Caramello, Wine and my phone

Author: taliaamour
November 29, 2011


As you may know erotic correspondence is a fun way to experience sexuality and energy when you are not able to physically be with your partner. So… I am on a spontaneous erotic phone call the other night…

my girlfriend was in town from NV so I just stepped out onto the patio to enjoy my conversation. I am not sure how much time had passed but the conversation was certainly heating up! She peaks her head outside and says she is leaving to go back to my apartment. I nod, she walks out and I go inside.

Now I could really turn this up a notch! I grab my celebrator and lay on my bed. As we talk the words flow into my head and create pictures, we talk of my fun times with my girlfriend and I am becoming increasingly aroused! The pleasure was getting intense and sure enough my door flings open and my girlfriend is looking for the keys!

So I am about to climax…I tell her ‘ just put your finger in me and rub right there!! please!’ At this point she immediately knows what to do! With in seconds I was squirting…everywhere, hard…lmfao!!! she looks pleased grabs the keys,shuts the door and leaves.

I am laying in my mess with my lover on the phone wondering what the fuck is really going on around here lol OMG! It was the funniest scene ever!!! Great orgasm by the way.

This is what I call a visit from the Fuck Farie or the Fucking Farie….

Whew! I am blushing writing this! lol  I am ready for some wine and chocolate…..


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