Brothel humor….

Author: taliaamour
November 10, 2011

Nov 2011

Most of the girls work on theior computers all day in the parlor instead of just staying in their rooms….So I visit with my  friend Ruby Rae we are chatting, I am telling her ‘ya I guess I will bring out my computer too and join the internet cafe’

She tells me ‘ I just feel more motivated if I am sitting out here, when I stay in my room and sit on my bed I just wanna go to sleep’

I say right on, when I sit on my bed I just wanna fuuuuuck!

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Brothel Antics….

So my friends Lucy Fire and Maya Red are always playing jokes and stuff around the house….here is the link to her site, she posts the funniest stuff! She records her pranks and posts them on her site. She has videos of the girls at the house (including me!) reacting to two girls and a cup for the first time (disgusting btw) , videos of hookers streaking through the parlor (which is totally NOT allowed lol) and playing jokes on the ‘staff’ (hostesses, housekeepers)….she cracks me up!!! I though you may enjoy icon smile Brothel humor....

3 comments on “Brothel humor….

    • That’s good, why block the flow of abundance into your life???
      It is also especial humorous because you met Ruby Rae too! Can you picture the look on her face? priceless!

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