided to wear.Here people were laid back and just wanted to take pictures! It was awesome! No groping, harassing…good times!We went on a boat trip and got to go swimming, ate wonderful food (yay for stone crab season!) but most of all enjoyed every ones’ company!

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I was asked to stay until Sunday. I thought no way, I have plans, commitments! Well long story short I was not able to get home until Sun anyway and I was able to reschedule 2 out of 3 of my commitments! Maybe it was going to be ok… not yet tho…I can not get online, cant find contact info for my friends I had plans with icon sad Fantasy Fest 2011 I was expecting a confirmation call or text fri or sat am any way so I would have to just pray it would work out at this point. Unfortunately, I get the text sat night hours before we are supposed to meet. I regretfully inform them of the situation and offer to accommodate their inconvenience if they want to connect when I return. Well, that did not not go over very well. I felt really bad. no bueno icon sad Fantasy Fest 2011

I retreat to my universal belief that it is not up to me in the grand scheme of things and I have to trust that things are as they should be. I still, was kinda bummed in the back of my mind through out the evening…. until I happened upon this amazing experience (that I will not go into detail about). I am just in awe of the human form and the spiritual essence inside us…to hold space for, witness, experience this essence (in any way) is beyond amazing, such an honor to behold… I do not have words to describe. I am so grateful for these blessings.

The conclusion of this, is that, I still sincerely apologize to my friends I could not connect with… in the grand scheme of things I believe there was another purpose in this  snafu for them and me. I am grateful for the blessings in disguise. I am glad it is not up to me all the time.

I found when I surrender to the universe and the love and energy inside things turn out to be way better than I could have ever imagined.  Blissfull!!!

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