Thoughts on Reviews….

Author: taliaamour
October 19, 2011
2323 1 Thoughts on Reviews....So I had to take my day to write a very detailed response letter about reviews. Most people take them with a large grain of salt and review the reviewer! Some don’t. Really it is a matter of opinion is all it boils down to.  I do have this internal faith that I live by and the great saying other people’s' opinions of me are not my business, but the fact remains I am human too! So are you!  So, I acknowledge that I have feelings….AHHHHHH!!!!!
I want to help you understand the financial and psychological impact your reviews have on may not be aware of the consequences of your words in this hobby world.This is like a therapist/councilor relationship except I work with my mind and my body. Careers are made and broken from your opinion. If a lady gets anything below an 8 it severely impacts her business(aka ability to feed herself and family) and overall rating. If a ladies’ appearance or quality of work is anything below an 8 it is proper to address the issue with the lady, not blast her online.It is also proper to review the session you signed up for:  if You came to me for a Tantra experience vowing to be non-judgmental of yourself and others, so you can experience and explore sexual energy review it from that  spiritual place.
 If you came to me for a pse or gfe session then I would expect specific judgments and expectations of physical appearance (as well as experience), then review it from that place.
Most review boards are shady, they change ratings, have favorites, publish whatever they want really.  They want the guts and glory! I also see the good in review boards too…..  you want to be sure you are going to enjoy your company! Also when you have a great experience you naturally want to share it! Back to the unfortunately….people like to share bad experiences more icon sad Thoughts on Reviews....
yes, we need to know who is legit and who isn’t….
I see no need for mediocre reviews. why are you going to write about going through the motions?
why not address the mediocracy at the source? Then they have the choice to do with your words what they will and you have gotten your point across without being the ass hole’, in public anyway. But most would choose to be the public ass hole and reduce the ladies they are being loved by pocket pussies….interesting…..
Unfortunately this has become a gross objectification of women. ( I know what you are thinking!)
Honestly’ Alpha Alex’, how would you feel to read that some girl rated you a 5 or 7 when you think you are an 8/9?  Or maybe if I posted a detailed review of our session and your personal issues… how would you feel?  There are ways to review ladies without being disrespectful and crude.
Grace is possible in the world of reviews!
What do you really wanna know any way?
Do I look like my pics? Am I leo?  Am I on time? ( sometimes up to 15min late I am not gonna lie) Am I as I represent myself???? Is there an up sell??
Is she Authentic????
I come to you as a coach, courtesan and much more but most importantly AUTHENTIC!
with out judgments and expectations, with my only intention to serve you from my best place!
I love what I do and I put my heart and soul into it! There are others like me that feel the same way. (Some ladies and men just emotionally detach and will not connect with any one, its sad).
I am not perfect in any way shape or form and I am ok with that,   know me as a person,not an object.  Review the experience not a part of my body.  though I take great pride in my appearance and spend lots of time and money trying to look and feel my best, it is not just for me but for you, my guest. 
I will not hate the player or the game because we are ALL human beings with feelings and thoughts, ALL of us.
I am going to continue to love weather some one sees me as a  ’7, hard fake boob’ lady or
the divine 10/10 lover I am!

7 comments on “Thoughts on Reviews….

  1. Wow this is so disheartening! I think the connection you feel creates so much more. Although you are fabulous! Reviews are so subjective and I feel so bad because it affects your business. Yeah I think people should read reviews but I think you can get a vibe over the phone, but hey I am a female hobbyist so it might be my female intuition. We learned so much from our experience and felt the sexual energy. This douche must be looking for a quick bang and have no depth to his soul. Sorry for the rant but I feel ya. Just know there are people out there who have negative energy and you shouldn’t waste your beautiful energy on them.

  2. Reviews by their nature objectify the individual being reviewed, but as the vast majority of your your reviews show, a reviewer can be objective and classy at the same time. The rating systems are flawed at best because one man’s 7 is another man’s 10, but to analyze body parts like a anatomy student strikes me as a bit childlike. You can’t expect someone to be everyone’s type, but I think as a society of human souls sharing life and energy, we can expect a certain amount of decorum and respect.

    You are an amazing person–physically, emotionally and spiritually, and you are a blessing to everyone who takes the time to get to know you. It’s unfortunate that your ‘friend’ didn’t take the time to unwrap the entire gift. If he had, he would have learned that his preferences in the color of the ribbon or the shape of the bow are so immaterial to the entire package.

  3. We’ve spoken about reviews and I agree with you, Talia. Grace and class should always be used. Nothing as memorable as an experience with you and nobody, whether it’s you or the next person, should ever have their life’s work reduced to a meaningless Zagat-like critical diatribe. Sadly not every person knows that words do hurt or even know what the words class and grace truly mean. Any kind of review or divulgence of information should always be tasteful and, most importantly, not character assassination. It did genuinely pain me to read in your blog that that review clearly upset you. I respect you and admire you as a human being, but I also have the ability to feel other people’s pain and I felt some of your pain, hence why I was so quick to defend you. Its a gift my mother gave me. Too bad the people who write such objectionable tripe aren’t capable of looking at things through another’s eyes and heart. They might learn something meaningful from you. I know I sure have. Keep your head up. You rock! ;)

  4. The only way I can explain the experience of you is to restate what I have always
    said. My life has forever been touched and changed by you. No other words could measure up to that feeling. If they could I would fill a book with words. What has happend to me is beyond magnificent. I adore our connection.

  5. I’m having a hard time putting into words exactly what I’m thinking on this one. I guess for me, it is just another reason why I HATE “hobbyist” or “connoisseurs”.

    They talk about women as if they are livestock, explain in explicit detail the appearance of the lady’s vagina and somehow in their sick little world still consider themselves gentleman and that by talking about the lady they are doing her a favor.

    I just don’t understand their attitude towards the women. It literally makes me sick sometimes when I run across such people. They are the heart of the problem you’re talking about here in my opinion Tallia.

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